Diplan-dent: self-adhesive film in dentistry

In recent time, dentistry has greatly increased the popularity of alternative means of treatment of gum diseases, one of them is a self-adhesive film diplen-dent.

Now the additional studies, but it is clear that this remedy has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. In this article we will tell you about the different types of these films and their application in dentistry and provide a number of reviews from users.


Dental self-adhesive sided tape diplen-Denta used in periodontics, therapeutic and surgical dentistry. One side is hydrophilic, the other hydrophobic, it allows one side to be attached to the oral mucosa in the troubled area and the other to perform a protective function.

The films ‘ manufacturer – the company «Nord-OST», the country – Russia. Film diplen-Denta – one of the most effective means to combat bacteria and inflammation in your mouth. Their action they show after only a few sessions after application: disappears bleeding gums and swelling, improves the General condition of the oral cavity.

Soft and thin film, effortlessly stick to any (affected and healthy) surfaces. They compete in the modern market of goods, their advantages include simplicity and efficiency in application, a large number of varieties.


There are about a dozen different kinds of film diplen-dent, which differ in the composition and specifics of the action:

  • with lincomycin (L) — works best inhibiting streptococcal bacteria and cleansing them from the oral cavity;
  • with metronidazole (Denta M) — promotes enhanced combat infections and various harmful microorganisms;
  • gentamicin (G) — a wide range of action makes it versatile against all types of bacteria;
  • with solkoserilom () restores damaged tissues, contribute to their speedy recovery and eliminate the effects of gum disease;
  • with clindamycin (K) have similar parameters with the lincomycin, but are more new and effective substitutes;
  • chlorhexidine and fluoride (f) — I perform at the same time antiseptic and invigorating functions, contributing to improve the microflora of the mouth;
  • Dent CL, lidocaine and chlorhexidine — perform the function of disinfection and anesthesia of the damaged areas of the oral cavity;
  • Denta XA, dexametasona and hlorgeksidin — perform the function of improving the local immunity of the mouth, contribute to its purification from harmful microorganisms, and improve resistance of mucous membranes of different diseases;
  • hydrogen peroxide (dent PF) has strong disinfecting and bleaching properties, but it must be used very carefully in order to avoid burns of the soft tissues of the mouth.
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Each of them has a specific action and should be used strictly as directed. Use diplan-dent can lead to serious damage of oral tissues.


Composite operating elements of the films may vary depending on the specific type of product and its technical characteristics. They are listed above and are divided into:

  • antiseptic;
  • antibacterial;
  • Antiprotozoal;
  • with a combined effect.

There are a number of components that are present in all the films are special polymers with characteristics allowing for the care of mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Some materials facilitate the adhesion of the film to wet surfaces in the mouth, others – to protect the affected area from chemical and physical impact of external factors on it. A number of special components promotes correct and sustained effect of the main substance.

Thus, the composition of the film diplen-dent can be divided into permanent (plastic material performs the insulating and mounting options), and replacement (drug items), which carry the healing effect in each case.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for the use of films diplan-dent are:

  1. The postoperative period intraosseous implantation.
  2. Gentle whitening of the dentition.
  3. Disease and irritation of the red lip border due to herpes virus, stomatitis, bacterial lesions.
  4. Injury to mucosal tissues of the oral cavity, burns and poorly healing wounds.
  5. Prevention of diseases of the mouth in patients with removable dentures.
  6. Local anesthesia, temporary pain relief.
  7. Soft tissue injuries of the mouth due to the use of dental structures.
  8. Gingivitis to various forms and stages.

Remember that for each case there is a special kind of film! Incorrect using diplan-dent, you risk to harm your health. To avoid this, consult with your doctor beforehand.

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Contraindications include:

  1. Individual intolerance of its components.
  2. The condition of the oral cavity do not allow for such a procedure.

Usage instructions

How to apply the film? Use diplan-dent can at home, but only after consultation with your doctor. For this you must follow these rules:

  • before use it is recommended to carry out sanitation of the oral cavity;
  • cut a piece of film measuring 4 by 1 cm or other desired dimensions;
  • the adhesive side firmly and securely lock the film on the wet surface of the gums;
  • to leave it in this position for a few hours;
  • at this time, carefully monitor the condition of the mucous membrane under the film (its transparency allows it).

If the patient is not sure that he correctly uses diplan-dent, the first few applications carried out in the dentist’s office with a detailed explanation of the entire procedure. After that, he will be much better ready to use the funds.


Kira, 29 years

I had gum disease. Tried a lot of gels, traditional medicine. Rinse with whatever you can, but the results were not special, then decided to go to the dentist, though much afraid. He prescribed me diplan-dent with lincomycin is a special translucent film of color that stick to the gums. I took a course with a duration of 5 days and the sickness has disappeared, so all I recommend. The method is effective, and most importantly – completely painless.

Veronica, age 31

A year ago started having problems with the gums, and I went to the dentist. He said it was gingivitis and advised new-to-me method of treatment film diplen. At first I was skeptical, but after a few applications felt that the disease recedes, and after 7 days of use the problem had disappeared altogether. I liked that the glue film can be yourself, no need to constantly go to the dentist, so that thing is very useful and convenient.

Sergey, 32 years

While brushing the teeth began to receive a large amount of blood. At first thought it was because of the toothbrush and changed it to softer, but the problem has not disappeared, rather the opposite. I had to go to the dentist, and he gave the choice of either long-term treatment toothpastes and gels, or special film. So I tried diplan-dent. Can’t say that this is something special, but the result they gave. Fully though the gums bleed has not stopped, but blood was definitely less when brushing. This problem my first time, so to compare me with, but, in my opinion, a good tool.

Further questions

► What is the cost?

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The price diplen-Denta depends on where you buy and ranges from 550 to 700 rubles per pack. At the same time, the cost is actually independent of composition.

► Counterparts

At the moment there is no comparison. There are a number of tools that operate in a similar manner, but they are not as effective and practical as diplan-dent.