Dentures for seniors: free and with benefits

The older the person, the more health problems, and oral cavity including. But today available prosthetics for pensioners: as free and as benefits. This opens up opportunities to older people to enjoy they need the services of a great system without spending extra money.

Of course, the installation of dentures to pensioners has its own characteristics, and the choice of free options too limited. But for a person on a small pension can’t afford much, this is valuable.

Features of dental prosthetics for pensioners

The government has thought through a certain program where consulting is provided by favorable conditions. It provides that becoming in turn to County General dentistry, elderly people can access some medical services are either completely free or at greatly reduced prices.

While there are certain conditions, for example, the limited choice of available options. The government gives the opportunity to use only acrylic removable dentures that have the lowest cost. Installing nylon constructions are available only to those who have a identified Allergy to acrylic. The more expensive and high-quality prostheses are not available on a complimentary basis at all.

In addition, you can count on little help from the state to offset part of the cost of dentures in some cases. But it is important to note that every city or region has its own rules of Queuing, the amount and method of reimbursement, affordable dentures and clinics. Therefore, it is necessary in each case to clarify how the system works and what are the conditions in your particular situation.

Who is eligible for benefits?

First look into who can claim the refund or rebate in terms of dental services. Full free service you can count on:

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  • invalids of all categories;
  • labor veterans;
  • military, retired and not working;
  • members of various military operations.

In some regions, you can make a payment or free services to dentists, not only the disabled, but, for example, all members of the family, where there is a disabled child. Sometimes the queue consists of all beneficiaries in a row, and in other cities it is formed for each category separately.

What documents are needed and how to obtain benefits?

Asking for help in terms of free prosthetics, one becomes in turn. To use the desired services, he can only then, when its time. Thus it is necessary to collect a number of documents, which rely on a free service is not possible.

  1. Prepared statement of the specific sample.
  2. The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
  3. The income statement, most often it is the extract of the amount of the pension.
  4. Documents confirming the place of registration and residence.
  5. Direction from the doctor confirming the need for prosthetics.
  6. The identity of the pensioner.
  7. Insurance policy or other health insurance.

If your region has some peculiarities in varieties of preferential categories, it is possible, will require some other documents confirming belonging to this population.

Free dentures to pensioners

Despite the fact that free software is only to be implemented in public dentistry, however, people can count on high quality and design. Enumerate, what dentures put free as well as other services held in similar circumstances:

  • initial consultation of dentist;
  • treatment of caries of any complexity and neglect;
  • the removal of dental units, as well as cleaning of the channels;
  • the elimination of plaque;
  • repair of all types of prostheses;
  • installation and fabrication of crowns.
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If a person has a certificate of intolerance of acrylic material, it is possible to count on indemnification of expenses on a nylon prosthesis. But implantation, clasp design, and other types of prosthetics based on high quality and expensive materials are not available for such a program.

In addition, there are certain quotas. These free treatments are provided for the particular patient no more frequently than every five years. Considering that the denture acrylic so long and not to serve, then it is advisable to treat it with care for longer use.

To learn all the nuances and details that are available in your region, it is advisable to contact local therapist, in the state of dentistry in the place of residence or in the service of social protection of the population.

Private dental clinics

In the case of selecting a more expensive prosthetics, such as implants, for example, it is possible to visit a private clinic. But there are some nuances. Check with social security to get the money for such a procedure.

For example, there is the option of partial payment for such services by the state. While you need to collect all the necessary documents and apply for a refund of a certain amount. And though it will not cover all costs, however part of them will be reimbursed.

If you have a close relatives – husband, wife or children you can also count on a tax deduction of 13%. This should provide the relevant documents:

  • income statement operating relative;
  • the contract, which was drawn up in private dentistry, prosthetics;
  • the license number of the doctor who performed the procedure;
  • the documents confirming payment of services in a specific size.
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Discount is available if the amount spent on treatment did not exceed the total annual income of the patient or a working family member. The return of the preferential amount from the state will be available only in the next calendar year after submission.

Video: dentures for pensioners.

Further questions

► Where to find the pensioner at the wrong prosthesis?

Today, even in the state dentists the procedure of prosthesis is carried out efficiently. The result is almost no different from private clinics. And yet, if the work was done wrong, they should go to the same dentist and find out the reasons why the error occurred, and to eliminate them. Undergoing this procedure is free of charge, as the guilt of the patient in this.