Exfoliative cheilitis: dry, form, treatment

Exfoliative cheilitis is a benign inflammatory disease that is observed on the lips. The disease can be symptomatic or actually halidom. From the form of the disease depend directly on the specifics of that therapy.

The causes of the disease

Cheilitis can occur for a variety of reasons. In accordance with studies most often disease occurs as a result of disorders of the Central nervous system. A fairly common cause of the disease is depression. In some patients the disease was diagnosed on the background of nervous exhaustion. Also, cheilitis can occur with phobias, apathy, and other psychosomatic reactions.

Some doctors believe that the causes of diseases rooted in genetics. Systemic allergic reactions can also lead to disease. The sharp decline of the immune system can cause disease. In some patients, a pathological condition diagnosed when the thyroid diseases. If the patient has increased permeability of the capillary walls, it can lead to illness. Despite the large number of identified causes of the pathogenesis of this disease today is understudied.

Symptoms of pathology

Exfoliative cheilitis is accompanied by pronounced symptoms that allows the patient to define it yourself. A pathological condition can be observed on one lip or the two simultaneously. In appearance the disease is manifested in the form of a tape on his lips. Inflammation is the lesions of the skin, mucosa and corners of the mouth.

Experts cheilitis is diagnosed by the special sign area of a Stamp. In the dry form, there was the development of stagnation. The lips of the patient are covered with scales with characteristic greyish colour. When viewed from the outside of the lip it seems that the scale is attached to a perfectly healthy skin. At the patient at halite not any special discomfort. The scales just enough to remove mechanically, but after a certain period of time they may appear again. With the development of the disease the majority of patients complaining of dryness of the lips. That is why many people quite often lick their lips.

Halite observed in exudative inflammation. Therefore, patients quite often feel the pain. During the inspection of the lesion can be detected edema or swelling. When examining a patient a doctor notice redness of the lips. This form of the disease characterized by the formation of flakes in large quantities. In case of untimely treatment of the disease appear crusts of grayish-yellow color, which gradually completely covered lips.

This disease quite often accompanied by a burning sensation. Some patients say that they are uncomfortable to eat. Some patients say that when halite it is difficult to talk. The patient always goes with open mouth.

Due to the large number of symptoms to determine exfoliative cheilitis patient can own. Despite this, when the first signs of the disease, he needs to seek help to the doctor. Only an experienced specialist can determine the form of the pathological state and assign rational treatment.

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Diagnosis of disease

In order to properly decide the diagnosis, the doctor must distinguish this disease from others. Cheilitis can have these forms:

  • Abrasive precancerosis. A distinctive feature of this form of the disease are erosion, place of occurrence which is the red border.
  • Exudative form. With the development of the disease crusts covered with red border of the lips completely. You experience severe swelling, erosion. Diagnosis of this form of the disease is carried out on the basis of anamnestic data.
  • Atopic form. It is characterized by involvement of the skin of the lips. A strong incidence of disease occurs in the corners of the lips. In the development process in patients experiencing licensure and cyclic flow, which is affected by time of year. With the development of the disease is observed intensely intense itching.
  • Meteorological form. The course of the disease depends on how the human body is influenced by meteorological factors. With the development of a pathological condition affected all the surface of the vermilion border. Also, with this illness there are severity of the inflammatory process.

If the doctor will be able to distinguish the exfoliative form of the disease from the other, it will be the guarantor of the correct diagnosis.

Dry cheilitis therapy

Exfoliative cheilitis its dry form is removed only when properly selected treatment. During treatment of the disease, the patient will be required to provide professional care. Also carried out sanitation of the oral cavity. At home the patient must also consult the relevant hygiene procedures. Proper prosthesis is the key to rational therapy of the disease.

Many patients make the appointment of agent applications agents. They must be kept for at least 20 minutes. The procedure must be repeated three times a day. Most often make the appointment of vitamin A and E emulsion Tesana, KF paste, ointment, unna, Acala, sea buckthorn oil, cartolina etc.

If the patient goes outside, it is necessary to carry out the application of indifferent ointments and creams. Their application is on the lips with a thin layer. In most cases, the use of lipstick, baby oil, creams Delight and Spermaceti, etc. Many patients enter the blockade. Used for this purpose is a two per cent novocaine – 2 milliliters, as well as aloe extract to 1 milliliter. This manipulation should be performed daily.

