Fistula in gum treatment in the home: folk remedies

With the appearance of a fistula in gums treatment at home performing a. This disease often occurs in complicated forms of caries, with the development of inflammation in the apical area of the tooth. The pathology of this serious and in the untimely appeal to the specialist can lead to complications in a continuation of the inflammation into the bone, a dislocation microbial agents through the blood throughout the body, thereby forming a multiple septic foci. However, it is not always possible immediately to seek help and often at home many are different measures to relieve symptoms. Let’s consider the relevance of the implementation of the techniques at home for the treatment of emerging disease.

A little about the manifestation in the oral cavity and note the symptoms

The appearance of a fistula on the gums can be caused mainly by infection of the mouth or entry of microbial agents through the blood and lymph from other body systems. Chronic granulomatous periodontitis, the main manifestation in the oral cavity which is fistula refers to diseases of chronic course, with periodic exacerbations. The disease is indicated by discomfort, aching, aggravated by biting on the tooth. In the mouth it is noted cavity in the tooth filled with content submitted by the detritus and food remains or the tooth under the filling. And also may be referred to the mobility of the tooth, swelling and redness of the gums.

One of the important points in the course of chronic granulomatous periodontitis is the occurrence of fistula on the gums, in the process of opening and closing. At the open entrance to the fistula, it is noted with pressure on the affected area of the mucosa or a tooth, the secretion of exudate. Detachable content can correspond to different stage of inflammation and can be different variants: serous-purulent, purulent, bloody-purulent. In the stage of closure of fistula of exudation when pressure is applied on the mucosa, the tapping of the tooth is not marked. Entrance usually closed overgrown granulation tissue of the mucosa.

Another important point in the diagnosis and the preparation of tactics of treatment of this disease is x-rays. On the radiograph will be visualized pathology of bone tissue in the form of «flames». Treatment of the fistula is directed by the doctor for cleaning canals and the tooth cavity from the necrotic content, reconstruction of the bone tissue, the sealing of the formed space in the duct specialized material and filling of the defect coronal part of the tooth, ensuring normal functioning. According to testimony carried the restoration or prosthetic is made. As an additional method in the therapy of chronic granulomatous periodontitis of medical and physiotherapy support.

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Options techniques at home

Not always the patient turns for help to a specialist as soon as possible or the patient begins treatment folk remedies. There are a number of techniques aimed at removing the discomfort in the tooth and gums, reduction of inflammatory manifestations, decrease microbial contamination, treatment of periodontal tissues.

Appeared a fistula on the gums and treatment at home is carried out by the following methods:

  • Irrigation of the oral cavity, the use of special trays;
  • The overlay compresses;
  • The use of ointments with antiseptic effect.

Solutions for rinsing and baths

For irrigation you can use antiseptic or to prepare medicinal compositions themselves. Pharmacological agents in industrial production: solution «Chlorhexidine digluconate», «Betadine», «Stomatofit», «Miramistin».

Perform the preparation of folk medicines, using herbs, oils of natural origin, iodine, salt, soda and other ingredients.

To treat fistula in different ways. However, the leading method in the therapy will be cleaning and quality sealing of root canals. Irrigation of the mouth with special solutions helps to relieve inflammatory symptoms and to reduce the number of germs. There are several ways of preparation of solutions, however, the greatest efficiency is noted when using the baking soda and salt.

Recipe of the soda-salt solution

To prepare a specialized solution can be different. Take into account the individual characteristics of the organism on the application.

Here’s one recipe:

  1. In a glass of hot boiled water add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and salt, add to the solution a few drops of iodine(if no Allergy to iodine);
  2. The cooling solution is doing a mouthwash after each meal.

The use of herbs

For the treatment of inflammatory manifestations in the oral cavity in the form of a fistula used chamomile flowers.

Method of preparation:

  • In 1 Cup of boiling water add 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers;
  • The dishes close to half an hour for brewing;
  • You must wait until the solution acquires the temperature that corresponds to the degree of the room, then you can run rinse;
  • Irrigate the mouth every 2 hours, to decrease the severity of manifestations of symptoms;
  • After improvements in rinsing necessary 1 every 2_3 hours.

This same recipe will be relevant for use in case of use of the trays. The feature of time interval and frequency of use: keep the solution in mouth for 2 minutes, repeating the procedure three times a day.

