Gag reflex when brushing your teeth: causes, what to do?

Sometimes people have an unpleasant problem: the gag reflex when brushing your teeth, which complicates the procedure. What are the causes and what to do with this manifestation? It is of interest for those who are faced with this symptom.

The care of the oral cavity — a mandatory daily ritual. It protects the teeth from the pathogenic effects of microbes, prevents tooth decay and gives a fresh breath, which facilitates the contact with people and gives confidence. When brushing your teeth is accompanied by the urge to vomit, this greatly complicates the procedure. How to get rid of this, because to stop to brush your teeth is not the answer. Try to understand.

Why when brushing your teeth appears gag reflex?

To understand why sick in the morning during hygienic manipulations carried out with the teeth and oral cavity, it should be understood, how and what occurs gag reflex.

The gag reflex refers to the protective behavior of the organism and occurs in response to the action of irritating factors, including:

  • unpleasant flavor substances;
  • poor palatability;
  • psychological impact, a lot of stress;
  • mechanical irritation of the pharynx and uvula.

The bodies of the oropharynx can easily cause an attack of vomiting, even on an unpleasant appearance that is a cautionary action because of the possible hazard of a product or substance.

The occurrence of retching passes through four phases.

  1. Precursors – there is a deterioration of the General condition, sensations of nausea, and spastic contractions of the digestive tract. Sometimes people said dizzy.
  2. Outbreak erupts, the contents of the stomach, the patient feels sluggish and tired.
  3. Restoration – the next stage, during which renewed the strength of the body, the person experiences relief.
  4. Latent period – there are no signs of nausea.
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Gag reflex is unconditional, and it indicates that the patient is not able to control his appearance, and especially the termination process. But if you know what was the source that causes the regurgitation, this avoids its impact.

Reasons why this happens in the process of brushing teeth a lot. Sometimes this happens in babies when the baby is negative on the care of the oral cavity, or has the unfortunate experience of visiting the dentist. This has a negative impact in his memory, especially if the parents forced the kid to clean that leads to nausea during the procedure. This behavior is a defensive reaction of the crumbs on the nasty action, the protest that occurs on a subconscious level.

Morning sickness occurs during pregnancy. It can cause anything from bad breath toothpaste to memories of any food product. To cope with this condition will help mint pasta and a glass of cold water on an empty stomach.

Common cause of vomiting is the wrong technique of cleansing the teeth, when a person is too deeply pushing the brush, which causes mechanical irritation. At the root of the tongue located sensitive area, the touch which leads to spasms of the pharynx.

Attack of regurgitation can cause the toothpaste, especially for flavorings and flavor enhancers that are included in its composition.

Gag reflex when brushing your teeth: what to do?

To correct the problem and reduce the likelihood of gagging, you should determine what triggers the body for carrying out such reactions and to remove this factor:

  • buying a new toothbrush, which is equipped with a small head size will reduce the area of touch soft tissues;
  • there are toothpastes that are composed of no colors and flavors (for example, Splat Zero Balance);
  • an experiment – slowly move the brush from the tip to the root of the tongue to determine what the touch area causes the gag reflex. In the future try to avoid it;
  • make your manipulations in the process of cleaning, decrease the pressure force on the brush;
  • refreshing drink – many patients reduce the severity of the gag reflex helps rinse before cleaning the oral cavity with cold broth peppermint — infusion blunts sensitivity;
  • mental attitude – avoid negative thoughts before the procedure, learn to control your emotions and do not tune that vomiting will occur;
  • conversation with a toddler – if this issue affects a small child, it is important to connect with him, to explain in a playful way the importance of brushing your teeth, to motivate this procedure (teach baby to brush teeth). When persuasion does not help to overcome the resulting stress – refer to child therapist or psychologist.
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There is no method that will once and for all eliminates the gag reflex when brushing your teeth. Positive attitude for success and perseverance on the path to eliminating unpleasant defensive reaction, will reduce the sensitivity of the tongue and pharynx that will lead to a decrease in the severity of symptoms.

Further questions

► Vomiting blood when brushing your teeth – what does that mean?

One of the reasons for the allocation of vomiting with blood sometimes aggressive brushing, which causes damage to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. For reliable determination of the source of such phenomena should contact your dentist or physician, because it can be a sign of serious illness.