Does it hurt to remove the tooth

Going to the dentist — fear # 1 most people. For fear of the dentist some people even in adulthood do not know, does it hurt to remove the tooth in the dental clinic. Such dentophobia ready to put myself on the experiments, trying different traditional medicines, a handful to drink painkillers. and, only desperate, they go to the doctor.

Unfortunately, the treatment of the patient in the clinic comes at a time when the situation reaches a critical point. In this case, the removal of one it is not complete and may require additional treatment or even surgery.

In connection with this horrible statistics you need to understand, it hurts to pull a tooth, really? Should I wait for «the sea weather» and torture yourself or decide on a not so «desperate» step of going to the dentist.

What is the operation to remove the tooth

Extraction is nothing like surgery on the gums. It occurs in several stages:

  1. The first is a thorough diagnosis of the removed tooth, its structure and root. This is an important preparatory item needed in order to avoid complications during surgery. For this purpose use special x-ray that allows you to make the various projections. By the way, this step is absolutely painless.
  2. The second treatment of the oral cavity with an antiseptic, especially in the place where the deleted member.
  3. The third pain relief. It can be done non-injection (outer) and injection (with injection) methods.
  4. After waiting some time until the vehicle starts to operate, the dentist moves on to the fourth, most important stage — ekstraktsii of the tooth. To do this, the doctor takes the forceps, applying them to the root, the bone weakens the bone.
  5. Such manipulations lead to the expansion hole of the gums and gradual separation of the root from a solid circular bundle.
  6. After that, the tooth easily and, most importantly, painlessly, removed.
  7. In order to reduce the extended edge of the hole, the dentist squeezes them sterile cotton balls.
  8. After that clots of blood fill the wound.

Sometimes, a tooth extraction occurs in parts. This may be due to unusual shape or a complex structure of the root system. In this case, the procedure drags on a bit, but this doesn’t make it more painful.

By the way, after deleting item several hours not to disturb the wound, so as not to contaminate and not to expand the root hole.

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It is important to remember that a pregnant woman when going to the doctor is necessary to say about their situation, as the removal of teeth in such a situation has a lot of contraindications. If the expectant mother had a tooth pulled under local or General anesthesia, it is endangering the health of your child. Pregnant woman — like a crystal vase, and once again to carry even minimal stress and pain to her is not recommended.

In fact, Ekstraktsiya tooth is in seconds and the patient feels absolutely no pain, only slight discomfort. More difficult is the situation with the root of the tooth when the crown is missing.

Painful whether deletion of the root

The difficulty of removing the root may depend on different factors. Sometimes it goes quickly and smoothly, but there are cases where removal is complicated by, for example, pathological changes of bone tissue. Also difficult to remove the roots, which are located in the alveolus too deep. If a person has a malocclusion, it can also cause a problem when removed.

Methods for the elimination of the root doctor selects individually based on the specifics of each situation.

But most patients are concerned about hurt to remove the root of the tooth, because the task of the doctor in this situation is much more complicated, as it is not possible to take him out.

The removal of the root of the lower and upper jaws: is there a difference

I would like to mention that to remove the roots of the teeth of the lower jaw is much easier than the top. This is due to the thinner walls of the holes, and the very roots of this place is much shorter. In order to carry out the extraction, the doctor uses a thin forceps, curved along the edge. Before the surgery, the specialist injects a pain reliever and gives him the time to act. Then begins the procedure.

Often the removal of the root takes more time than just ripping a normal tooth structure. As for pain, the patient absolutely does not feel. Yes, people will feel that the doctor is doing something, and it will be accompanied by some discomfort, but pain is not.

The upper roots of the teeth, harder amenable to extraction due to the inconvenient for this procedure location. Sometimes the tooth roots sit so deep that to tear them with the help of tongs comes out. In this case, the doctor uses boron to separate the elements. For their release dentist sawing into the gums. It causes unpleasant but bearable experience. Most importantly, the doctor used high-quality anesthesia, which will be kept throughout the operation.

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If you want to remove the teeth without anesthesia

Many are afraid to even routine dental examination, not to mention operations. Extraction is a huge stress to the body, and often clinicians face even fainting patients before the operation. Therefore, the dentist must be a good psychologist to mentally adjust to the man to the procedure. Dentophobia always asked to do the extraction with the anesthetic injection, but still require a double dose. But the brave with a high pain threshold often wonder if it hurts to pull out a molar tooth without anesthesia and agrees if such a doctor.

In fact, dentists are strongly advised not to refuse the injection, regardless of the level of pain tolerance by the patient. Well, if just for a minute pulled the tooth and he quietly go home. But you can’t deny the fact that it is an operation, and during its course there can be various problems. Even a very patient patient will be extremely difficult until the end to postpone the intervention. And after the shock the next time he’s definitely afraid of going to the dentist. To remove a molar tooth or root is very painful if you do it without anesthesia.

Even a few decades ago, the dentist didn’t know such a wide range of anesthesia, so to pull teeth was a problem. Today the situation has changed significantly, and carry out the procedure has become almost painless. Pleasant, of course, a little but of discomfort the patient feels absolutely no. A good dentist makes a test for the anesthesia to cause an allergic reaction, and picks up the dosage and type of analgesic, weighing the individual characteristics of the patient.

The modern man, who regularly visits the dentist, is not thinking about hurt to remove a molar or any other tooth.

What determines the intensity of pain during dental extractions

Such factors as the complexity of the tooth removal and if it hurts, in the opinion of dentists, depend on certain factors:

  1. The most painless extraction — removal of temporary teeth (milk or root).
  2. There is a difference: to remove the back or front teeth. It is believed that the teeth back of the group harder to extraction.
  3. The shape and number of roots. It is proved that if an element has at most two roots, then removing it is much easier than a tooth with 3-4 bases.
  4. The threshold of pain. This is an individual feature of a person: some may not feel discomfort during the removal, but most people don’t tolerate drilling.

There is no point to endure the pain during extraction, the medal «for courage» no one will. All the more so after the surgery, the injury will still take some time to hurt. With General anesthesia you will be much easier to remove the teeth.

Is it possible to do without removal

Pulling teeth — the last thing in modern dentistry. Range of products and technical capabilities is so great that allows us to solve 90% of dental problems. The method of removal of bone elements is resorted to in the very least when to save them by other means is simply impossible. Most often it affects elderly people, when a long gum disease triggers inflammation of the upper part of the tooth. Also the process may interfere with the wearing of dentures, without which the elderly are simply not enough. Everything has a shelf life, and the teeth are no exception.

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Note that with the removal of teeth facing not only the elderly but also young people and even children.

To avoid surgery, is to monitor the oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. This will allow you to solve minor problems by treatment, not disposal.