Flux during pregnancy what to do: treatment

Flux is an acute purulent process of the gums that can lead to the development of phlegmon and abscess of the periosteum in a short time. Flux during pregnancy is a very serious disease and requires immediate treatment by a specialist. Treatment is complicated by the impossibility of taking the necessary drugs in full. While there is a risk of infection of the fetus through the placenta.

The factors contributing to the development

The main reason for the development of the flux is the presence of untreated carious teeth. In inflammatory lesions, periostitis develops. Therefore required before pregnancy is mandatory to visit the dentist and treat all carious teeth, check your existing fillings and to repair other defects of the oral cavity.
If you pre-plan a pregnancy, you should treat all existing inflammation and undergo restorative therapy for a smooth carrying a child.

An important factor of disease is the violation of personal hygiene of the oral cavity. Bad habits and physical trauma of the gums with subsequent introduction of infection into the wound.

Symptoms of flux

The process of formation of the flux occurs with the unfolding of the pronounced picture of the disease. There has been a sharp increase in body temperature up to 380, symptoms of intoxication (weakness, lethargy and drowsiness). Locally indicated by a strong pain in the localization of flux especially when pressure is applied on the affected gums. Outwardly noticeable swelling of the cheeks, and with lesions of the maxillary region swollen nose and lower eyelid. Regional lymph nodes correspond to the inflammatory process: when palpation determined by increasing the node is movable, elastic education, painful when pressed. The patient can not take food, it sometimes suffers from severe pain the affected tooth.

During the inspection of the oral cavity is visualized inflammation in the form of edema and hyperemia of the gums, in some cases it is possible to detect the fistula (the channel with inflammatory content), when exposed to which there is a whitening.


Diagnosis is not difficult. The diagnosis put on the basis of collecting of complaints, inspection, palpation and x-rays of the jaw. Pregnancy is not a contraindication due to the small radiation directed action on the jaw. In the research the woman’s stomach is protected by a lead apron, but in the absence of extreme need, the x-ray is not used. The UAC will show the presence of inflammation in the body.

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Fluxes occurred during pregnancy and what to do to the patient. About the self may not be considered. Flux is a serious condition prone to serious complications, life-threatening not only the pregnant woman but also the fetus.

Treatment with antibiotics in this situation is not acceptable, it’s detrimental to the health of the fetus. Should be referred to a specialist for help.
The treatment of a pregnant complex and is in the hospital in the joint conduct of the obstetrician-gynecologist.

  • The first thing is provided the outflow of pus from the cavity formed. Under local anesthesia a new generation of or without anesthesia, the doctor will have to make an incision of the gum near the tooth causing inflammation.
  • The pus is cleaned thoroughly and left to drain. If not improving, the decision about the removal of the tooth and thorough scrubbing of the wound. In 80% of cases, the tooth is saved.
  • After opening flux, thoroughly rinse the oral cavity with antiseptics and means of relieving inflammation. Rinsing requires caution, whatever prevent premature elimination of drainage. You need to dial in the mouth and means for rinsing, hold and spit it out. The process will have to be repeated every 30-40 minutes the first day and every hour subsequent.
  • Additionally, antibiotic treatment based on the condition of the pregnant woman, most often it is a matter of local application in the form of applications.

The treatment process is watched by a group of doctors together, to prevent complications and rendered on the fetus.

Than rinse

For rinsing you can use a soda-salt solution. The greatest efficiency can be achieved by alternating saline and soda. Salt promotes the outflow of exudate from the wound, and a solution of soda disinfects well. To make 1 teaspoon of a substance to dissolve in a glass of water. Rinse with warm solution.

Another good effect have decoctions of herbs: chamomile, sage and other anti-inflammatory herbs. In a glass of boiled water, use 1 tablespoon dried minced raw, leave and strain. Rinse every 2 hours. The solution is not to store more than a day.

Alternate rinsing with the salt, soda solution and decoction of herbs, increases effectiveness.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicines act as an assistant to the General treatment of the disease. They can’t perform the main role in the treatment of this disease.

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Honey propolis helps to ease the pain. Can be used in the form of application to the area of the inflammatory process, after the removal of the acute process just chew propolis during the day. Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Available and effective remedy aimed at eliminating the source of infection. In addition to the antibacterial properties of onions UK is a storehouse of vitamins. Apply to affected gum freshly cut onions. You can chop onions, drain and dip in the juice cotton pad and apply to the sore tooth. The procedure is repeated several times a day.

Diet is the flux

Sharp pain when chewing does not allow to fully eat. Should provide patients with adequate nutrition in terms of content all the essential elements, taking into account pregnancy and disease. For this purpose, broth, dairy products, light consistency, puree dishes at room temperature. After reduction of pain in the foods included foods rich in vitamins.

The greatest attention should be paid to eat vegetables and fruits raw.

A list of products strengthen the gums:

  • Citrus is rich in vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels, at the time of the inflammatory process of the gum to use is not possible.
  • Greens and dairy products reduce bleeding gums due to high content of vitamins in its composition.
  • All seafood strengthen gums;
  • Raw vegetables contribute to the mechanical cleansing of the teeth from bacteria and rich in vitamins.

All products of vegetable origin for use in their complex contribute to the saturation of the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals that boosts overall immunity.


After cleansing the cavity flux is not happening soon, it takes time. The first step is to cleanse the wound of pus, the second healing of the gums and treatment of the causative tooth.


In addition to the General complications of a flux: the development of cellulitis, abscess, sepsis in pregnant women at high risk of infection of the fetus through the blood. What can cause abnormal development or fetal death.

Which is unacceptable in flux


When the first symptoms of the disease should consult a doctor. Most of the population is trying to cope with the disease themselves, allowing a number of errors contributing to the position. Contraindicated what to do when the flux:

  • If you experience any pain in the tooth the majority of people are trying to influence the heat apply heated salt, hard-boiled egg. However, when the inflammatory process heat only accelerates inflammation and contributes to the spreading of infection to the surrounding tissues.
  • The use of antibiotics even in the ordinary case it may be incorrect and cause complication during pregnancy and still having a devastating effect on the fetus.
  • Anesthesia of the tooth before the doctor’s visit may affect the diagnosis. Given that the x-ray pregnant will be done only in extreme cases, when the diagnosis takes into account the data of inspection and survey. Distortion of reactivity may cause not accurate diagnosis, and thus, the lack of a full treatment.

Any treatment of flux at home is not acceptable. Without opening the abscess and cleaning process will be transferred to chronic. Any hypothermia and stress will provoke a return of the disease.


Lies in timely carrying out hygienic and medical procedures of the oral cavity. Monitor the condition of the teeth and in time to eliminate all defects when they occur. Brush your teeth every day and rinse your mouth after meals. To change the brush every 3 months. To strengthen the immune system.
During pregnancy it is necessary to ensure professional treatment of flux in the early stage of the disease, only in this case will be able to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.