Dentures a new generation without the sky: denture without palate

For a long time to make up for the loss of teeth orthodontists managed with the help of dentures, which had one of the main disadvantages partially or completely covers the upper palate. In the absence of a choice of other convenient construction, individuals had to experience discomfort while eating, a wrong way to pronounce some words, not to feel the sky etc. dentures without palate has allowed many patients to abandon the simple plastic dentures, however, to improve the quality of life for replenishing the lost teeth.

What’s the feature of the structure of removable dentures without palate

Any prosthetic treatment using removable devices implies the presence in the dentition of the abutment teeth. It is to them that the denture without palate should in any way be attached. However, it all depends on the chosen design, which is chosen by the specialist, taking into account not only desire, but also the material possibilities of the patient. Clasp dentures – used, modern design, the frame of which consists of durable metal. To it is attached to the crowns of artificial teeth that can be made from acrylic or ceramic.
Bugel prosthesis are different depending on the type of fastening:

  • the most available material, and therefore common type of fastener – metal hinge;
  • more expensive mount type of the telescope. They differ in aesthetic appeal. The fixture is attached to the abutment teeth;
  • mount the base with the jaw using a special microscopic locks. Such attachments are not only quality, a natural appearance, but also the price.

Varieties of modern dentures

  1. Acrylic denture is the most affordable as cheap. Another advantage is the natural color of artificial crowns, the shade of which you can choose. Dentures made of acrylic are characterized by high fragility and poor fixation. Under the acrylic is easy to fall into microorganisms, resulting in a tendency to stomatitis, gingivitis etc.
  2. Nylon prosthetic appliance is manufactured with no metal parts just plastic. This design is suitable for people prone to allergic reactions. Dentures soft but securely mounted using a special fixing means. With their help kompensiruet the lack of several teeth, previously located on the upper or lower jaw.

As acrylic and nylon products are not intended for solid food products. They are not able to provide a uniform distribution of masticatory load. In the end, their prolonged use can lead to bone atrophy.

  1. Clasp prosthesis is a combination of metal arches, which are attached artificial crown. They are particularly reliable. With their help, rigidly fixed dentition. Recently, for the manufacture of arc uses innovative alloys that lend a lightness, which is important during long-term operation. These prostheses are perfect, if the tooth row is missing two or more teeth. The important advantage of such prostheses is you can leave them for the night. A major disadvantage is that long addictive.
  2. The telescopic prosthesis is the most modern and reliable. The principle of the device of this construction is the following: for the selected tooth (typically the molars), which is the mainstay, put on a special cap (like a thimble) which is firmly fixed is fixed part. The rest — removable. She can be a bridge or a clasp, in which is mounted a crown made of metal. The removable part is slid on the fixed. The process resembles the movement of the rings of the telescope, which suddenly included other – hence the title of the prosthesis. It has several advantages. Most important of them – even distribution of masticatory load, thus preventing atrophy of the alveolar processes. The structure undergoes adjustments with the loss of other teeth. The only disadvantage of this type of construction – high cost. It is necessary to establish two permanent crowns, which a few years later, it is recommended to replace as abutment teeth tend to become loose and lose traction.
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The advantages of modern dentures

Removable denture for the upper jaw has a number of advantages:

  • comfort in the mouth, due to absence of full closing of the sky
  • not broken diction. The patient no sense of embarrassment, as before, with a complete dentition can lead the conversation;
  • missing excessive salivation (i.e., salivation), and excessive pressure on the tongue. For this reason, no nausea and reflexive gagging;
  • properly selected and installed products does not compress the tissue of the gums, soft and hard palate, does not cause mechanical damage of the oral mucosa and does not cause atrophic phenomena;
  • dentures are not eternal. This means that in the process of operation, the probable breakdown of their individual parts. The versatility of the design allows you to replace the parts and save a lot of costs, in contrast to that, if I needed to replace the denture completely.

Disadvantages of modern dentures

Dentures a new generation without the sky have the following disadvantages:

  • to install removable products require the abutment teeth to which they are attached. If they are not, and the desire to wear dentures available, your doctor may suggest first install the implants (artificial teeth roots which are screwed into the bone of the jaw), which requires the patient to additional material costs and time;
  • the cost of bar and telescopic dentures is different (several times higher) from the prosthesis a removable type sucker;
  • getting used to new structures in the oral cavity. At the time, it depends on several factors: type of construction, number of missing teeth, experience of the specialist that selects and installs these dental products, etc.;
  • additional hygiene measures using special dental tools that provide complete care for the prosthesis.
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The materials used for the manufacture of soft dentures

Modern soft dentures without palate are made of material that does not cause an allergic reaction. They are from their predecessors are lightweight, patients quickly get used to them. Nylon dentures wear out faster. On average they only lasted a few years.

The disadvantage of soft ware – rapid atrophy of the tissues, which leads first to a decrease and then complete disappearance of the suction properties of the prostheses. Six months later, such constructions are not suitable for further use. If you continue to attach the prosthesis to the abutment teeth, it can lead to the formation of pressure sores of the mouth tissues and inflammatory reactions in the form of stomatitis.

About the right actions to care

Installation of new design (doesn’t matter the price and quality) requires special patient care in addition to regular brushing. If dentures are not cleaned, they will become aesthetically attractive. Leftover food will be a good breeding ground for the microbes that live in the mouth that will cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. Special care requires the implementation of certain rules under the scheme.

  1. Twice a day (once after the last meal) to clean the surface using a special paste and brush with soft bristles. Special attention should be given to places where the design of the prosthesis in contact with the mucosa of the gums. The rest of the paste wash off with plain running water.
  2. It is impossible to additionally brush your dentures with hydrogen peroxide or rinse them in water with addition of potassium permanganate. These drugs have a damaging effect on the materials from which they are made.
  3. After each meal the removable part must be removed and optionally washed with water.
  4. Every day should be treated with special antiseptic removable design to neutralize microbial flora.
  5. With the objective of professional cleaning is necessary to visit a specialist.
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The tools that will help to maintain the product in excellent condition

Additional funds used to care for removable prostheses, are divided into two types: apply directly to clean, and required for fixing. Firmly hold the removable prosthesis in the oral cavity will help:

  • Special fixing gels, creams. He applied a small layer on the surface and begins its locking action after pressing the detachable portion to the gums;
  • cream that must be applied in a few places or a small strip on the place that will be in contact with the gums. Frequent unwanted excess cream that can come together with saliva into the human body and cause harm;
  • the retaining strips are used in first time operation. They help to reduce the design pressure on the mucosa of the gums;
  • special adhesive not only secures, but also creates a special protective layer, through which the gums are protected from excessive pressure of the structure. The properties of the adhesive remain for the day. After a while it completely dissolves in the saliva.

The choice of retaining the funds depending on the type of construction, defines the expert. The prosthesis, despite its toughness, fragile structure. Drop from a small height can cause severe damage. That is why it is cleaning should be done over a sink or podseleniem towel. If a failure has occurred, you should not try to eliminate it yourself. To resolve issues related to the renovation will help the specialists of dental clinic.