Does toothpaste pimples? Feedback about the application

Many people are interested in, does toothpaste for acne how popular the recipe? Describe the feedback about the application and the main ways of dealing with this nuisance with the help of available tools daily hygiene.

But we must not forget about the precautions. Even toothpaste can cause skin irritation, if it is wrong to pick up or leave on for longer time. So first carefully read the detailed instructions for use for these purposes.

Why does toothpaste help acne?

To use this method at home, you need to understand what makes pasta with acne. Namely, it blocks the access of oxygen to the bacteria, thereby preventing their reproduction and helps to dry the skin.

It is obvious that acne occurs from an abundance of harmful bacteria, which spread rapidly in the face. Therefore, blocking their way, you can get rid of the cause. The skin drying effect of toothpaste against acne also helps because in the dried state of such education is faster.

It is important to understand in what cases it is necessary to use such means. So, there are basic rules:

  • apply the paste to at the first appearance of redness on the skin when the pimple is in its infancy and formed;
  • so the title of subcutaneous education she is not able to resolve, as it has a very different effect;
  • in cases where you have already squeezed the inside of the pimple, and then left the wound, the means of personal hygiene will not be able to heal;
  • also it’s inefficient and spots that remain after the vanished or embossed formations.

How to choose the right tool?

When searching for the right pasta you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Its color must be white, without adding stripes, spots, etc. the fact that those substances which help to cope with the skin formations are contained in the white part hygiene. It’s baking soda, triclosan, peroxide hydrogen, and others. That they are well dried the skin and kill bacteria.
  2. Refrain from whitening toothpastes for this purpose. The active ingredients adversely affect the condition of the skin – lighten it, there may be scars and burns.
  3. Also, do not choose to eliminate pimples gel-like paste. In another composition, which instead dry it and stop the growth, will cause skin irritation or even an allergic reaction.
  4. It is worth remembering that almost all toothpastes that manufacturers produce today contain fluoride. It’s good for strengthening enamel and purifying it from plaque and Tartar. But when used to dry the acne would be superfluous. Such a component in the composition of the paste may cause dermatitis, allergies and other unpleasant side effects. So for such purposes you need to choose toothpaste without fluoride or with the most minimal amount.
  5. The best solution would be the choice of pasta with natural organic components. They do not have any harmful chemical compounds, no antibiotics, no fluoride and other substances that can irritate the skin and damage it. Therefore, remedy with tea tree oil, baking soda, eucalyptus oil, aloe, myrrh, will be able to not only effectively deal with acne, but also produce a beneficial effect on the skin as caring means.
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Application features

To have the procedure brought the maximum benefit, perform the following procedure:

  1. To start, wash your face, ridding it from dust, sweat and other contaminants, since the presence of grease or dirt will reduce the effectiveness of the product. After washing easily Pat the skin dry with a towel.
  2. Squeeze a little paste on the finger. The number must be of a small pea.
  3. Apply it on desired area of the skin. It is important to take as much as you need to cover problem areas. Usually apply a dot on each pimple. Some people ask whether it is possible to smear this tool all over the face? Undesirable, as the skin will become dry and this will cause unnecessary irritation. Do not smear the paste around the pimple, and do not disturb the healthy part.
  4. You need to keep for 20-30 minutes at least. In some cases, even recommend two hours or more. Sometimes leave the vehicle overnight, but this is only done when there is no negative skin reactions. As a mask it should not be used, applying it on the face and leaving for a long period. It’s not cosmetic.
  5. It is very important at the end of the procedure to properly and carefully wash off the paste. To do this, take a damp sponge and gentle, circular movements, without pressure, remove it. After this, rinse your face with plain water and Pat dry with a towel. Much sudden movements with friction should be avoided, as it can damage the skin. If there was a feeling of tightness, dryness, use a suitable moisturizer.
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Repeat the procedure should not more often than every other day. The maximum frequency to four times a week. Be sure to give the skin a rest. It is also not recommended to use this tool on a regular basis.

If pimples appear again and again, perhaps it is a signal of internal disturbances. So if you frequently face problems it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to identify the root cause, eliminating that you can get rid of them forever.

There are more thoughtful alternative tools to deal with this problem at home for any age. This:

  • salicylic-zinc paste for acne that are sold in pharmacies – helps to cope even with difficult cases;
  • therapeutic paste lassara, which eliminates the majority of skin diseases, including fights against pimples, acne, etc.;
  • a tool such as Solcoseryl in the form of an ointment or gel can help to heal the remaining wounds after extruding, scars and blemishes;
  • and even some cosmetic products, for example, a series of therapeutic skin creams Piot, aimed at fighting formations on the skin.

Doctors insist that homemade traditional recipes it is advisable to use only once in extreme cases. But for the present a full treatment of any skin problems you need to use only clinically tested and approved by dermatologists funds.

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Due to the hormonal changes of the body, I was often sprinkle acne. A neighbor advised toothpaste, but it doesn’t help. And having bought in a drugstore a special cream, I two days got rid of the problem.


I will never forget how before the interview to work on my nose has suddenly got a pimple. Mom gave toothpaste and said that it is necessary to smear it on the place. I don’t believe it, but did as she advised. As a result, the redness has gone and my face look presentable.


Once in his youth often used as simple and affordable means. But now kids are buying special gels at the pharmacy. I think they are more thought out in the treatment plan and more effectively at any stage of the formation of pimple.