Erosion of tooth enamel: erosion of teeth — treatment

Tooth enamel is one of the hardest substances on earth, it withstands the daily impact of solid food, cold or hot drinks, crunchy foods, and sometimes even physical damage. Erosion of tooth enamel – the destruction of the outer coating due to which it is deleted. This disorder can be an unpleasant fact that significantly increases the sensitivity teeth can develop cavities and even completely destroyed tooth. What are the causes, treatment, and prevention of erosion of tooth enamel?

Causes erosion of the enamel

To destroy tooth enamel is not so easy, because it consists mainly of mineral elements, so erosion is a gradual process, evolving for years due to various factors:

  • malocclusion, in which the dentition of one jaw other mechanical damage over a long period;
  • chemical damage caused by using too aggressive pastes and tooth powders, and frequent bleaching of the enamel with the help of splints and medications;
  • frequent eating of foods containing acids (citrus fruits, undiluted fresh, fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola or Fanta);
  • frequent use of drugs, containing ascorbic and folic acid;
  • work in chemical production without special protective clothing (in this case, workers inhaling metal dust or chemical that destroys mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, as well as tooth enamel;
  • chronic bacterial disease of the mouth and upper respiratory tract (the bacteria produce their own metabolites that destroy enamel).

This is the most «popular» causes of erosion of tooth enamel, less common genetic predisposition to rapid abrasion of the outer shell of the tooth, and also this disease may occur because of disorders of the endocrine system.

The mechanical causes

We should also mention the increased load on the tooth resulting from a lack of teeth. It is not about the lack of wisdom teeth – the last painters, and other active parts of the masticatory apparatus. Often people remove the teeth due to disease, and too expensive treatment, but not the conduit, so the remaining enamel is experiencing an increased load in the process of chewing food.
Also, erosion of the teeth occurs in people suffering from bruxism – a psychosomatic disorder, which is reflected in the fact that people involuntarily reduces the chewing muscles of the face and begins to grind the jaws. This condition occurs during increased emotional stress, nervous exhaustion, panic attacks. The constant friction of the teeth quickly leads to the destruction of their outer shell.

Eating disorders

Due to the spread of fashion for thinness today, many girls and even guys suffer from eating disorders, which also cause erosion of tooth enamel. Anorexia – emaciation of the body due to complete refusal of food leads to lack of minerals in the body, and they are the building material for the teeth, so they gradually begin to break down.
Far more terrible effect bulimia – a disorder that is reflected in the fact that people after meals gets rid of it by vomiting. Vomit contains stomach acid, which rapidly corrodes the enamel.

Bulimia is one of the few causes erosion of the inner part of the enamel, and to recognize a person with this disorder can it dentist.

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Symptoms of enamel erosion

A long period of erosion of the teeth doesn’t, people may notice only small areas that differ in color, and tooth sensitivity to cold or hot. But over time, the destruction of the exterior dental shell makes itself felt unpleasant symptoms:

  • the appearance on the outer shell of enamel erosion small rings that thicket located closer to the base of the tooth;
  • erosive rings have a yellowish or slightly brownish color due to the fact that through them begins to show through the dentin, and food coloring to better absorb in the ruined enamel;
  • the area of erosion of the hard tissues of the tooth sensitive to temperature and acidic or alkaline products, the person experiences severe aching pain, which gradually goes away after the removal of the stimulus.

The consequences of erosion of enamel

Erosion of the teeth has very unpleasant consequences, especially if you ignore her in the early stages and start treatment.

First, erosion of the teeth just increases the sensitivity of the enamel, and erosion of the spoil Islands in appearance, but over time they begin to grow in size and there are bigger problems.

First, the destruction of the outer shell is not only outwards, but also inwards, that is, the erosion hole in the tooth gradually deepens, reaching the dentine. Over time, this process can severely compromise the integrity of the entire arch of the body to cause a fracture or even loss of the tooth.

Second, erosion pits easily deposited microscopic particles of food, but because of the pain mechanical contact with the teeth of the person can not clean it thoroughly. Therefore, these places become an ideal environment for bacterial growth, starts a carious lesion that will further destroy the enamel and increase sensitivity.

Treatment erosion of the enamel

Treatment of dental erosion should begin only at the dentist, no decoctions of herbs and lotions with chalk or calcium carbonate will not help to restore the enamel. The process of restoring the surface of a tooth consists not only of restoration procedures, it also involves eliminating the causes of destruction, because without it all the work will go down the drain.

Dental therapy

Dental therapy can be different, it depends on the degree of damage of the tooth enamel, the main procedures are:

  • the daily rate of remineralization;
  • electrophoresis calcium;
  • restoration of the tooth with a light composite or a crown.


The daily rate of remineralization in conjunction with drugs, containing calcium and phosphorus, suitable for people with early stage of erosion of enamel, it lasts about 2-3 weeks. The procedure involves daily application – applying means with calcium and fluoride, which will be gradually re — «rebuild enamel». After a course of remineralisation of the tooth is applied special paint that sealed restored enamel – this will prevent the repeated destruction and greatly reduce the sensitivity.

