Denture butterfly (immediat): description, photo, price, reviews

Modern orthopedic dentistry can offer your patients a denture Butterfly (immediat). We will give a brief description, photo, tell you about the average prices and give reviews of those people who would like to experience this design for yourself.

Sometimes there is a need briefly, but carefully, replace the remote or loose tooth. This is especially important at the stage of implant or other dental procedures to restore the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

What is immediat-prosthesis?

By itself, the prosthesis Butterfly looks like an artificial tooth with the detents in the form of wings, for which he received his popular name. Doctors call it immediat-prosthesis. It refers to the new generation of removable orthodontic appliances and helps to visually and functionally replace one or two dropped or removed tooth without very complex effects on the structure of the jaw.

It protects the gums from damage the open hole after extraction from infection and hides the defect of dentition from prying eyes. Typically, such a prosthesis is used temporarily in cases of long waiting crowns, implants or other non-removable items.

The most common prosthesis is the Butterfly one tooth, rarely into two. As more artificial units will be almost impossible to fix reliably by simple clasps.


To ensure most of the needs of patients, developed two varieties immediat-structures:

  • for partial correction is to temporarily hold their ground adjacent teeth until the permanent prosthesis is made;
  • for the full restoration of the dentition with the loss of most of the units on the jaw.

In each case, doctors recommend to install a similar design for only a short period of time, while it does not fully restore the functionality of the jaw at the expense of regular products, such as implants or removable plates.

The before and after photos

Indications and contraindications

Identify the main indications for use of prostheses Butterfly, when their installation is really justified:

  • to restore chewing function, but this prevents solid food (e.g., nuts);
  • with the aim of preserving the soft tissue and prevent atrophy that would adversely affect the implantation process;
  • for the sake of preserving the natural beauty of smiles as the Butterfly denture looks in your mouth like your natural tooth;
  • to maintain the slimness of the number and integrity of adjacent units, the correct position;
  • in preparation for the permanent prosthesis in cases when it is impossible to immediately replace the removed tooth;
  • in childhood and adolescence, while other types of prosthesis or implant impossible;
  • when the patient does not want to grind adjacent units to install crowns or other structures;
  • if there are medical restrictions on permanent fixed prosthesis.

Due to the complete safety of the process and materials used contraindications for such products is practically nonexistent. They can be installed both children and adults and even the elderly.

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The only caveat in this plan is the availability of fixing the Butterflies on the adjacent teeth. If they are not a number at all or the unit is shaken as a result of severe periodontal disease and can serve as a support, then install immediat-prosthesis is difficult.

A contraindication will be deformation of the jaw bone, resulting in not be able to firmly fix the prosthesis. But various allergic reactions or discomfort it causes.


Such an artificial tooth and part of the basis is made from acrylic or nylon. These two materials performed well in the prosthetics, as the look is quite natural, naturally, they are easily used and they do not cause much discomfort to carry. Recently also become popular options for immediat-prostheses made of plastic, which makes itself a Butterfly more durable and reliable to use.

But the clamps, through which is fastened and the whole structure can be made of plastic and metal, which significantly improves the characteristics of reliability. The difference in this case acts as the aesthetic appearance. So, with metal fittings to install the prosthesis the Butterfly better in the chewing part of the jaw, which will provide a solid fixation, and anterior region of the smiles it is advisable to choose plastic options for better aesthetics.

The features of manufacture and installation of dentures Butterfly

Create immediat-prosthesis is relatively simple. It is two weeks, which is significantly faster than any other production orthodontic designs to order. So, show the main clinical and laboratory stages of manufacturing prosthetic Butterfly:

  1. In the case when this type of design are going to replace the just-removed tooth, make a mold before the extraction procedure. If he fell by himself or was a long period after the removal, the impression produced on the jaw with the availability cavity. It is important to pay special attention to the impression of the adjacent teeth, which will be the mount.
  2. In a special dental laboratory produce the replica of exact replica of a healthy tooth, the most suitable in appearance and the form of natural row.
  3. The dentist tries on the finished product to the jaw of the patient and, if necessary, bring it to perfect condition. Only after that the prosthesis is finally set.

It does not requires some time for habituation and adaptation, as the construction is convenient and does not cause discomfort in the first days of use. This work to create immediat-prosthesis is similar in all cases, regardless of the selected material for its production or the number of model units.

