Flux than a pound of cure: remedies for the flux, pills, medications

Than to treat the flux on the gums and inflammation in the mouth can affect the human health? This question is often asked by those patients who face such a problem as the flux. With this ailment inflammation develops on the upper or lower jaw, and to provoke its appearance is able for many reasons. Important when you have specific symptoms of periodontal disease to visit a dentist who will recommend the necessary treatment.

Features of the disease

The main reason for the development of the flux is considered to be dental caries and its complications. The fact that in the cavity accumulates a lot of pathogenic microorganisms that in the absence of drug therapy begins to penetrate the cavity of the tooth and infect the pulp region. Gradually this pathological process extends beyond the tooth root and the consequence is the development of apical periodontitis.

To provoke the emergence of a flux capable of certain factors:

  • acute tonsillitis
  • injury and damage oral mucosa;
  • the penetration of bacteria hematogenous route from the nearest departments of oral and maxillofacial region

Sometimes flux occurs when prolonged treatment with antiseptic agents, and in the absence of hygienic care for the oral cavity.

Pathology is accompanied by swelling of the gums and the appearance of a sharp toothache, which cannot be removed even with the most effective painkillers. When you touch the tooth, and when pressed on it there is an even greater strengthening of pain in addition, there is a severe edema of the tissue, which indicates the accumulation of pus in it.

In that case, if the aching tooth is on the lower jaw, we can see the asymmetry of the face. During the formation of the flux in the upper jaw develops severe swelling tissue of the infraorbital area. There may be a deterioration of General health of the patient with increased body temperature to 39 degrees.

Features of treatment of this disease

The appearance of the flux should turn to specialists that will choose the treatment according to the patient’s condition. When the accumulation of a large number of pus in the gums is removal through the incision. In order to clean the cavity from purulent content used rubber drainage inserted in performed on the gums cut. In addition, the doctor conducts a tooth extraction, after entering the anesthetic. After surgery can be assigned physiotherapy, antibiotics and drugs anti-inflammatory action. It is important to remember that the flux has a strict at home the following procedures:

  • it is impossible to put warm compresses and heating pads on the area of swelling as it can cause active reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and amplification of the inflammatory process;
  • it is not recommended to sleep on the side of the face where the swelling;
  • you should avoid drinking hot drinks and dishes, and not rinsing the mouth with hot solutions;
  • for the period of treatment will have to abandon a hot bath or shower.
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Experts recommend to avoid any self-medication at home and at the first suspicion on the flux to go to a medical facility.

Drugs for treatment of the oral cavity

At home to relieve pain and reduce the amount of pus it is recommended to rinse oral cavity with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solutions.

The ideal antiseptic is Chlorhexidine, which helps to eliminate many pathogens and bacteria. This drug does not provoke allergic reaction, and accelerates the healing process of damaged tissue. Using Chlorhexidine manages to slow down the inflammatory process in the oral cavity and get rid of the severe pain. The flux is recommended to rinse your mouth with medicine every 2 to 3 hours.

Well established in the fight against various inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity such drug, as Rotokan. It is an alcohol solution, prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs like calendula, chamomile and sage. Rotokan has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and decongestant action on the affected area of the gums. At home you can use mouthwash the flux, adding 20 ml of the preparation per Cup of water.

In the treatment of the flux, you can use Betadine, which includes antiseptic such as iodine. This drug is having a devastating effect on the focus of inflammation, accelerates the process of outflow of purulent content and disinfects wounds. Mouthwash must prepare the means by dissolving in 200 ml of water 20 ml of iodine solution. In order to remove the swelling of tissues, it is recommended to rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day.

For disinfection of the oral cavity in the flux, you can apply hydrogen peroxide, which has a disinfecting effect. This drug helps to clean the wound after the installation of the drainage for the outflow of purulent content. To prepare the solution to gargle dilute hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1:1.

