Dentures, Quadrotti: benefits, price, photos, reviews

Increasingly in dentistry come into use dentures, Quadrotti. Their advantages, prices, photos and reviews describe in more detail. After all, such a system could be a boon in the loss of different numbers of teeth, and smile at the result will look radiant and healthy.

Such dentures are removable structures of the new generation and they pretty easy to use. A large number of advantages, Quadrotti made them really popular. Appearance is fully capable of repeating the natural color of the gums, and the artificial crown will mimic the tooth row, nothing distinguishable from the present.

What is the prosthesis, Quadrotti and what are its features?

It resembles a partial denture, but is made of special material. Sometimes it can be nylon, but more often a special kind of plastic. The difference is that the design of the fully metal-free. In addition, the material is sufficiently elastic and flexible, which creates most of the benefits that value dentures, Quadrotti.

Due to thermoplasty of such a material is easy to create the desired shape, which fully meets the patient’s jaw. Design perfectly fits to the sky and does not injure the gums in contact. It also has special hooks which are fixed on abutment teeth.

The color of the ground and the crowns carefully select the natural shades of the patient’s oral cavity to result the design was not noticeable when wearing. I wonder if its attached to the rear of the unit, the hooks make pink. And on the front teeth they are painted in white color.

Artificial crowns are most often created from the conventional dental ceramics, although it is possible to order other variations if desired.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is due to their advantageous features of the prostheses, Quadrotti become popular among many segments of the population. Dentists also allocate their obvious advantages in operation, installation and future maintenance:

  • Soft and flexible material allows the designs to take its place in the mouth and does not cause any harm or injury to the soft tissues.
  • Special elasticity and flexibility of the framework makes it possible to increase the lifetime, because this feature helps the prosthesis to better withstand various stresses.
  • Due to this breakage be a rare basis.
  • Due to the fact that the Foundation is done without the sky, the patient easy to communicate, to speak and to move my tongue.
  • For fastening artificial hooks that retain the structure. It does not require grinding of supporting units.
  • The commit occurs with maximum convenience, and natural teeth are not injured.
  • The softness and flexibility of the material, and the minimum number of basis provide a fast and easy adaptation. It is very subtle and completely follows the contours of the mouth.
  • Components of the prosthesis, Quadrotti almost never allergies.
  • In addition, it can add various flavors, which will provide a pleasant smell design.
  • In use, the prosthesis does not change color, and its pores do not absorb odors.
  • High proven strength allows to use them even in the lives of athletes.
  • The light weight of the prosthesis.
  • Aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity, invisible fixings and natural color of all parts makes them feel comfortable in daily communication.
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Not yet invented system replacement dentition is an ideal way to fit all and does not cause absolutely no trouble. Like most removable constructions of the dentures, Quadrotti has a number of disadvantages:

  • The high cost that deter some patients are not willing to spend such amount for the artificial teeth.
  • In addition, increases their price even at the expense of system maintenance, and more specifically, devices and resources to care for her.
  • Do not expect that the artificial teeth will be stronger than natural. So keep in mind that a particularly strong impact on the jaw will cause damage to the structure.
  • Because soft tissues are left without the usual load, they eventually begin to atrophy, even under such a quality system.
  • Should at least periodically to care for the prosthesis to serve as long as possible and does not cause any side diseases. Only regular cleaning and disinfection can protect the oral cavity from the appearance of bacteria.


Fabrication of structures

Though the operation of the prosthesis, Quadrotti implies the ultimate convenience, yet their production takes some time and it is very hard work. So the result is high-quality, physician and zubotekhnik have to spend all the stages to create designs with maximum precision:

  1. Initially carried out sanitation of the oral cavity of the patient. At this time, are diagnosed and eliminated all diseases, inflammation and other possible problems.
  2. Pick a hue of base and artificial crown which will best meet natural smile.
  3. Then made a rather large impression of the jaw of the patient. This stage will determine whether is will be located the future prosthesis in the mouth and well be able to fix the hooks in the supporting teeth.
  4. Based on this impression of a special material mould design desired shape and shade.
  5. At the last stage of her trying on the patient and make the final correction touches that will completely customize the system for the constitutional peculiarities of the mouth and teeth.
  6. Next, the dentist will make sure that the patient learned how to put on and remove the prosthesis, and also will tell about features of its operation and care.

