Dental treatment during pregnancy in the early stages: in the first trimester

Dental treatment during pregnancy in the early stages particularly concerned about young mothers. Very often during pregnancy, you may notice that the problem of diseases of the teeth common enough. Many are asking, «is it possible to treat teeth in position?» or think about the negative impact on the fetus. To prevent complications you need in a timely manner, preferably prior to pregnancy, visit the dentist and undergo diagnosis of the oral cavity.

Effect of pregnancy on dental health

Everyone has noticed that a pregnant girl has a naughty character. This is all because of her hormonal changes. It is also affect the composition of saliva, changes to diet, lack of calcium in the body, which is necessary for formation of the bone structure of the baby. Dental disease of varying difficulty occurs because of calcium deficiency and improper care. All this leads to the development of caries and the formation of unwanted bacteria. American scientists have proved that the bacteria of caries affect the birth of a baby with reduced weight, or he is transmitted diseases of the teeth at the gene level.

So, to avoid such problems is to treat the teeth are still in the early stages of pregnancy, forgetting about the worries about harm to the baby or abstinence of visiting the dentist. After all, modern dentistry knows his stuff, has new equipment, safe methods of treatment, new drugs, allowing you to quench the pain in the area of the problem tooth, while not causing harm to the health of mother and baby.

Prevention for teeth and oral cavity

The condition of the oral cavity worsens during pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes, change the mode of food intake, as well as with the costs of the body, which are necessary for the formation of the child.

We must not forget about the basic procedures:

  • since childhood, it is known that teeth should be cleaned twice a day;
  • it is recommended to use a special thread;
  • it is advisable to add daily in your diet more dairy products to have enough of calcium in the body;
  • time to replace your toothbrush;
  • use different toothpastes medical.

Often faced with the problem, when inflamed and bleeding gums. For home treatment is recommended to massage the gums for about five minutes, with the use of toothpaste. In addition, you can also prepare a solution for rinsing based on different herbs. Dental treatment, preferably before pregnancy, but not during. But the teeth can deteriorate in this period. Then the dentist does. In early pregnancy the first thing you need to warn the doctor, is that you are expecting a baby.

The best time for a trip to the dentist

Many pregnant girls are quite often the question arises when you need to treat the teeth and can. Because we are dealing with a problem in the early stages of pregnancy or the treatment of dental diseases in the first trimester, then we’ll talk more about that. This is the most important period, when to take care of your health is needed more than ever in my life, because the health of a baby from a pregnant girl in the first place. The child approximately 18-day agencies are formed. Dentists do not recommend dental treatment at this stage because the fetus very sensitive to drugs, toxins.

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With the exception of maybe the urgent treatment in which the patient complains of severe pain and pus formation. But tooth decay is better to suffer and to cure it at a later stage.

Undesirable methods of dental care

Once we have identified that whether it is possible to treat teeth with early stages of pregnancy, you need to add, what not to do, namely:

  1. to use toothpaste whitening;
  2. bleach the tooth enamel;
  3. to remove teeth stones;
  4. to change the occlusion.

These procedures prohibit pregnant women because they carry out the necessary chemicals which affect the health of mother and baby. Also not recommended to remove the wisdom teeth, because it can be a complication. This is best done before conception or after birth.

Working in dentistry, the doctor can clearly say that during pregnancy is strictly prohibited implantation. Baby and so takes all the force. Therefore, when implantation can occur a number of problems that are undesirable for health. They can be:

  • nepreryvnye implant;
  • bleeding;
  • suppuration of the gums; problems with food because of the pain threshold and so on.

It is desirable to do this procedure after childbirth, after a good rest and recovery.

X-rays during pregnancy

An x-ray during pregnancy is very dangerous. To carry out this procedure is not recommended. Scientists say that one such study is the same, if you were two hours under the scorching sun. But there are such diseases which arise during pregnancy and the question of whether it is possible to do an x-ray is irrelevant… How can that be? Is it possible to do an x-ray pregnant?

Answering this important question, we say that x-rays do. For this study use a special lead aprons, which are applied to the stomach and they do not pass x-rays. The problem area of the oral cavity is exposed to a focused beam. All this is done under strict supervision of doctors.

Common the question remains, which concerns the anesthesia. It hurts to treat the teeth without it. Dentistry have found a solution for this situation without bringing any harm to the baby. To do this, use the tools that operate on a given area, like «freezing» and do not participate in the circulation.

If necessary services of a dentist pregnant should notify the doctor about the pregnancy, the diseases of the body, about possible allergies and other reactions to the selection of the right drug for treatment. All this is very important!

