Gag reflex when brushing your teeth causes

Serious discomfort delivers gag reflex when brushing your teeth — the causes of this phenomenon are numerous. Retching — the inborn reflexes, without which the body cannot function, they are associated with physiological characteristics. If nausea and retching when brushing your teeth, then you need to see an allergist and then to the dentist. What causes unpleasant phenomenon? For most people, the nausea when brushing your teeth is strange and incomprehensible. It is important to know the reasons why it occurs.

What caused the problem

One of the reasons is irritation of the tongue root. Also the gag reflex when brushing your teeth occurs when the digestive tract react to the paste, in particular, they do not perceive its taste and flavor. If sick when brushing your teeth, it is worth pondering in what state the organs of smell. For the diagnosis of diseases associated with them, need to go to the ENT doctor.

Gag reflex while brushing teeth occurs when irritation of the throat. This is due to the fact that on the back of fall of the particles of the paste. If the person is brushing his teeth the medicine, the nausea will appear with high probability.

Manufacturers add medicinal paste a lot of plant extracts, such means perfectly clean teeth, but the body it responds to them very well. The pasta is always added fluoride. The body may not accept it and try to push. One has only to brush her teeth, appears retching. Pasta «without fluoride» are sparing in this respect: they do not cause nausea and other unpleasant problems. However, such vehicles still have a small amount of fluoride. And if the body does not respond well to this component, it is necessary to change the pasta. Funds with a minimum amount of fluorine is not very clean your teeth well, in this regard, hygienic cleaning should be thorough. This feature is required to strengthen the tooth enamel, it is necessary to use 1 time a week.

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If you have an Allergy to ingredients in the cleaning products, the gums may swell and redden. Nausea will appear in the case, if the person is ingestion, and the body rejected it. Many people complain that they feel nausea in the morning. The problem may not have a correlation with teeth and hygienic cleaning, one possible cause is fatigue. To avoid nausea, have a rest, to sleep. You can buy electric brush which helps to get rid of plaque. In the evening you need to carefully brush your teeth, and in the morning quickly.

Other reasons

Many people complain: «When you clean a teeth, you receive a gag reflex». The reason for this phenomenon may be Smoking. Particles of nicotine deposited on the mucous membranes, they have a bad smell, and the body tries to reject. The result is nausea. Particles of nicotine mixed with pasta and irritate the tongue, which also leads to unpleasant urges. The cause of the problem may be the use of foaming cleansers. In recent years it has become popular, but despite the advantages, these pastes can cause nausea. They clean your teeth well, but at the same time irritate mucous membranes. These funds are not recommended for people who have sensitive skin, and mucous membranes.

If the problem occurred while using the foaming paste, you need to go to normal. The reason for the gag reflex may be sore throat, as in this disease the tonsils become inflamed. Irritant substance gets on them, then and there the urge to vomit. If you suspect tonsillitis need to go to the otolaryngologist, who will examine your throat and prescribe medication. If a person is sick with a sore throat, you should go to pasta with herbs (it should not contain aggressive components).

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What you should pay attention

To find out the true cause retching, you need to pay attention to when they appear. They can occur when cleaning or at the time when the person spits out a paste. Retching when brushing your teeth is not a pathology: in most cases helps to change cleaning products. You should choose one that has a sharp odor and taste. In stores you can find hypoallergenic means that are safe for people with hypersensitive body. Retching may be associated with allergies.

In addition to toothpaste, we have to change the brush. The one you are using may be too small or too big. It is not recommended to save on the brush: it should be made of quality fibers. If it’s made of bad materials, the body can react to them a specific reflex.

The same cleaner can be taken in different ways. If a person uses a professional, that is, the probability that it will cause the urge to vomit. Such funds have a specific composition. As soon as unpleasant reflex should be replaced a professional tool for the usual: it will be worse to clean the enamel, but the mucous membranes are not irritated.

It so happens that people change, but the problem remains. You must pay attention to the cleaning process. If intensively to brush your teeth, you can touch the walls of the pharynx — in this case irritation occurs. Further, when particles means will fall into the larynx, will appear nausea. Injury to the throat may occur with hypersensitivity of the mucous membrane.

Important recommendations

You should gently brush your teeth, because it is impossible to injure the mucous. Incorrect technique leads to an unpleasant reflex. It is important to note that it can occur with infection, viral inflammation. Turning to the dentist, you need to ask him about the technique of gum massage. With the help of such procedure you can get rid of nausea while brushing teeth.

  1. Nausea can occur in the early stages of the flu.
  2. If you suspect an Allergy you need to consult an allergist. Allergic to toothpaste — not uncommon, so when such a problem is to go to a specialized paste.
  3. Nausea and urge to vomit can be stored after cleaning. Why is this happening? Possible cause intoxication. At suspicion on poisoning it is necessary to clean the bowel and digestive tract.
  4. Bad reaction to pasta is observed in young children. The child’s body does not take a new tool and considers it alien, so manufacturers add these pastes flavors. Need as early as possible to teach the child to use toothpaste, then there will be retching while brushing.
  5. Such problems can have a psychological origin. Unpleasant reflex can occur due to phobias associated with the dental office. If there is such a phobia, then you need to buy toothpaste without the harsh flavor and aroma.