Electric toothbrush: how to choose and how to properly brush your teeth

What electric toothbrush is able to solve the problems of the oral cavity? Is it necessary to change the ordinary toothbrush to automatic? Such questions arise before buying this trendy gadget. The answer is simple — experts tend to use electrical appliances that will be able to provide daily care professional. Before purchasing, ask the dentist, how to brush teeth electric brush. Ask about the set of features that it should have in your case. The correct device will make cleaning most efficient.

Varieties of brushes

Electric toothbrushes emit three types:

  1. classic. Has a plastic housing, in which is embedded an electronic mechanism. At the end of the working surface is a round head with bristles. Teeth cleaning is carried out by its rotation. And the head can make not only circular movement, but the pulsing, depending on the mode you are in. These brushes can be included with additional tips for polishing enamel, gum massage and others;
  2. sound. Cleaning is not only due to mechanical impact, but also through vibration of sound waves. The generator produces up to 18,000 of such movements per minute;
  3. ultrasonic. The most expensive type of brushes. Ultrasonic wave effectively fight plaque, destroys germs.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite all the advantages, of electric toothbrush is not for everyone. Contraindications include such diseases of the oral cavity:

  1. gum inflammation with chronic the use of lactoside can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases;
  2. pigmentation of teeth, uneven coloration, white spots. These manifestations say about weak tooth enamel;
  3. the destruction of the neck of the tooth. The electrobrush can worsen their condition;
  4. increased abrasion of teeth.

To be sure of the feasibility of using brushes, it is better to consult the dentist for advice.

Advantages of electric toothbrushes over conventional

Electric toothbrush is able to more efficiently clean the tooth surface than usual. This is evidenced by reviews of dentists and research. This is important of its advantages:

  • efficiency. Modern technology of 2D and 3D allow the cleaning head to rotate in different directions, to make vibration. It is now rare to find electric toothbrush, working in one direction only. Technology 2D involves the movement of the head clockwise and counterclockwise. 3D to rotation of the bristles is added to the pulsation. This ensures complete removal of plaque even in interdental spaces. The electrobrush is particularly useful for the teeth of smokers and lovers of strong tea and coffee. She copes with dark patina. By purchasing this appliance, you can obtain professional dental care, but at home;
  • dental automatic electric brushes reduce cleaning time teeth. This is a big plus for the hardworking modern people. For the procedure, it is sufficient to spend just 2 minutes;
  • esthetic appearance. They are nice to use and easy to interest children.
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How not to get lost in the store

The assortment of brushes is great, and the producers do not get tired to offer any new instances. How to choose an electric toothbrush to meet the necessary requirements? You should pay attention to several parameters:

Stiffness. The best option for an adult — bristles of medium hardness. For children suitable soft (and also for people with sensitive gums).
The hull shape. Good buy electric toothbrush with ergonomic handle. Ease of use will ensure a quality result.
The particular location of the setae. Well, if they are different lengths. This ensures a more thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas.
Additional nozzles. They perform separate functions, such as polishing or whitening. Also, some models of brushes have included some of the same attachments that allows one device to use for the whole family.
The source of supply. Toothbrushes on batteries are cheaper. More expensive models have rechargeable battery.

To choose electric toothbrush also affects its price, because it can cost as much as 1500 and 15000 rubles.

Overview of the most popular models of brushes

Best quality electric toothbrushes are manufactured under the trademarks Oral-B and Philips. Producers occupy a huge segment of the market, remaining for many years in leadership roles. They are constantly updating their wide range of models, releasing more advanced. How to choose an electric toothbrush? This will help the rating based on customers reviews.

No. 1 — Oral-B Professional Care 5000 D34 (USA)

What electric toothbrush to choose, so it at a professional level solved the problem of the mouth? A great option is Oral-B Professional Care 5000 D34. This device tops the ranking as the most versatile. The selected instance has a lot of opportunities:

  1. the kit has 4 nozzles. That is one purchase you can ensure that all family members electric toothbrush. This is a big plus, as commercially available nozzles are expensive;
  2. head whitening helps lighten teeth enamel. It effectively removes dark coating due to the polishing inserts. Operating in the mode of whitening, the device does not harm tooth enamel;
  3. suitable for all family members with different features of the teeth and gums, as well as working with switching modes: clean sensitive, standard, whitening, massage;
  4. the pressure sensor further protects the teeth from damage if a strong pressing a buzzer will sound;
  5. the display shows all the necessary information — battery level, cleaning time, the necessity of changing worn nozzles;
  6. the charge lasts for 40 minutes of work, recharged 12 hours;
  7. complete with a travel pouch and a container for storage of nozzles.
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Choosing this model the brushes will have a good idea to spend. Average price — 9000 rubles.

No. 2 — PHILIPS HX6731/02 (Netherlands)

This sonic automatic toothbrush is allocated a number of advantages:

  • has 3 modes (clean sensitive, whitening, standard cleaning);
  • feature gradual adjustment. In use, vibration is minimal, and increases with time. It provides comfortable usage without discomfort;
  • the ability to work 40 minutes of battery life (recharges in 24 hours). Built-in indicator tells the battery level;
  • the device can be labelled with a marker mark. This is convenient when all the family members purchased the same brush;
  • on the timer are set cleaning time is 3 minutes. It can be changed to make the interval shorter or longer. As a bonus, the manufacturer has provided travel pouch and a container for bits;
  • the device is very light, it weighs 140 g.

Among the shortcomings note the lack of additional attachments (the set includes only one). Are interchangeable expensive. There is no wear indicator, gauge pressure, not a mode of massage. The average price of 8000 rubles.

No. 3 — CS CS Medica-262

This brush is made in China, gets a place in the ranking, as the cheapest and easiest. Let us learn more of its benefits:

  1. low price (about 1500 rubles), partly due to the fact that this toothbrush is battery powered. This has its advantages, because at any moment it is possible to actuate the discharge device (the main thing is always to keep a couple of spare batteries);
  2. it is possible to use rechargeable batteries which can be charged;
  3. ease of brush (total of 45) due to a lack of built-in battery;
  4. one set of batteries will last for 150 hours;
  5. mode whitening;
  6. sold in a set with two nozzles.
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The reviews on this product are positive, so as to brush your teeth electric brush CS Medica nice and easy. Is also high build quality.

No. 4 — Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe

Top rankings for pleasant combination of price and quality. Unlike more expensive models, it is not endowed with many extra features. But still has its advantages:

  • each nozzle, plus a mode of bleaching;
  • charging time 16 hours;
  • effective cleaning due to the cleaning 7600 movements per minute;
  • integrated wear indicator and timer.

This simple model lacks the functions a delicate cleansing, addiction has no charge indicator, display, and marker marks. In the kit, no road case and containers. But the high quality of the global brand combined with a low price — about 2500 rubles.

Recommendations for the use of

The basic rules of cleaning teeth brush the same as when using the usual:

  1. carry out the procedure twice a day;
  2. use a small amount of toothpaste (a pea with a diameter of about 1 cm);
  3. to change the brush head every 3 months;
  4. cleaning should be performed at least 2 minutes (for regular brush for 3 minutes, and brush reduces the time of procedure).

Before first use, read instructions how to use an electric toothbrush specific model.

General guidelines:

  • the device should be charged;
  • avoid excessive pressure on the teeth;
  • start with the outside, then walk inside, then along the top surface of the teeth;
  • hold the brush on each tooth for a few seconds;
  • try to follow every curve.

After a few uses it will become clear how to brush teeth electric toothbrush. Daily practice will quickly bring this process to automatism.