In some cases, the reference basis doing a little advanced for a better fit to the sky on the back of the jaw. Thus, help to increase the stability of the structure, but sometimes need to use a special locking glue.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of dentures Butterfly is largely obvious:

  • the integrity of the adjacent teeth remains intact, as they do not need to grind or otherwise process for fixing the product;
  • the natural appearance provides an aesthetic smile and obscurity of the whole structure, except metal clasps;
  • easy to install, when a doctor visit is necessary only two times (one for removing the impression, and the second directly to fix the product);
  • even if the affected tooth to be urgently removed, the prosthesis Butterfly once it becomes a full replacement because it is produced in a short time;
  • performs a protective function and keeps the adjacent teeth;
  • the ability to obscure the entire stage of implantation or other prosthesis when you spend a lot of time creating a permanent construction;
  • it can be worn even when most of the problems with gums and periodontal;
  • no specific contraindications or risks of allergic reactions to the material;
  • comfortable during use, easy to remove for cleaning;
  • you do not need any special devices for hygienic processing;
  • cheap solution for those who cannot afford higher-quality types of restoration of the dentition;
  • period of operation long enough to calmly wait for the finished implants or other prosthetics that are sometimes made for six months;
  • allow us to maintain the integrity of tissues and bones, leading to their depletion;
  • nylon options are pretty flexible, soft and pliable, which increases the comfort during operation;
  • metal clamps able to hold the design even on the chewing side of the jaw;
  • does not injure the soft tissue under it, no rubbing;
  • accessibility for all categories of patients, regardless of age.

However, disadvantages are also present, as it is ideal prosthesis:

  • if there are metal clasps that the product becomes visible when smiling or talking;
  • in other cases there is not enough reliable fixation of the prosthesis, which sometimes requires additional manipulation (using special glue) or selecting a less aesthetically pleasing design option;
  • from the daily diet be sure to turn off the solid products, as the product is easily broken;
  • the materials from which it is made, can not guarantee long-term operation.


These implants were created to temporarily replace lost teeth for aesthetic appeal and the preservation of correct functional load while the patient waits for the establishment of a permanent orthopedic products under the order.

Accordingly, their life is not much more than six months, which is enough to manufacture most complex designs. But if you treat them carefully, do not eat solid foods periodically to clean and observe hygiene of an oral cavity, it is possible to count on the longer use them.

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Video: immediat-prosthesis is the Butterfly.

Care designs

One advantage of this type of prosthesis is considered to be easy care. So nothing complicated do not have to take. Suffice it once or twice a day to remove it and clean conventional toothbrush and toothpaste. No mortar or special tools for these purposes do not apply.

Some are concerned with the question whether it is possible to wear these designs? Of course, Yes, and even encouraged, since frequent removal of the prosthesis may occur unwanted changes will shift the adjacent teeth, and atrophy quickly depleted soft and bone tissue that will lead to the opposite effect from what is expected.

And even lung changing the position of the adjacent teeth a bridge will be uncomfortable and difficult to wear. Therefore, doctors especially insist on the constant wearing immediat-prosthesis and allowed to remove them only for daily hygienic treatment.


The cost of such products can vary significantly from clinic to clinic, the region, and especially selected materials for their manufacture, and ranges from 5 to 25 thousand rubles per unit. So, the cheapest would be acrylic construction with same or plastic clasps. Metal fittings and nylon-based will cost more.

To know exactly how much a prosthesis Butterfly, you need to contact the clinic where you are going to buy them and pass the initial examination. So, the doctor will determine the complexity of the structure of the jaw, teeth defects, installation of the prosthesis and determine the final cost.



For a long time treated tooth, but still had to remove it. Fortunately, the doctor immediately installed a prosthesis a Butterfly, so I did not hesitate in everyday communication, yet will do any implant.


The dentist insists on implantation at the site of a remote tooth. But I don’t have that kind of money, so I decided that I am going to take care of the prosthesis, but will try to use it as long as possible. And then, perhaps, install another one.


I’ve been waiting for will make the permanent prosthesis, put a few Butterflies, but they quickly failed. I had still go with gaps in the smile, as to buy them a second time, I had no desire.