Fistula on the gums: treatment at home

Faced with the problem of fistula on the gums and not having rapid access to dental office patients people wonder how to treat sinus at home if he could pass himself.
Before you answer these questions is to understand in more detail with what is this disease and what its causes are.

Fistula on the gums is an inflammatory disease of purulent character. The fistula, in fact, some kind of channel that connects the epicenter of the inflammation to the surface. First, there is the inner source of the disease, the development of which is accompanied by the processes of suppuration. When in the home purulent mass reaches to a certain critical number she’s looking for a way out and forms the fistula. Thanks to this characteristic it is sometimes called a «fistula», «pipe» in Latin.

The causes of fistula on the gums

As already noted, the disease does not appear unreasonable in itself. As a rule, it is a consequence of other problems and diseases of the oral cavity:

  • Caries (decay of hard dental tissue);
  • Pulpitis (complications from untreated tooth decay when the processes Groene amaze tissue core of the tooth);
  • Periodontitis (an inflammatory disease of tissues surrounding the tooth).

Why, after these diseases formed a fistula? The fact that when liquids that are in the process of Gnote, can’t find the way out (the result, for example, poor cleaning of the affected area of the tooth and the defective sealing, etc.), they create a channel in the other place, which is they hiss.

Thus, the appearance of the fistula involved even so the disease such as caries and pulpitis, but rather the poor quality of their treatment.

Often the cause of the fistula are the milk teeth and wisdom teeth that grow with certain defects, or very slowly. The shell around these «problematic» teeth and inflamed products Groene also looking for a way out, forming a disease.


There are a few obvious signs of the appearance of a fistula on the gums, but the exact diagnosis can only ask the expert.

It is worth noting that individually, these symptoms do not imply presence of disease, its existence can only be judged in the presence of all or most of them.

  • Pain in the gums after mechanical impact (e.g., depression). This means that there is inflammation, if you do not hurt the gums when eating;
  • The appearance on the gum area, which stands out clear redness it can ooze pus or liquid similar to it;
  • Tooth, near which there is a fistula, and may move slightly under physical impact on his body;
  • Sometimes temperature can increase not only the affected area of the gums, and entire body. Most often, the figures stop in front of the mark temperature at 37-38 degrees.
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If the fistula were formed deep in the root of the tooth, identify it surely can only x-ray.

The types of the disease

Needless to say, such a difficult illness has a number of varieties caused by different factors, from the growth of teeth «wisdom» to the operations conducted in the dental clinic.

We should distinguish the following types:

  1. Fistula after tooth extraction — the process of resection (removal) of the problem tooth can cause a fistula due to the process of Gnote in the axils, the tissues of the gums or jaw. It is worth noting that it is found not too often. The fistula may be a consequence of infection during the surgery itself. Also, the place where he removed the tooth, has a slight resistance for the formation of a fistula from the foci of inflammation under the other teeth nearby.
  2. Severe complication after removal of teeth in the upper jaw may be the appearance of a fistula from the patient area of the mouth to the maxillary sinuses, in consequence of which an inflammation occurs last.
  3. A cyst formed at the root of the tooth, which is an abscess in capsule form, and he also needed to find a way out through a fistula, though it is not always the case. Then surgical intervention is necessary and the opening of the inflamed area. As a rule, the disease manifests itself in the form of outflow of the gums of impressive dimensions. The same is true of such diseases as granuloma. Interestingly, the latter is treated by creating «artificial» fistula, that is pierced, allowing the liquid to come out.
  4. Fistula under the crown quite often. After a difficult and common procedures for establishment crowns the formation of a fistula is likely, it is the result of nataliceline canal, which leads to subsequent inflammation. The situation is complicated by the fact that the person is then already installed crowns, and they have to be removed for complete treatment of the problem area. Besides, it is necessary to do an x-ray, because another is extremely difficult to diagnose this kind of fistula in the mouth.
  5. Fistula after implantation of the tooth as with a crown, fistula after implantation occurs as a consequence of improper cleaning of the place where the implant is installed or an incorrect setting. In this case, the affected area requires x-ray and treatment, which is complicated by the presence of an already installed implant.

