Foods good for your teeth: that is bad for your teeth

The health and beauty of your teeth depends on proper hygiene, timely treatment to the dentist. But the most important factor — the internal strengthening due to substances in the diet. Foods good for teeth, contain essential minerals, vitamins, which is filled with hard tissue health, strength, protect from damage and disease. Thus, a balanced diet is an important element to ensure the health of the teeth and the whole organism.


It is the most mineralized products to strengthen teeth. To oral health must be included in the diet each day, some fresh vegetable. They have a high content of substances beneficial for teeth and gums.

  1. Carrot is valued for carotene, which strengthens the gums. Its strong structure massages the gums and strengthens the enamel;
  2. pumpkin contains a lot of selenium, zinc, fluorine, tends to give the teeth a natural whiteness;
  3. beets — rich in vitamins;
  4. broccoli source of calcium, protects teeth, creating on their surface an invisible film;
  5. seaweed has plenty of iodine, improves metabolism;
  6. onion contains large amounts of vitamin C. Protects against scurvy.

Fresh vegetables are exposed both outside and inside, which is especially valuable when they are used. They all contain vitamins and minerals in varying proportions (not just vegetables), so you can eat whatever you want a vegetable as a daily recharge of the body.

The source of life

This important element of the food — water plays a huge role in the preservation of health. It should be ingested in the right quantity (at least 1.5 liters per day). After dehydration produces enough saliva, the mouth gets dry. And she, in turn, protects against the reproduction of microorganisms. Scientists have found that the 0.5% of saliva is Mucins that have a protective function. So the lack of saliva threatens a large number of bacteria, and as a result, the formation of caries.

Another important role of water — it is a source of fluorine. It strengthens enamel, prevents tooth decay. While eating and rinsing the mouth with water to wash off the plaque and harmful acids.


Very helpful green onion, celery, parsley, dill. They contain all the vitamins, folic acid, iodine and minerals. They help the proper functioning of circulatory system, thereby strengthening gums, eliminating their bleeding. Contains organic calcium, which strengthens enamel, protects against caries. Onions and parsley can be called natural antibacterial agents. With their help, you can refresh breath, remove bacterial plaque.

Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries are not only tasty food. It healthy foods for teeth.

  • Apples — a source of vitamins, iron, potassium. In addition, they are a great massager for the gums than reinforcing them. The teeth are also strengthened and freed from plaque;
  • pineapple removes bacteria, restores balance in the mouth, neutralizing acid;
  • kiwi has a large amount of vitamin C;
  • citrus, due to the rich content of vitamins, contribute to the strengthening of gums and protection against dental caries;
  • berries contain iron, fluorine, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Cranberry juice has a bactericidal action, thereby reducing the likelihood of caries formation. Other berries with aseptic effect: grapes, strawberries, currants.
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Extremely important products that you need to eat regularly. Are composed of amino acids, vitamins of all groups, mineral trace elements.

  1. Cashews can kill bacteria that cause tooth decay, tones, are able to help with a toothache;
  2. pine nut — is famous for its content of vanadium (element, developing the bone). It is also rich in phosphorus, which are extremely important in the formation of teeth and bones, and calcium — the main component of bone tissue;
  3. almond has the ability to anesthetize, relieve spasm. Improves the health of teeth and gums.


Not only the food has restorative and healing components. A lot of useful contained in the drinks that people consume every day.

  • Tea. Rich in catechin, which has bactericidal properties, thus helping in the fight against unpleasant odor and tooth decay. So drink a Cup of tea after a meal is a useful habit. It is so mouth cleansed of bacteria, freshens breath. No matter what kind of tea is preferable to black or green, they both possess the above properties;
  • Chicory. Improves blood circulation, which is beneficial to the gums;
  • Herbal teas. Protects from dehydration, help cleanse the mouth, rich in vitamins, minerals, struggling with inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. The main thing you need to drink them without sugar, and regular teas too.


Many people know that it is useful to have marine fish and shrimp. But what is their importance for your teeth? They contain vitamins D and B1, deficiency of which leads to fragility and brittleness of bones, and thus diseases of the teeth. They improve the health of the gums, enhance immunity. Shrimp, in addition to a number of useful minerals, contain thiamin, manganese, Riboflavin. A large number of fluoride and calcium exert a preventive action against caries.

Marine fish, except for selenium, fluorine and calcium contained in all types of fish contain huge amounts of iodine and calcium.


