Funds from bad breath: drugs, medicines, mouthwash

Almost everyone in his life faced with the problem of staleness of breathing. For its solution, we use a variety of means from the breath. To choose the suitable one among specialized goods, and popular recipes.

Check breathing

Bad smell is a manifestation of halitosis. Depending on the state of health of a person, his habits and lifestyle it can manifest itself in different degrees of intensity. However, some people are not even aware that they too need to seek solutions to problems.
Check your breath several ways:

  • Breathe in hand. Slightly toward your palm, apply to your mouth and breathe into it. Nose you will smell a bad smell if it is the place to be.
  • Lick the skin. Lick your wrist. After a couple of seconds to smell this place. If you have a problem, the flavor is very characteristic.
  • Collect the plaque from the tongue. Use a special scraper or a simple spoon. The smell of RAID gives a clear picture of the situation with the oral cavity.
  • Bright indicator is the plaque from the teeth. To check is best to use dental floss. The presence of plaque on the thread after brushing in itself speaks about the halitosis. If you are in doubt, smell the used floss.

It is not necessary to wait until people will start to turn away from you and make comments. In addition, to eliminate bad breath today there are more than a dozen ways.

Causes of bad odor

To eliminate odor you must identify the factors that are provoking him. Among all the possible reasons should be considered separately dental problems, as well as factors not directly related to the oral cavity.

Bad smell make such reasons:

  1. compliance with hygiene of the oral cavity;
  2. consumption of specific food;
  3. Smoking;
  4. the use of alcohol;
  5. gum disease and oral mucosa;
  6. problems with teeth;
  7. indigestion and metabolism;
  8. endocrine diseases and diabetes;
  9. stomach problems and liver;
  10. inflammation of the nasopharynx, larynx and tonsils;
  11. sinusitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis;
  12. sore throat;
  13. lung disease;
  14. xerostomia;
  15. the use of certain types of medication;
  16. cancer of any type.

In most cases, the main reasons for become bad habits, the accumulation of food residues between teeth that leads to decay, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. To treat bad breath you need a comprehensive, not limited to the impact only on its very manifestation.

How to get rid of unpleasant breath

It is possible to divide methods of dealing with bad breath in two categories:

  • Disguise. With the help of refreshing funds they manage for some time to hide the smell if it is not too sharp.
  • Treatment. This is a more effective approach, as it aims to eliminate the cause of the problem. Without this it is impossible to cope with the smell, and the progression of diseases, it will only increase.
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To maximize the effect it is best to combine both approaches. Than to treat the causes of halitosis, what medicines and tools to use for masking it is necessary to consider in more detail.

The professional solution for

To treat halitosis initially, you need to be examined, not only the dentist but also by other specialists. Including need to check the state of the digestive, respiratory and endocrine systems.
If problems have been identified, assigned to appropriate therapy, medication and procedures. For example, when sinusitis it is necessary to conduct a complete reorganization of the maxillary sinus to solve the issue bothering you.
In the presence of dental disease or wear dentures, see your doctor regularly and carry out the necessary procedures. Dental caries, there is a characteristic putrid smell. The same is true of periodontitis.

In order to prevent the deterioration of breathing is recommended a professional dental cleaning, to remove the stone, to seal or to remove problematic teeth, strengthen gums.


You can help yourself at home. Daily mandatory procedure is brushing your teeth. You must run it 2 times a day, morning and evening, to ensure that bacteria could not multiply due to the trapped remnants of food.

To quickly remove bad breath, use special toothpaste for fresh breath. Their peculiarity lies in the inclusion of substances able to fight against smell: mint, menthol, eucalyptus, etc. are Also part of many such funds contain components such as zinc, thymol, oils (e.g., olive), calcium ions, etc.

In addition to freshen breath, these pastes help relieve inflammation, fight bacteria, including anaerobic type. Various auxiliaries help strengthen tooth enamel, breakdown of plaque and restore gum.
Examples of toothpastes are recommended for halitosis are:

  • Splat;
  • Lakalut;
  • Parodontax;
  • BreathRx;
  • Silca;
  • TheraBreath;

The easiest method, but it can’t fully solve the problem. If the reason lies in diseases, not related to the oral cavity, toothpastes completely powerless. They only serve to mask the smell, and this is often not enough.