For elimination of the disease in the shortest possible time the patient is in acute halite prescribed common treatment. It consists of sedatives and tranquilizers. The duration of intake of traditional medicines is from 3 to 4 weeks. Most often, patients make an appointment kassadin 0,25 twice a day, or coax of 12.5 ml 2 times a day. Treatment data drug is held for 1-2 months.

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For the elimination of the disease is often used psychotherapy in the form of:

  • Hypnosis;
  • Of electric;
  • Relaxation;
  • Anger management.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of therapy patients do назначение5 multivitamins and minerals. Treatment of dry cheilitis is a lengthy procedure, but if the patient will strictly follow the recommendations of doctor then this will eliminate not only the dryness of the lips, but also disease in General.

Exudative form of cheilitis and its treatment

In order to cure exfoliative cheilitis shape in most cases is the use of local therapy. It is in the professional hygiene and sanitation of the oral cavity. Also the patient is recommended a sound oral hygiene at home. In addition to applications of keratoplastic patients make appointment solkoseril. Apply dental adhesive paste. Procedure should be carried out 3 to 4 times a day.


The patient is recommended for applications in which used corticosteroid ointment. The most effective in this case are hydrocortisone prednisolone and paste. The duration of an application shall not be less than 20 minutes. The procedure must be done 3-4 times a day. As with the dry form of the disease treatment is carried out with blockades. For this purpose the two-percent solution of lidocaine or trimecaine. A single dose of the drug is 2 to 3 milliliters.

Quite effective in combating the disease is pharmaceuticals, which is aimed at increasing the reactivity of the organism. Most frequently, patients are administered during. In the first two days of application of drug of the drug dose of 50 MTD. Gradually bring to 1000-1500 MTD. The duration of therapy according to traditional medicine within 7 to 10 days. Doctor for the treatment of cheilitis make the appointment of gamma globulin or histaglobulina. They should be applied two times a week. A single dose of traditional medicine is 2 milliliters.

Quite effective are the common methods of treatment of the disease. Very often used in psychotherapy. The treatment is done auto-training, hypnosis, relaxation, electric. For elimination of the disease in many patients using acupuncture. Treatment of the disease must be carried out with the use of yunikap-M, pangeksavit, supradin, oligovit, glutamevit etc.

The scheme of treatment of cheilitis is quite complex. That is why it should be developed by a doctor in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient and indications.

General guidelines therapy

To date, the mechanism of the disease is not well understood. That is why doctors do not guarantee the success of the therapy. Despite this, the patient should be required to take all prescribed medications and to follow all recommendations of the doctor. To ensure maximum effectiveness of therapy patients prescribed psychotherapy and physiotherapy. They can be used to solve not only physiological, but also emotional problems of the patient.

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During therapy of the disease, the patient will be required to adhere to the diets. Also, he needs to take vitamins and minerals, which aims to strengthen the immune system. If the doctor suggests that the cheilitis has arisen on the background of diseases of the thyroid gland, it sends a patient for consultation to an endocrinologist. To ensure the effectiveness of the therapy, the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination. That is why your doctor may send it to the inspection of other specialists. The plan of therapy takes into account the General condition of the patient. If the patient has depression, then they necessarily eliminate.

Treatment of cheilitis should be joint efforts of doctor and patient. This will allow to overcome the disease and eliminate the possibility of recurrence.

Prevention of cheilitis

In order to avoid pathological conditions, it is recommended to timely hold its prevention. None of the patients and the doctors cannot determine the risk of developing the disease. That is why man is advised to observe preventive measures. With this purpose, it is always suggested to carry out proper oral hygiene. Also the patient may need to organize proper nutrition from fruits and vegetables. From the diet recommended to remove fatty, fried and pickled products.

  • In order to prevent the patient must give up bad habits – Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • A healthy lifestyle is the key to eliminate the possibility of developing the disease.
  • In autumn and winter person it is recommended to take vitamin complexes course.
  • People should constantly monitor the state of your immune system.
  • With the development of violations are encouraged to take measures to restore the immune system.
  • The fairer sex is not recommended to use lipstick on the basis of lanolin.

Cheilitis is a rather unpleasant disease, which occurs for a variety of reasons and is accompanied by pronounced symptoms. When the first signs of the disease should seek help from a dentist or a dermatologist, which will be appointed effective treatment.