After this procedure, you need some time to diet without acidic (citrus, sorrel, strawberries, green apples) and alkaline (milk, cheese, beans, spinach) products that can wash away varnish.

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Complete restoration

If the same person was pulling a long treatment and erosion of the teeth is strong, it saves the situation only restoration work. You can seal the place of the destruction of the composite light material, and if the lesion is too deep to put a veneer or crown. It is important to understand that the usual sealing in this case will not fit, especially on a plaster base, since destinova the surface a little softer and parisee enamel, it will trigger a «otlipanie» fillings.

Electrophoresis calcium

Electrophoresis calcium fit with the average destruction of the tooth this procedure involves the use of calcium containing preparations and a special installation of the inducing e-field. Featuring the latest calcium ions quickly «sealed» into the tooth and erosion the island will be restored.

Electrophoresis is also conducting course for recovery erosive area on the enamel will need from 3 to 7 treatments.

Additional drugs

With any dental the methods of restoring enamel the doctor will prescribe vitamin and mineral complex that will contain an increased daily amount of calcium, fluoride, vitamin D and nekotoryh other components. It is necessary to accelerate the «detuning» of the surface of the tooth.

Estomatologia therapy


Estomatologia therapy is an integral part of the treatment of erosive destruction of the enamel, because without addressing the primary causes of the situation again.

The correction of dentition and occlusion

If the cause erosion of the tooth surface caused by improper bite, it is necessary to turn to an orthodontist and fix it with braces or special plate. If the cause of the destruction of the enamel lies in the lack of teeth in the row, you need to consult a podiatrist about the installation of the prosthesis.


Treatment of bruxism is complicated by the fact that the dentist can only be made for patient mouth guards that protect teeth from friction in the night, but to completely solve the problem, you can only have a neurologist, because this disorder is a mental. When addressing the causes of bruxism with the use of sedative drugs or other methods of involuntary contraction of masticatory muscles will gradually disappear, but until then you must wear a protective mouthguard, preferably not only at night

The transition to a gentle chemistry

If the tooth enamel is thin by nature, prolonged use of aggressive pastes, or frequent bleaching will quickly cause erosion. During treatment and after it you must use soft «chemistry», which is designed for delicate and sensitive enamel. It is better to consult a dentist when choosing a toothpaste, tooth powder and brushes.


Treat erosion of the teeth not only with medicines but also the right diet. In the human diet must include foods rich in calcium: sesame seeds, spinach, cheese, cottage cheese; phosphorus: legumes, saltwater fish; protein: meat, poultry, eggs. It is desirable to slightly reduce eating too much acidic fruit and vegetables, and after them be sure to rinse your mouth.


If erosion of tooth enamel caused by frequent consumption of acidic foods or drugs with folic and ascorbic acid, it is not necessary them to refuse! It is enough just to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating them with a decoction of chamomile or sage – they gently wash away the acid from the tooth surface and restores the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth.

Rinse in any case, you can not replace brushing your teeth, as the acid in this case, the friction will start even faster to destroy the exterior surface.

Treatment of infection

If a bacterial infection was the cause of the erosion of the teeth, the treatment must necessarily include its elimination. Tooth decay often cause waste products of lactic acid bacteria and staphylococci, which develop in the mouth in chronic stomatitis and tonsillitis. Therapy can be done with antibiotics and dental cleansing tooth surfaces, or the treatment may be surgical, when the tonsils are removed.

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Prevention of erosion of enamel

Treatment of dental erosion process is lengthy and costly, so it is easier to prevent the development of this problem, following these simple rules:

  • should visit the dentist every six months, this will allow time to notice the erosion and fix it quickly and cheaply;
  • you should ask the specialist to determine the type of tooth enamel and to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • malocclusion and lack the tooth necessary to restore the cuts without waiting for the destruction of enamel after dental braces or prosthesis will bypass cheaper than repair therapy or veneers;
  • do not deny yourself anything sour or spicy, but after that, rinse the mouth with decoction of chamomile or sage, if this is not possible – you can use boiled water;
  • any fruit or vegetable fresh, fizzy beverages, you must drink through a straw, the acid is of them falling on the enamel, it is also desirable to dilute the juice with boiled water – this will reduce their acidity.
  • the human diet should be rich in calcium, fluoride and protein, because these components will significantly slow down the destruction of the enamel.

By entering these simple rules in daily use, you can easily preserve the beauty and integrity of tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel serves man all his life, protecting the tooth from external influences, and solid food, so you must carefully monitor her condition. Erosion of the outer shell of the tooth leads to increased sensitivity and tooth destruction, so noticing the symptoms of this disease you must consult the dentist to find the cause and get treatment. You should not ignore the emergence of erosion of the Islands, because over time they will increase.