Photos and x-rays

In fact, all fistulas have the character of a purulent and look like in this photo.


Methods of treatment

It should be noted immediately that the treatment of fistula on the gums – the process is quite complex and requires a comprehensive approach, consulting a dentist and his intervention.

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A dentist can open the problem area and put drainage for the outflow of pus, etc. If treatment interfere with the established crowns, fillings, implants, etc., the doctor can remove them.


As already noted, the treatment of the fistula with antibiotics, this auxiliary measure, also considered to be major dental surgery.

However, the correct course of antibiotics is able to effectively contribute to the treatment process. In this case, antibiotics can be taken in pill form or by injection.

In parallel with antibiotics to the affected area of the mouth can be affected with antiseptics. A course of antibiotics may last from 5 to 10 days, depending on drugs and the complexity of each individual case.

Traditional methods

This method can be used to limit the spread of infection, relieve pain in the affected area, however, the traditional methods should be applied only after consultation with a doctor and parallel with their assigned measures.

Since the nature has many herbs, which can be correlated with the action of antibiotics, they are appropriate to use in this case.

  • Well in this case, suitable decoctions of eucalyptus, tysyachelistnika, calendula. They need to rinse the mouth in the affected area several times a day for 4-5 minutes;
  • For disinfection of areas with they hiss on the gums, you can rinse your mouth with tincture of propolis on alcohol. For this 25-30 drops of tincture it is necessary to pour in 150 grams of boiled water.
  • How to treat fistula in adults?

    • Treatment of major causes of fistula — a dentist fixes flaws in teeth, recovering from dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and other disease causing the fistula on the gums.
    • Medications used prescribed antibiotics, antibacterial gels and pastes that are rubbed into the sore spot. Possible to take antihistamines, etc.
    • Dental surgery to remove the fistula — if the affected area is located under the filling or crown, then it is possible their removal with subsequent treatment of the patient space. It also used incisions and drainage.
    • Treatment folk methods at home — the use of the above herbal tea and infusions to limit infection, pain relief and prevention of disease.

    Treatment fistula during pregnancy

    Because the body of pregnant women are extremely susceptible to various kinds of infections and diseases, there are fistula on the gums, although it should be noted that it is not too often.

    Of course, in this case, to treat the fistula with antibiotics is not necessary. During pregnancy it is necessary to visit a dentist who will take surgical measures and prescribe herbal medicines, most often in the form of ointments.

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    Also, you can use decoctions of eucalyptus and calendula. It is necessary to rinse their mouth with emphasis on the affected area. These funds will help to avoid surgery which is also not very desirable during pregnancy.

    Treatment of the fistula in children on the gums baby tooth

    Children can often see the occurrence of fistula on the gums. First of all it is connected with abnormal growth of milk teeth, which leads to suppuration in the soft tissues.

    Fragile body of the child, this situation is a serious threat, therefore, should not be neglected visit to the dentist and thorough treatment.

    Inadequate treatment of the fistula in babies can lead to a General weakening of the body, irritation and suffering of a child with dental pain, getting products Geenie in the esophagus, etc. besides running fistula in primary teeth can lead to chronic diseases of the permanent teeth and periodontal tissues.

    There are actually two main ways:

    • Medication with suitable for children medicines prescribed by the doctor. Also, you can use different herbal concoctions to fight the infection in the oral cavity of the child.
    • The tooth, which caused a fistula in a child. Such measures are, when the doctor comes to the conclusion that the disease is more serious, and drug treatments will not give the required results. After tooth extraction, the doctor cleans the affected area and assigns a course of rehabilitation treatment.

    Video: what is a fistula (fistula)?


    Preventive measures to avoid the appearance of a fistula on the gums can be called, first and foremost, maintain a healthy atmosphere in the oral cavity. This requires not only deal with oral hygiene, but also regularly visit the dentist to clean the teeth from plaque, Tartar, etc.

    More than 75% of all diseases they hiss occur due to insufficient care of the oral cavity and delays in treatment of the basic diseases of the teeth.

    Perfect for prevention of fistula bath of eucalyptus, tysyachelistnika and other herbs that have antibacterial properties.