Indications and contraindications to the installation

Most often, the patient chooses the desired kind of removable or non-removable design. But there are times when highly recommended by doctors for the installation or, conversely, establish the fact that this is impossible to do in a particular situation. Thus, the indications for use of prostheses, Quadrotti will:

  • restoration of the dentition, regardless of the number of lost units;
  • when you want to install the prosthesis;
  • in the case of heavy physical labor of the patient or for use by athletes;
  • the inaccessibility of installing other types of removable structures;
  • as a temporary measure while waiting for implantation.
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Contraindications this design is not so much, and they usually are the same as any other:

  • the presence of cavities or other diseases of the dentition;
  • periodontal inflammation and mucous;
  • any special conditions of life of the patient in which he cannot provide them proper care;
  • an allergic reaction to the material, though it is unlikely.

All advantages and indications for their installation is much more than any other, removable and non-removable. Therefore, the frequent choice of patients and dentists is quite obvious.

As set?

One of the distinctive features of such structures is the ease in installing and caring for them. When the first detent, the dentist shows the patient how to perform these manipulations and check, did the person information.

For example, to secure the prosthesis, Quadrotti only need to correctly position it in his mouth and the hooks themselves will fall on the abutment teeth, good securing system. To press, push or use other physical effort is needed.

To take just a bit to press it, and it is easy to get away from his seat.


Usually doctors establish dentures, Quadrotti on the basis that the patient will use their years 5-7. But it all depends on how they will be looked after. Some actions can lead to quick breakage of or damage to the artificial crowns. Other patients will take care to design and carry her more than ten years.

The material for the manufacture of dentures, Quadrotti has sufficient strength and flexibility to withstand daily chewing pressure. And the artificial teeth are used are the same as in most other variants of prosthetics.

In case of damage or any noticed defects to show the prosthetic dentist and he will correct it. It is not recommended to perform any repairs dentures yourself.

Particular care

Even in the oral cavity and installed a foreign object, need him the care the same as for natural teeth. After all, even the artificial material can gather bacteria, leading to infection of the oral cavity.

To clean the prosthesis, Quadrotti recommended as well as your teeth twice a day, using brush and paste. Although for convenience you can take it off and carefully treated by special means and tools.

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After each meal is desirable to rinse under running water. If you take it off for the night, then after cleaning just leave on the shelf. But it is much better if you put the denture in a special disinfectant solution. With the need to ensure that it does not get sunlight.

Video: on the prosthesis, Quadrotti words of the patient.


The average cost of dentures, Quadrotti around 30-40 thousand rubles for one jaw. But this value can vary depending on the clinic, the competence of the doctor, availability of discounts and promotions, the number of lost units to be replaced, etc. In any case, to purchase such designs inexpensive is unlikely to succeed.

It is also worth noting that the price could be two times more if the prosthesis should be put on the upper jaw and the lower. And the greater the number of teeth to be restored with his help, the more material you will need to create it. It is obvious that the price in the result will increase dramatically.



Did not want to install the implants, so I opted for the prosthesis, Quadrotti. Design used very quickly, it is quite convenient to use. Particularly like the fact that it is lightweight and easy.


I bought a denture my mother on the anniversary. Long chose between different options, but settled on this. Mom easily got used to it, almost do not feel the changes in diction, and she can eat any food that she likes.


I often have patients ask what a safe design will be better. I though he didn’t, but I understand that the less foreign material in your mouth, the more pleasant sensations. Therefore, I recommend it dentures, Quadrotti.


It is a pity that earlier such structures was not. I remember how my parents suffered with the usual false teeth, three-dimensional and huge. When my time came, I easily replaced the prosthesis, Quadrotti almost the entire upper jaw.


My patients often require that the prosthesis was easy to use, to talk, to eat. Also, no one wants much to care for them, because their teeth are not particularly monitored. Dentures, Quadrotti considered one of the best options, deciding most of these problems.