Eggs strengthen enamel because of the calcium in the composition. Vitamin D and phosphorus to protect the bone tissue, contribute to its development. In addition, eggs are rich in vitamin composition. Egg shell consists of calcium. There are traditional recipes use crushed shells in the food to strengthen the teeth and bones from bleeding gums. You can take the shell, chicken or quail eggs. For its proper digestion you need to take vitamin D.

Dairy products

Dairy foods are good for the whole body: they improve digestion, remove toxins. Healthy teeth vitamins A, B, D, high content of calcium, magnesium, potassium.

  1. Yogurt. May promote mineralization of the teeth due to phosphates, casein and calcium. But its main advantage — it leads to normal acid-alkaline balance, reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide that is the source of the odor;
  2. Cheese. This healthy food has a preventive effect against tooth decay, because it greatly increases the calcium content of the enamel. It also increases the flow of saliva.
  3. Cheese. Is composed of lactic acid, proteins, iron and magnesium. Helps in the development of bone tissue, improves the condition of the body (increased hemoglobin, participates in protection of the nervous system).
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The reverse of the medal

There are products useful and at the same time harmful to the teeth. These include citrus fruits. Despite the vitamin-rich composition, the harmful acids destroying enamel. So after drinking orange or lemon should be good to rinse the mouth with clean water to neutralise their impact.

It would seem that these useful products, such as dried fruit or honey, too, can’t eat, not after rinsing the mouth cavity (it is even better to brush your teeth). They contain large amounts of sugar, which promotes the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay. The particles in a large number remain on the teeth.

There are scientists and doctors that cow’s milk, despite the high content of calcium, does not satisfy them to the body, but rather, washes it, which hurts the teeth. If it enters the stomach, it creates an excessively acidic environment. Therefore, the body has to use existing calcium to neutralize the acid.

Tea is good if it has no sugar. The abuse of drink leads to the formation of dark deposits on the enamel. Berries contain acids. Consumed in large quantities, they adversely affect the enamel.

Harmful for teeth products

To preserve the beauty and health of the teeth is necessary to reduce the use of harmful, albeit delicious, food. Not so much as useful, so if you want to give them is not difficult. To protect the teeth, you need to remember is that bad for your teeth.

Sweets (candy, cakes, sugar, chocolate)


In the process of assimilation of sugars from the teeth of excreted calcium and vitamins b-group. The abuse sweets tooth tissue is destroyed. Plus, this food creates in the mouth a favorable environment for bacterial. Hence the decay and odor.

Simple carbohydrates — cakes, fried potatoes, pasta

These products contain starch, and it in turn decays quickly, turning into sugar. This process begins in the oral cavity when exposed to saliva. What is a sugar as described above.

To eliminate the harmful effects on the teeth can refuse from the white bread in favor of soda and potato to use in boiled form.


Harm only the excessive consumption of drink. It leads to dehydration, loss of calcium, some vitamins. Drinking 2-3 cups per day safe for the body, and according to some even useful.

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Canned food — harmful foods for teeth because of the large amount of vinegar. It increases the acidity in the mouth, contributes to the destruction of the enamel. The use of canned foods leads to increased bacterial growth due to created favorable habitat.


The combination of acid, sugar and chemical additives in large quantities and destroy the enamel.


Causes dehydration, which reduces the formation of saliva. Many alcoholic drinks contain a large amount of sugar (liqueurs, wine) that causes destruction inside the dental tissue.

Cold and hot

It is important to not only know what foods are good for teeth and which are harmful. There is another factor affecting their health. This exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. The damage consists in the destruction of the enamel. Under the action of changes in temperature it expands, it cracks. The tooth ceases to be protected. The cracks accumulate bacteria and cause diseases of the oral cavity. Therefore it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • cold foods and drinks damage the enamel, and in the case of increased sensitivity cause pain. If you still want ice water, you can drink through a straw. Ice cream need not to bite and to lick the spoon, minimizing contact with the enamel;
  • high temperature is more harmful than low. Scalding hot tea is not only harmful to the enamel. It damages the mucous membrane of the throat and esophagus, which can lead to cancer if ongoing effect;
  • fluctuating temperatures — the most dangerous phenomenon for the enamel. Therefore, the use, for example, hot coffee with ice cream, or cold water after hot soup, threatens the destruction of the teeth, their diseases. If you are attentive to your teeth and then have to solve problems at the dentist.