Does the Pain from a toothache and how to take it?

Analgesics belong to the group of semisynthetic and synthetic drugs used for the relief of pain attack. The safest non-narcotic analgesic is Aspirin. Despite the prevalence of the drug, many do not know, whether helps Analgin for toothache and how to take it?

The tool is available and not expensive, it leave not need a prescription. Typically, the instruction for use is not issued with a drug in the tablets, but it must be followed to prevent uncontrolled use.

Does Dipyrone for pain in the teeth?

Among the indications for the use of dipyrone, there are various types of pain syndromes. In this number there is a toothache. But the drug cannot stop a seizure the same way. It depends on the sensitivity of nerve endings, individual doses of medication at one time and the degree of tooth destruction.

This drug is not used in dental treatment but only to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. In the absence of timely dental care, the pain gradually comes back again.

The validity of the analgesic can vary from several minutes to several hours. It is noted that the reception food and fluid intake after taking the pill reduces its effectiveness.

What does this means?

In the early stages of caries, when not affected root canals, Analgin take one capsule with water. If the enamel is severely damaged and the gums with nerve endings exposed, the drug is crumbled and placed on aching tooth, it is easily dissolved and absorbed into the body. Through a short period in the blood of a high concentration of Dipyrone. The active substance is rapidly cope with the pain.

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Unlike other kinds of blockers, along with Dipyrone analgesic effect slightly alleviates the inflammatory process and acts as antispasmodic. After taking removed pain impulses along nerve bundles, increases the heat.

Phase suction Analgin included in the active hydrolysis with the formation of the metabolic process. In unchanged form in plasma is not observed. The maximum concentration of drug in the blood is 60 minutes. Excreted through the kidneys.


Analgin is available in several types:

  • capsules;
  • tablets;
  • candles;
  • the solution intramuscularly and intravenously.

All varieties of the drug have the same indications for use. Can be used in home and hospital settings. The therapeutic effect is identical, the difference lies only in the dosage and form of issue.

A variety of anesthetic allows its use in toothache in children and adults. The only double action has Analgin-Quinine, it contains two active substances. In addition to addressing a toothache, he gives a powerful antipyretic effect.

How to take Analgin for toothache?

There are two main types of the use of Dipyrone for the relief of pain attack in the tooth.

  • Option 1 — tablet of Aspirin to chew or swallow, drink plenty of water. The action of the drug is slow, because the dissolution and absorption of the pills takes time. Usually after 30 minutes after taking the money, the pain begins to subside. This method of application is long, there are several hours.
  • Option 2 — one tablet crushed into powder, mixed with a drop of water and put the paste on aching tooth. The resulting mixture is applied on the gums. I do not eat before and after the procedure. This option instantly relieves the pain, but it works for a short time. Sometimes, instead of tablets on the tooth dripping liquid Analginum in ampoules.
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Contraindications and side effects

Uncontrolled reception of aspirin in large doses can lead to a decrease in hematopoiesis, as it lowers the granulocytes. On the background of long-term use of the drug is developing agranulocytosis.

If other medicines cannot be used for the treatment of pain in a particular patient, he periodically examine blood for any changes. While drug allergies can manifest anaphylactic shock.

The drug is not used in case of hypersensitivity to active ingredients, spastic reactions of the bronchi and changes in the blood.

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Further questions

► Can pregnant women Analgin for toothache?

Most anesthetic drugs during gestation is prohibited. If a pregnant woman is a breach of the enamel and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, the attending gynecologist usually offers to undergo dental treatment early on. Dipyrone use during pregnancy is contraindicated. It can affect the formation of blood and the vascular system of the child. In practice there have been cases of the negative impact drugs in late gestation. When establishing a pregnancy in the early period of reception of dipyrone should be discontinued.

► Which is better: Aspirin or Analgin?

Acetylsalicylic acid and the active ingredient Dipyrone Metamizole are not analogous. They differ in action and application. Aspirin is not intended for the relief of pain and inflammation relief process and lowering the heat, so when a toothache will have no effect.

► Does not help the drug – what to do?

The lack of effect of the drug can be caused by several factors. These include: tolerance to the active substance, long-term use, the spread of infection from the tooth into the surrounding tissue. In this case, of analgesics should be discontinued and switch to another drug. To start treatment, if the tooth is exposed to severe destruction.

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