Depoforez in dentistry: what it is, price, reviews, benefits

Modern alternative to the traditional endodontic treatment, depoforez, the method is highly efficient and is used in the treatment of teeth.

What you need to know about depolarize in dentistry? What it is, prices, reviews patients, the advantages of the method.

What is depoforez?

Many dental diseases of teeth roots have difficulty therapy. This is due to anatomical features of the roots. Hidden deep in the gums, they are hard to reach. Way to many root canals are also difficult because of their location on the gums and concerning the teeth. Traditional methods of treatment of the teeth, roots are not always effective. In such cases, use depoforez.

The main tasks of the method is to provide root access to the channels and sterility of the dental procedures and the possibility of visual monitoring procedures. Such tasks are solvable with the hydroxide of copper-calcium. This substance, and more specifically its ions used in the process of therapy. It provides disinfection of tissues, coping with microbes, fungi, spores of fungi, other pathogens.

Ions of hydroxide of copper-calcium under the influence of an electric field provoke the growth of bone tissue, the formation of the necessary for the treatment of osteoart. As a result, is more imminent sealing of root canals. In the end, the restoration of the structures of the teeth.

Indications and contraindications

Along with the obvious positive characteristics, the method of depophoresis has a limited range of indications for use. This:

  • poor visualization of dental procedures$
  • hard-to-reach areas in the teeth, roots;
  • the remains nekrotizirovannah tissue (pulp) within the tooth canals;
  • the curvature of the channels;
  • the system of branches and microtubules;
  • increased apical hole;
  • reliably confirmed the presence of fragments of tools in the channels and tissues;
  • areas of gangrene;
  • radicular cyst, granuloma;
  • wide channels;
  • the presence of multiple microscopic holes in the structure;
  • correction of defects filling;
  • preparation for filling;
  • disinfection after removal of the nerves;
  • subsequent manipulation;
  • the lost channels.
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Perhaps the use of a method at the initiative of the patient. Procedure depauperata harmless in most cases, only in some situations, it is not executed.


  • pregnancy in a patient;
  • intolerance or allergic reactions when using copper;
  • periodontitis in the period of exacerbation;
  • the presence in the channels silver pins.


As a rule, depoforez opposed to the usual endodontic impact. The comparison is in favor of a more modern approach. The advantages of depoforez obvious.

  1. A high percentage of effectiveness.
  2. The small duration of one session.
  3. Sterilization and correction succumb to the channels themselves, their branches, including curved, ornate. Manually such moves do not cure.
  4. Procedures are painless for the patient, without discomfort.
  5. The roots of the teeth are not damaged, their stability is maintained.
  6. Branch channels, even microscopic, after depophoresis remain completely disinfected. On their walls, a protective film is formed.
  7. Active ingredients penetrate into the dentin and, if necessary, destroy the remnants of the nerves.
  8. Resistance effect, no recurrence after treatment.
  9. There are no risks of tissue damage or impairment of their functions.
  10. Acceleration of regeneration that can be confirmed by radiography.
  11. Affordability.

Important: the effectiveness of treatment due to the level of preparedness of a specialist.

How is depoforez in dentistry?

  • The first step is diagnosis. The x-ray images are evaluated the condition of the teeth and permeability of the channels.
  • Each procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The full course of therapy will require up to 3 sessions. Between visits to the dental office can withstand a break in a week.
  • After the intervention the patient may complain of discomfort, slight pain in irritation of the tooth. Sometimes increased sensitivity of the tissues. Then follow-up visits to the doctor are postponed for 14-21 days.
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The first procedure

  1. The preferred anesthesia is used.
  2. Preparing channels. After the anesthesia the doctor opens the tooth cavity.
  3. Extend the cavity to the required clearance (quarter, half) of the dental Bur.
  4. The doctor forms a depot of hydroxide of copper-calcium in the coronal portion.
  5. In the channel conducting copper-calcium, fill it.
  6. Approximately 7 mm in depth tubule is placed the electrode with a negative charge.
  7. The electrode with a charge of plus have at the level of the cheeks, while it is in contact with the desired dental arch.
  8. The doctor turns on the button of the device. Current is supplied. Regulated its power is on the rise trajectory. The patient should feel a slight warmth in the region of the canaliculus.
  9. The treatment is completed. The channels are washed with purified water. They can be closed or left open temporarily to fill pasta copper hydroxide of calcium.
  10. For each of the canaliculus is performed by separate manipulation of depoforez.

Attention! Recommended current is 5 milliamps (or valid instructions). Unacceptable content all tubules at the same time. Current will be distributed unevenly through the electrolyte, respectively, affected the quality of dental therapy.

The second session is the same as the original. Third — he’s usually final. The preparation of the channels is common, the equipment used is the same as at the beginning of treatment. The essence of the third procedure is in the final overlap of the coronal portion of Atacamite, texture pliable cement. Atacama, in addition to the procedure of depoforez hydroxide copper-calcium has antimicrobial effects. At the completion of all works performed filling.

Video: treatment of teeth with the use of depoforez.



The bottom six have me decently so it was destroyed. Did not dare to touch the tooth for a long time. Consulted with a familiar doctor, and another one. At first she was afraid. Then decided to depoforez. Tooth my rasprobovali, a device that channels did hurt did not exist. At night, the tooth ached a little with him two neighboring and gums. I drank painkillers. Quickly everything went. Now the seal is temporary, waiting for a second procedure. Already not afraid of anything.


I was recently in the session depoforez, I have a pin in the root canal broken off, the doctor offered the treatment current. Sometimes there is pain, suffered, a visit to the dentist postponed. Then eat something, don’t remember what, and began. After a sleepless night went to the reception. X-ray done, found some more problems with neighboring teeth. The doctor offered endodontic treatment and depoforez. The tooth with the pin, treated shock, and neighboring doctor cleaned out the needles first, then a temporary filling put. The big difference I noticed both stopped hurting.


About depoforez many good things from colleagues heard. Was thinking – what is this procedure? Joined microscopist. Then the surgeon went. The doctor explained that a long time depoforez used, and quite successfully, the benefits are palpable. Agreed. In the pictures the doctor saw deep foci of infection in three teeth. Said to 3 procedures will need to do. Any pain I experienced from the scary words — nothing unusual. Home teeth didn’t hurt. The last treatment put doctor fillings. I never thought about pain in the teeth.