Fistula on the gums the child: causes and treatment

Fistula on the gums of the child — hole in the root zone which connects the source of infection to the surface near the teeth. The inflammation may be located deep in the gum tissue or bone. Over time, the pressure in the fistula increases and pus formation begin to seek a way out. Through the canal the infection comes out, it reduces the risk of infection tissue. The fistula may appear at any age.


The fistula may be formed on the outer or inner side of the gums. It is usually visible to the naked eye. In the presence of a fistula can also present characteristic features:

  • when touching or whistle when eating, there is pain;
  • tooth mobility is increased;
  • bad breath;
  • the output of the purulent content when clicking on the affected area;
  • swelling and redness of the gums;
  • the increase in body temperature, fever, fatigue and malaise.


Fistula on the gums of the child — the signal informing about the pathological condition in the oral cavity. Among them include:

  1. Periodontitis granulated form. It is the main cause of fistula and occurs due to complications of caries of deciduous teeth.
  2. Odontogenic osteomyelitis. The disease is caused by inflammation of the jaw bone. Baby with a weak immune system becomes osteomyelitis quickly and tolerate high temperature. In the presence of the disease require hospital assistance.
  3. Cyst — painless capsule with a liquid formed due to substandard therapy or developmental disabilities. When infection occurs the transformation of a cystic formation in the fistula.
  4. Odontogenic sinusitis, which is inflammation of the maxillary sinuses because dental diseases. The disease is accompanied by nasal congestion, reduced sense of smell, headaches, General malaise.
  5. The inflammation associated with the inability of eruption of permanent teeth due to the special structure of the jaw.
  6. Complications due to poor sealing, especially incomplete filling of the channels.
  7. Injuries of the oral cavity. The danger lies in contact with the wound infection.

Another important factor is poor hygiene of the oral cavity, where bacteria start their activities.


When the first signs of a fistula, it is important to quickly consult a dentist and spend all complex of the actions required. The neoplasm is determined by visual inspection using probing and radiography. The doctor after diagnosing establishes the causes of the disease, the stage of the lesion and selects the adequate methods of dealing with the problem. This requires 1-2 reception.

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Complications pathology

In the absence of or improper treatment of a fistula may cause complications, which include:

  • entering the purulent contents with saliva to the tonsils and the appearance of inflammation of the chronic form;
  • getting pus in the stomach or intestines may cause inflammation in them;
  • the development of purulent sinusitis;
  • education of flux, due to the spread of bacteria in the bones of the jaw.

Aid for fistula

How to treat fistula, solves dentist. The method depends on the cause of the disease and General condition. Can be applied three medical effects: therapeutic, medical and surgical.

Therapeutic method applies only when the formation of abscess directly next to a molar. In this case, the affected part is removed, cleaned channels, and installed the seal for a while. If successful treatment during the second admission to be a permanent seal, and assigned to the rinsing for the prevention.
Pharmaceutical care consists in the application of antihistamine drugs and antibiotics. Use local resources — gels and ointments, as well as polozitelnye solutions. Dentist for each case individually establishes the scheme of operations and their duration, which depend on the cause of formation of ulcer.

Surgery is required when the advanced form of tumors. It means the removal of pathological tooth and remove the pus from the cavity. Surgical method can be carried out by the classical method and using the laser, which allows to remove diseased tissue without the use of painkillers. This method is most effective and has no complications.

The cure of a fistula of the baby usually has a standard algorithm and consists of a specific sequence of actions:

  1. Dental examination of the affected area.
  2. Local anesthesia space abscess.
  3. Opening of the fistula.
  4. Removal of pus from the cavity.
  5. The removal of a tooth in the place of the abscess.
  6. The usage of antibacterial drugs.

In the final stage, if required, prescribe a course of rehabilitation measures, aimed at preventing the development of relapses.

In the presence of abscess on the gums there are several actions that you can not commit in any way:

  • Open festering education. The contents of the fistula can enter the bloodstream and lead to sepsis.
  • Warming therapy area with hot compresses.
  • Rinse the mouth with decoction, the temperature of which is higher than room temperature.
  • To self-medicate.
  • Not to comply with oral hygiene. Definitely need to care for the oral cavity regardless of the degree of inflammation. The movement should be neat and smooth.
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Proper treatment of the disease allows you to avoid relapses in the future.
At home irrigation is often prescribed a special anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. These include Chlorhexidine, Betadine and Miramistin. To reduce pain, swelling and inflammation used Asepto, Metrogil Denta and Solcoseryl.

In addition, it is important to follow the doctor recommended mode. It includes a meal up to 3 times a day, regular rinsing or irrigation of the oral cavity after eating, light diet (pureed, mild, unsalted meals in order to avoid additional irritation of the patient’s portion).

Rehabilitation activities

After therapy, you need to carry out prevention to prevent complications. The scheme of rehabilitation action assigns the attending dentist. Mainly it includes:

  • rinsing the mouth with special solutions;
  • the use of special tooth pastes and ointments;
  • the use of antibiotics, if required;
  • take antihistamines;
  • healing the affected areas with laser or ultrasound;
  • salt baths to relieve the swelling.

The use of traditional methods

To treat a fistula on the gums allowed the methods of traditional medicine, which are only an additional measure. The application of such remedies must be confirmed with your doctor.

All traditional medicines are aimed at reducing inflammation and disinfection of the oral cavity, as well as accelerating the recovery. They are mainly used in the form of solutions for rinsing the mouth or applications, in case if the baby is not able to do.

The most common and effective recipes include:

  1. 1 teaspoon of baking soda pour in a glass of warm water and add 1 drop of iodine. The liquid mix. Apply for rinsing of the oral cavity.
  2. 20 g herb St. John’s wort pour 200 millilitres of water and boil. The obtained broth rinse mouth every two hours. Want to add in the finished liquid 10 grams of honey to alleviate the bitter taste.
  3. 10 grams of strawberry leaves and 10 g of calendula flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water. Swab of cotton wool moistened in the infusion and apply to problem areas. Replacement swab to produce every hour until the disappearance of pain.
  4. 20 grams of oak bark, 20 grams of chamomile flowers, and 20 grams of sage leaves pour 200 ml boiling water and infuse in a warm for about one hour. Ready infusion to rinse your mouth 6-7 times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms.
  5. Chamomile flowers in quantities of 50 grams, pour 200 ml boiling water and let stand in dark one hour. To use the present liquid before and after a meal.
  6. Mix with a blender or mince 3 leaves of aloe, 3 leaves of Kalanchoe and 1 clove garlic. Ready to wrap the pulp in cloth and apply to the place with pathology for 6-7 minutes.
  7. 1 medium onion very finely chopped.10 tablets mummy pound. Mix the minced components. To add to the mass of 1 tablespoon of olive oil. The resulting composition is to wrap a bandage and apply to the ulcer for 4-6 minutes. A day is enough 3 procedures.
  8. 40 grams of eucalyptus grind. Add to it 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and stir. The mixture infuse for a day. Then add chopped onion. Therapeutic weight wrapped in a bandage and apply to the ulcer for 15-20 minutes.
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The use of folk remedies helps faster recovery. But you must know that children under 2 years the use of such methods is not acceptable.

Preventive measures

To prevent formation of a fistula in the gum, should:

  • to correctly carry out oral hygiene;
  • timely cure all diseases of the teeth;
  • to go for regular checkups at the doctor.

The implementation of all these rules will keep for years to healthy teeth and gums. In support of the fistula on the gums, pain, redness or swelling, you should promptly contact your doctor.