Anti-inflammatory drugs in pathology

It is recommended to use anti-inflammatory agents, whose action is aimed at getting rid of sharp dental pain. In addition, using these drugs fails to reduce the swelling of the tissue and thereby alleviate the patient’s condition. Good effect is given the following medications :

  1. Diclofenac allows you to get rid of the inflammation in the mouth and relieve pain. Per day allowed to take 25-50 mg means several times a day.
  2. Nimesil is a dedicated tool in the form of tablets, with which it is possible to reduce the inflammatory process in all stages and forms of the disease. The day permitted to take 200 mg, such drugs, previously dividing it into two doses of 100 mg.
  3. The treatment is anti-allergic drug, which can be used in the treatment of flux. It has a decongestant action and helps to stop the spread of pus in the nearby tissue. Depending on the degree of edema on the day allowed to take up to 3 tablets of such.
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To fight against disease at home is permitted the use of pharmaceutical agents in the form of ointments. To cure the flux to speed up the healing process of the affected areas of the gums and to get rid of the inflammation helps:

  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • Metrogyl gel;
  • Levomekol.

In that case, if the inflammatory process is at an early stage of development, a good effect is treatment with Vishnevsky ointment. It can help to relieve swelling of tissues and get rid of pain, and antibacterial action of the drug helps to stop the suppurative process. A small amount of ointment should be applied to a piece of sterile bandage and to impose for a few hours on diseased gums.

The treatment is considered an effective medicine against various species of bacteria and helps to restore diseased tissue. To apply this ointment can be in the presence of pus is released, as it still penetrates the gums and accelerates the healing process. Per day several times to put ointment on damaged gums, removing it in 2-3 hours.

Quickly get rid of the pain of the flux and to remove the swelling of the damaged tissue is possible with the help of this gel-like Metrogyl Denta. He rubbed directly to the gums, effectively acts on the gums and helps to get rid of the development of many complications. This gel should be applied several times a day, and within 30 minutes after it have to give up eating.


Traditional medicine against the disease

Treatment of flux in the home can not be called an effective substitute for the medical care, but it helps to relieve the patient from unpleasant symptoms. How to treat an abscess at home with the help of traditional medicine, if the doctor is not possible?

A simple and reliable remedy for salt flux is considered, from which it is possible to prepare medicinal solution. The fact that salt is considered a national antiseptic that can quickly reduce inflammation and relieve pain. To prepare the solution for rinsing may use as a marine, did the usual table salt. To do this, 200 ml of warm water dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt. In that case, if the patient has too strong swelling of the tissue, to improve the outflow of pus should be added to a saline solution a few drops of iodine.

Folk medicine recommends to use for rinsing the oral cavity with the flux propolis tincture, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. With its help it is possible to stop the growth of bacteria and get rid of the swelling of tissues. In addition, the composition of tincture are tannins, which help relieve pain and accelerate the healing of the resulting wounds. To prepare the solution for rinsing in 120 ml of warm water was dissolved 20 ml of the drug.

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Aloe is often used for the treatment of many pathologies, and the flux with it is possible to relieve pain and swelling of the face. It is recommended to apply to the affected area to grind the leaves of the plant, pre-wrapping the resulting mass in gauze fabric. This compress should be placed on the skin for 1-2 hours, and its juice can be slightly bitter taste.

Which means from the flux of folk medicine can be used to rinse the mouth?

  1. At home you can prepare a decoction of sage in the following recipe. In small container pour 10 grams of the plant and pour 200 ml of boiling water. The resulting mass should be boiled for 10 minutes and cool. The prepared product can be used for rinsing the oral cavity with the flux.
  2. You can use the tincture of calendula, prepared with 20 grams of crushed dried flowers of the plant and 240 ml of boiling water. All the ingredients should mix together and leave for 45 minutes, then strain and use mouthwash.
  3. The appearance of the flux on the gums, you can use fresh cabbage leaf. Previously it should be within 2 minutes boil, then cool and apply to the sore place.
  4. When severe pain is recommended to use a compress made with sage and grass shot. It is necessary to prepare a medicinal decoction, the Bay 20 grams of dry herbal mix 500 ml of boiling water. In the prepared broth, you can moisten a gauze cloth and apply it to the patient’s gums.
  5. You can brew a bag of green tea and add a little sage. Is cooked means the flux is recommended infuse for 20-30 minutes, then add 5 grams of salt, mix well and use mouthwash.

In most cases, in the absence of effective medical treatment, a deterioration of the patient’s condition and the aggravation of the situation. That is why at the first sign of flux is recommended to consult a specialist instead of carrying out various experiments at home.