Eye teeth: which teeth are called eye

Despite its name, the eye teeth does not affect the organs of vision. The unusual name of teeth was due to the fact that next to them is the facial nerve when it is irritated by the growth of fangs, the pain spreads to the face and irradiiruet in the eye. This also involves the painful removal of canines in adults. But at the sight of the so-called eye teeth have no effect, although some people still believe that if you remove them, then you can lose vision. This, of course, complete nonsense.

What is the difference

Which teeth are called eye? It’s the upper canines, but some people lower and is also called. Their development they begin even before birth, they are cut at different times, in rare cases, the child is born with a tooth, they mainly appear about a year or even after 2 years. Milk often appear in the period from 16 to 22 months, and regular in 10-12 years, but it averages. Each teething is individually.

The eye teeth unlike other have one very long root, which is slightly compressed on the sides. He has quite a massive crown that has 2 cutting edges, they converge at an acute angle. The crown a few compacted so that the surface of the tongue and lips are joined at the cutting edge. The size of the upper and lower canines differ: the upper canine is more, its cutting edge longer and the contact surface wider. All these features allow for the eye teeth to fulfill its intended purpose — to keep food down and crush her.

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Milk teeth

Eruption of all teeth in children makes parents nervous. The gums of the child reddens, swells, hurts and itches, may have a fever, the child is cranky, sleep poorly and eat. But when erupt the eye teeth, all these symptoms be added, and diarrhea, stuffy nose, can join watery eyes and even conjunctivitis. These symptoms are caused by weakened in this period the child’s immunity, leading to the annexation of infections of all kinds. Therefore, if during the eruption of the eye teeth the temperature went up and there were all the signs of SARS, should not all be blamed on the teeth. Be sure to have the treatment which is prescribed for colds. The same goes for conjunctivitis.

In this difficult period the baby should be given more attention and affection. What a toothache, you know all the adults and the child in this period is very hard. Try to calm the baby, distract it with something, because crying for a long time the child may have a fever. More walk in the fresh air, play with your child. Try to make the process painful teething as less stressful.

But do not be afraid, it happens that the child is not present all the symptoms, but only some of them, and it may be so that the parents and the child do not even notice how the fangs grew.

How to relieve baby teething fangs

That canines erupted at the kid with the least discomfort, you can try to do the following:

  1. Massaging the gums. You first need to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, then the index finger to slowly massage the gums for 1-2 minutes, it is advisable to do this several times a day.
  2. To give the baby teethers with a cooling effect. These devices are filled with distilled water, and before use they need to put in the fridge.
  3. To relieve pain, lubricate the gums Kalgel, Dentinox or other pain-relieving gels. Their action starts 2 minutes after applying, and the baby will immediately feel the relief.
  4. If during the eruption of the eye teeth the child has a stuffy nose, and it’s not cold phenomenon, it is possible to drip Nazivin, Kviks or Otrivin — drops for constriction of blood vessels in the nose.
  5. If the temperature is above 38°C, then the child should be sure to give Ibuprofen or Paracetamol better syrup or candles.
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How long does it take to carry out such procedures depends on the child. In each case all individually, but consultation with a paediatrician will not be superfluous in any case.

The eye teeth in adults

Sometimes the dentist insists on the removal of the canine. Why is this worth doing?

  • If the Fang is developed incorrectly and breaks the bite.
  • If the Fang is too large, causing the rest develop properly and grow crooked.
  • If the eye tooth grew out of the arc and looks unsightly.

But in most cases doctors are not ready to remove the tooth, because this tooth is of great importance both for human life and for the following age prosthetics.

The roots of the canine are long and go deep into the bone, so they are less of all the other teeth suffer from tooth decay, and this allows them to keep intact to old age. In addition, some people after the removal of the fangs spoil diction. If the fangs are removed, their function rests on the adjacent teeth, and they are not suited for this. Even the most modern implant fully replaces the canine.

Based on the foregoing, it is recommended to try not to remove the eye teeth, and if they bring in your life discomfort, then you can whittle away the protruding ends. To correct the malocclusion help braces. Of course the case that to remove the tooth is necessary, but in any case it is necessary to do everything possible to save the tooth.