The most optimal method of treatment

The treatment approach to each individual, especially to pregnant women. Working with them the doctor is pretty difficult. A simple word «arsenic» was heard almost every person. This is not just a word, is a method of treatment that was used several decades ago in dentistry. The dentists even left the phrase «put arsenic».

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The modern use of «arsenic» is quite limited. Put it, if you want to remove the nerve, causing unbearable pain and agony at the destruction of the teeth, obvious pulpitis and similar problems. The name means comes from the fact that earlier was used for the control of mice and rats. For humans the dose is 5-50 mg, but also all depends on body weight and reactions of each. In the body it can disrupt the exchange of substances such as sulfur and phosphorus, that is, it is characterized immunotoxic effect.

Today it is used not the tool, but the drugs like him. They are added in very small doses, or not added at all. Therefore, the permitted treatment in pregnant women using «arsenic» as it does not hurt the baby.

Types of diseases of the teeth


Many pregnant mothers are concerned about health, but sometimes this is not enough. Anxiety is so much that they avoid a particular procedure for the study and treatment of the disease, not knowing how they harm the baby when it is run. All this is because do not want their body exposed to any drugs. Many important to monitor the health of your teeth and treat them in time, because the consequences of even a small irritation can be different. If a pregnant girl has a toothache — urgently need to go to the dentist! He will prescribe a suitable treatment method before the appearance of complications.

So, what can be the case if you run the usual irritation, bleeding gums, or just had the seal?

Dental disease

  1. Tooth decay is the most common; the peculiar spread of bacteria and inflammation of the tooth;
  2. Pulpitis — it is possible to say that this is a neglected tooth decay; but here the pathology came close to the nerve, which really hurts;
  3. Gingivitis — this is when the inflamed mucous membrane around the tooth;
  4. Stomatitis — irritation of oral mucosa.

According to the degree of the disease doctor prescribes treatment. It can be carried out not only with liquid for rinsing, cleaning teeth with different toothpastes, use of vitamins and so on, but with the appointment to serious treatment.

Treatment of pulpitis

When running comes caries pulpitis (inflammation of nerves). This treatment is not carried out without anesthesia. Periodontic (when inflamed root tissue of teeth) can be treated without painkillers. But in both cases, a very important quality to seal up channels that no x-rays almost impossible to do. The development of these diseases do not give anything good. So just need to go and do the using lead protective pads that protect the baby. For pregnant women it can play a crucial role in the proper filling and treatment of teeth. Today the radiation dose in x-ray apparatus is significantly reduced and the it is possible to obtain very high quality with minimal impact on the body.

Caries in pregnant women

With the advent of new technologies the problem of caries in pregnant women goes by the wayside. Very often, the treatment is carried out without anesthesia, because the doctor uses a high speed drill, which removes the damaged layers of the tooth and puts a filling. Fillings you can choose two types: chemical or polymeric composition which hardens with light. This ultraviolet light is emitted by special lamps and not dangerous to the fetus.

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The causes of caries are:

  • excessive consumption of sweets;
  • the accumulation of plaque on the teeth;
  • consumption of coffee;
  • violation of hygiene.
  • the lack of calcium, which helps the crumbs to form the skeletal system;
  • changes in the composition of saliva hormonal.

The differences of caries in pregnant women can be significant. The main is the speed of its development. It can quickly destroy the tooth from the inside, striking the areas of the dentin. In dentistry, often complain of a sharp pain, destruction, that is, the average degree of tooth decay.

How to keep teeth okay during pregnancy

Until recently, the procedure of dental treatment feared almost all pregnant girls, it was believed that should be treated after birth, but it was a big mistake. Disease teeth contain bacteria, which quite simply penetrate the stomach and cause further nausea and vomiting. When a toothache, it is necessary to take itself in hands and to go to the dentist. If the teeth are all normal, yet you should not forget to undergo regular medical examination.

Some advice to maintain healthy teeth:

  1. the health of your teeth it is best to think before pregnancy. You should try to cure all the problem. Be sure to eat foods that contain a lot of calcium is cottage cheese, nuts, milk;
  2. to visit the dentist should be at the beginning of pregnancy, in the middle and before birth, even in the absence of problems;
  3. for enrichment of minerals of the baby, which formed the skeleton, you can take various vitamin complexes, promptly after advice from a doctor;
  4. pregnant mom changes the composition of saliva, it becomes viscous, remains without protective properties, that is, the natural protection of the mouth not at the highest level. Therefore, a reasonable approach to the methods and means of hygiene. You should know yourself, but if that’s not enough, the dentist may advise more robust and correct methods;
  5. it is also very important cares about their teeth and dad of the baby. Since its disease in the mouth can be a source of various infections for pregnant moms and for baby.

So, don’t be afraid of the dentist, visit him regularly, monitor your health and the health of your baby!