Dentium implants: advantages, disadvantages, price, reviews

Describe the main features of the Dentium implants, their advantages over other manufacturers and point to some drawbacks. Especially since the price is quite democratic, and patient feedback is almost always positive.

In the modern world is very important appearance, as a smile, quality and the health of your teeth. And if for some reason, lost at least one unit, it can affect the career and social status, personal confidence and the desire to communicate with people. So the popularity of implant is increasing among the population of any country.

Brand products Dentium

The production of these structures is in South Korea and experience of the company counts already 17 years. Apart from producing directly implants, there is a special research center, which is constantly going on studying hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, the development of new technologies to improve the quality of products invented the best ways of implanting and replacing teeth with artificial materials.

Despite such a thoughtful approach and high quality products, Korean implants remain in an affordable price range for most patients. This factor made them popular in our country.

In order to accurately select implant system for any individual characteristics, manufacturers offer several product lines to choose from:

  1. Super a-Line – belong to the premium class and have the highest cost. But this price is justified by the fact that here we use a very reliable mount. Also this series is characterized by double thread length of the rod, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the installation process. They have no neck to be able to load the implant as deep as required by the structure of the gums and bones of the patient. Designed shape of the product is similar to the natural root. Can be used for simultaneous implantation.
  2. Implantium a budget series of products that are available the majority of patients. However, this does not affect the quality of the product, durability, and good adaptability, etc. Conical shape helps them to install even in complicated cases, the structure of the jaw. Thread technology with three edges provides for intimate contact with living tissue and provides stability for a long time even under heavy loads. Minimum risks of bone destruction and high protection from infection of tissues in the process of installing implants Dentium, and in the period of operation.
  3. Slim Onebody is a special series of products, which are used for installation of removable dentures. Have a high safety for human health, provide easy surgical intervention, significantly reducing the time to install them. Help to make the restoration of the dentition even in the special cases of individual structure of the jawbone.
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The popularity and prevalence of products of this manufacturer’s well-deserved not just. The quality of the products meets all international standards and sanitary norms. Their implants competitive due to the following features:

  • The company offers physicians the tools available with which to carry out the procedure of implantation is easy and simple. Even with the simultaneous installation of several implants, the patient does not feel any discomfort.
  • The ability to conduct the operation in a short period of time.
  • Availability of combining the implantation with bone augmentation in one procedure.
  • High biocompatibility of material decreases risk of rejection or allergic reactions.
  • A special form of rod, elaborate carving and high quality ensure durability. The manufacturer guarantees 30 years of active service.
  • The surface of the implants treated in this way to provide a better grip of material with living tissues.
  • Chewing load is distributed evenly across the jaw.
  • Can be set at an angle or in different cases that require a special approach.
  • Quick healing and good osseointegration is ensured by sand-blasting and additional acid etching. This helps to create a porous surface that matches the natural structure of the root.
  • There is an opportunity to choose the budget options of products in the economy class.
  • Due to the natural shape of the bar, as similar to the tooth root, the bone injury is minimized.
  • Good survival rate of the implants after installation and the stability of the entire structure since the first days of use.
  • No risk of rejection, occurrence of side effects or any complications after surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages

The quality of the company’s products Dentium obviously, results in the following advantages:

  • ease of implantation rods;
  • low risk of trauma to the bone tissue;
  • the short term osseointegration;
  • the ability to choose the right size and shape of all components for individual requirements;
  • the ability of these products to replace almost any lost unit;
  • aesthetic appearance helps restore a beautiful natural smile;
  • you can hold the implant into place just the extracted tooth;
  • full tightness and the strength of the connection of the rod with the abutment;
  • comfortable feeling of the patient during the procedure and afterwards;
  • there are no risks of bone atrophy in the place of the lost units due to the uniform and proper load on the artificial root;
  • good stability of the structure;
  • the perfect balance of price and quality of products;
  • the versatility of the product lines;
  • the longevity of use and the manufacturer’s warranty.
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As with any implant, there are some disadvantages, for example, contraindications for surgical intervention and requirements for the volumes of bone tissue for the procedure.


Differences implants Dentium is provided by the design features of the web. Manufacturers have tried to increase the height of the profile to impart good stability to the product.

Double thread of the rod accelerates the process of implantation, and quite large gaps between its coils helps to minimize the time of osseointegration. The presence of the hexagon on the top of a rod offers the versatility of mounting and the fit of structural elements between them.


As in many other firms to create high-quality and durable products, we use special hypoallergenic medical titanium alloy. He is incredibly strong and well compatible with living tissues of organism, does not cause rejection.

Surface treatment of the web involves the creation of a special porous and rough structure, which corresponds to the natural properties of the tooth root and helps the root.

Particularly valuable is that the implant is on top of the sealed cover that prevents the ingress of bacteria into the structure. It is removed only at the time of attachment of the gingiva former or abutment.

The peculiarities of installing implants Dentium

As any other similar procedure the patient to be tested, to be tested. A comprehensive oral examination, x-raying to check whether it is possible to perform surgical intervention and to identify the individual characteristics of the structure of the jaw to hold the implant as competently.

Next is the installation process itself:

  1. The rod-like base is screwed into the bone and securely fixed.
  2. Give time to wound healing and integration of tissue with an artificial material.
  3. Remove the cover and install the healing abutment.
  4. Make a mold of the jaw to create a crown.
  5. Attach the abutment and the artificial tooth matches the shade and shape of natural.
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Doctors recommend not to give a large load on the newly placed implant, as this may lead to loosening of the structure and increase the time of healing.

Video: dental implants Dentium.

The cost

As already mentioned, the price of dental implants Dentium quite affordable. The product itself will cost the patient at 25-30 thousand rubles for one piece.

The rest of the cost will be formed according to the pricing policy of the clinic, where you will carry out the procedure, of additional materials selected crowns and individual characteristics of the jaw system.



After a difficult injury, I had to think about how to restore the dentition. After all, the woman is very important to have a beautiful smile. Decided to shell out for the implant and chose the available option for me Korean manufacturer. Now a new implant is no different from the entire series.


Even in his youth brought his teeth to a sorry state, had to remove some pieces together from the root. The doctor advised a cheap but durable products of the company Dentium. In one operation set five rods. No particularly unpleasant sensations I experienced.


He was afraid that the procedure will be painful to heal and it will be very long and difficult. As a result the entire process was without pain and the swelling, which appeared the next day, gone for 2-3 days. To sleep it doesn’t bother me, and I’ve been eating as usual for the week and was even able to brush my teeth.