Rinses and sprays

In addition to the toothpastes, you should pick up some other tools from bad breath. It can be refreshing pills or chewing gum, dental floss or spray. What sprays are the most effective means of all mentioned. This kind of deodorant for the oral cavity. Part of the spray includes peppermint supplements, which have a pleasant smell and taste. Make good use of them before personal conversation with a person, after eating, break, etc.

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Also in the Arsenal of a person who cares about their health and fresh breath must be hygienic rinse the mouth. This addition to toothpaste. The liquid is able to penetrate to those areas where the toothbrush can’t reach. Active ingredients destroy bacteria, relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane, for some time retain a pleasant flavor.

Please note that a quality product should not contain impurities that can accumulate in the body, cause allergies and other undesirable effects. Including should give preference to liquids without alcohol. The remedy should have a mild antiseptic properties that do not traumatize the mucous, soothing her.

The most popular and effective mouthwash:

  • Forest balm;
  • Lakalut;
  • Splat;
  • Listerine;
  • Elmex;
  • Colgate;
  • Blend-a-med.

It is sufficient to rinse your mouth when brushing your teeth, and also during the day after meals. The optimal frequency of use – 3 times a day. For people with dentures such tools are particularly relevant.

Something to chew on

There are many folk remedies for unpleasant mouth odor. For example, you can use different herbs and spices to mask it. The most popular of them are:

  • cloves;
  • mint;
  • Melissa;
  • anise seeds;
  • Bay leaf;
  • zest of a lemon;
  • ginger root;
  • parsley;
  • rosemary;
  • thyme;
  • nutmeg.

When breath enough to take a small amount of one of these products and a few minutes to chew, not swallowing. Spices, zest, and herbs give a pleasant fragrance, masking problematic odor of the mouth. After the bottom remains quite pleasant taste. In addition, such methods provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Therefore, they are useful from time to time used to treat problems of the oral cavity and their prevention.


You can find useful options and familiar food. For example, an alternative to brushing if this is not possible can be an ordinary green Apple. Good effect have grapefruit, pineapple, peach, strawberry, strawberry. A positive result is achieved due to the impact on plaque of fruit acids. Besides, this is a great workout for the gums and a good bleaching agent.

Decoctions and teas

In addition to the tools outlined above, helps in solving the problem of halitosis homemade mouthwash. Cook it very simple, and for this purpose you can use a variety of components:

  • Vegetable oil. Tablespoon of oil hold in mouth for a few minutes and then rinse it with warm clean water.
  • A decoction of oak bark. Helps to strengthen the gums and reduce inflammation.
  • A decoction of chamomile. Excellent anti-inflammatory and disinfecting water.
  • Infusion of spruce needles. Use diluted with water infusion.
  • The mint tea. It can how to drink and use for hygiene.
  • Tea made from currants, strawberries and raspberries. These plants are natural antibiotics and antiseptics excellent. In addition, this collection has a pleasant taste and aroma.

To use vegetable raw materials both fresh and dried. Another plus is the availability of ingredients, they can be purchased at the pharmacy or even stores.

In addition, some plants can prepare yourself, especially if you have a country house, cottage or you live in a rural area. But close to roads, urban areas and other areas with questionable cleanliness of the soil and air to collect natural medicines is not recommended.

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If to use such rinses 2 times a day, it is possible to remove bad breath and visibly healthier oral cavity. Such funds are completely safe for use even by children. The only limitation may be the manifestation of an allergic reaction to a particular component.


To halitosis became a significant problem, it is necessary to observe preventive measures. Thanks to them you will be able to keep your breath fresh and prevent odor.

The essence of prevention activities is as follows:

  • Twice a day brushing your teeth. Ask your dentist to choose a toothbrush and toothpaste. Well established models of ultrasonic toothbrush.
  • Additionally use some means of oral hygiene, like flossing, tongue scraper and mouthwash.
  • Once a year visit your dentist. Also it is recommended to undergo periodically a General survey in the clinic.
  • Eat properly, it is desirable to exclude products with a pungent odor. Prefer neutral vegetables as well as fruits and berries.
  • After meals is recommended to rinse your mouth. You can use plain water or herbal decoction.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits. Strongly desirable Smoking in any form, whether regular cigarettes, or e-hookah. Do not drink alcohol the day before if you need to have fresh breath.
  • If you suffer from xerostomia, contact your doctor so he can prescribed you the means. Helping to deal with dryness of the mouth. Any health problems need to be solved immediately.

If you follow the oral hygiene, visit the dentist regularly and promptly treat any disease, you will be able to significantly reduce the probability of halitosis.