Another important and effective herbal: chamomile, sage, calendula.

Method of preparation:

  1. 1 teaspoon each of herbs pour a glass of boiled water;
  2. Infused solution 15_20 minutes;
  3. Is cooled to room temperature;
  4. Filtered using a sieve or gauze;
  5. Will polychaetsa 4 times a day.
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Prepared mixture is enough for 2 doses. So you’ll have to repeat the solution preparation. You can also use for rinsing and lotions decoction of a mixture of yarrow, dandelion, eucalyptus and tansy.

The use of ointments

Rinse and baths, against a small exposure effects have not so expressed in terms of the impact of treatment effect. After rinsing of the event was over ought to have anti-inflammatory effect point. On fistula applied a healing ointment . You can use the products of industrial production: the gel «Metrogyl-Denta», ointment «Levomekol». You can also prepare a healing material at home on their own.

One of the recipes with eucalyptus:

  • 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil without smell combined with 40 grams of crushed eucalyptus;
  • Solution aged 1 day;
  • Add 1 chopped onion;
  • Mix thoroughly and spread on sterile gauze or bandage;
  • Apply to the area of the fistula for 20 minutes.

This technique is applied 1 time per day. After removing the compress is recommended for hours do not consume any food or liquids to get the infection randomly, thereby provoking inflammation.

It is also possible for compresses to apply the other ingredients. For example, the following recipe.

  1. Three leaf, Kalanchoe and aloe combine with 1 clove of garlic and carefully grind until a homogeneous mass;
  2. Shift the mixture in a gauze or bandage and applied to the whistle for 10 minutes;
  3. To use this composition for more than 3 times a day.


You can cook the ointment of prefabricated components. Connect the ointment of calendula, yarrow, dandelion root, clover, sorrel and tansy with Vishnevsky ointment or Ichthyol and calendula oil. This fee will actively produce extrusion of pus from the fistula.

Drug therapy for home use

The physician, considering clinical picture of the disease, produces a selection of drugs pharmacological profile. In order to reduce inflammatory manifestations of chronic granulomatous forms of periodontitis prescribed: broad-spectrum antibiotics (Tsiprolet), antihistamines(Diazolin), if necessary, should be issued to receive an analgesic (Ketanov) and antipyretic drugs (Panadol). These medicinal substances should be used according to the recipe and to take into account the physical health of the patient.

In relation to antibiotic drugs: after appeared some education on the gums, we should not immediately start taking medication substances. Selection of drugs should carry a doctor on the basis of clinical data and x-ray examination. Uncontrolled use of antibiotics can cause the development of resistance of microorganisms.

The benefits and harms of the popular ways

If you compare folk methods of treatment of chronic granulomatous periodontitis of the origins and methods used by the doctor, you can note the peculiarities that arise when the home interventions. Folk method gives effect in the treatment of the disease immediately. In order to reduce the severity of manifestations of symptoms, closure of the fistula, need a long time to use the drug for the action or combination of drugs. To completely eliminate the fistula in this way is almost impossible, because the infection as the primary cause of the disease is not eliminated.

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In most cases, the doctor can prescribe treatments for illness at home as an additional intervention in treatment of the disease. This effect, coupled with the therapeutic and medical intervention will be celebrated.

However, not all methodologies and preparations are suitable for home use. There are some limitations to apply the following treatment: warm compresses, ointments and lotions a warming effect. Caution you must use industrial vodka and pure alcohol, because these solutions also contribute to heat in the application. All procedures are performed with materials, solutions to a warming of the mode of action is able to reduce inflammations in the gums. But on the contrary, to accelerate the manifestation of inflammation. Soon it may lead to the development of regional inflammation with a focus of tissue, the development of distinguished and spilled purulent spreads.


Methods of treatment at home disease can give a certain effect, which, in the absence of treatment on the doctor, eliminating the root cause of the disease, will give only temporary results. Relief to the state of interventions at home will be enough for exactly the time required to get to the chosen clinic and specialist. Therefore, in case of the original disease ought to visit a specialist.

To not worry about the occurrence of various diseases of the oral cavity should be planning to visit a dentist to identify cavities and complicated forms, as well as pathologies of the mucous membrane. Routine check-UPS and rehabilitation will reduce the risk of various diseases of the oral cavity.