Gargling chamomile: how to brew and rinse?

Infectious diseases require complex treatment and herbs help a lot in this, especially gargling with chamomile. How to brew it, and rinse to get the maximum effect from the healing potion?

We’ll show you how to make the procedure effective and to recover it from common diseases of the throat.

The benefits of chamomile

Pharmacy chamomile has a number of positive properties, as it has essential oils, some organic acids and trace elements with the action of antispasmodics.

Such an impressive list making the flower essential, not only for sore throat but also for a number of other diseases of the oral cavity. Useful properties of broth on the basis of chamomile:

  • promotes regeneration of damaged cells, simultaneously acting as a powerful antiseptic.
  • reduces inflammation and swelling;
  • acts as an immunomodulator, helping the body to regain its own protection;
  • removes pain;
  • relieves itching, pain.

Ready solution can be used not only as a conditioner, but conduct it on the basis of inhalation.

Indications for gargling chamomile

Gargling chamomile essential in a wide range of ENT diseases. Because of the strong anti-inflammatory action it is recommended to use when:

  • tonsillitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • scarlet fever;
  • sore throat;
  • pharyngitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • inflammation of the gums.

Decoctions reduce the manifestation and dental pain, and additionally disinfect the oral cavity and relieve the severity of swelling and inflammation.


Chamomile is considered the most safe among all the medicinal herbs, but some contraindications of herbal teas based on it are present. These include:

  1. Gastritis during the exacerbation.
  2. Breakdown.
  3. Hypersensitivity or a history of allergic reactions to flower.
  4. Diarrhea.

Careful consideration should be given to dosage decoctions. To use a better day no more than 2 glasses of tinctures of chamomile, or on the background of overdose occur malaise and irritability.

With caution to use the broth with:

  1. The cardiac disease.
  2. Tachycardia.
  3. The reception of sedatives, diuretics and medications that thin the blood.

How to gargle a camomile?

Precautions need to be observed even gargling:

  • the solution should be cool, as only warm tool, you can start the procedure. The hot liquid will only burn the mucous and aggravate inflammation;
  • the broth is better to gain slowly, so as not only to irrigate the surface with microbes, but do not swallow it after. But if the infusion was in the esophagus, do not try to cause a gag reflex;
  • the technique of rinsing a sore throat requires throwing back the throat. This improves the effectiveness of the procedure.
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The frequency of rinse can be set by the doctor, but the more they pass, the higher the probability to heal faster. Usually spend a day or 8-10 treatments, as in the case of calendula.

How to brew chamomile rinse the throat?

For teas, chamomile is better to buy at the pharmacy, but in clean areas it to harvest you can own. Suitable only pharmaceutical grade flower, others do not give a therapeutic effect!

The traditional recipe chamomile infusion to gargle is this:

  1. 1 tbsp of raw materials are dried in the air.
  2. It’s the number of flowers put in a glass, and then pour boiling water.
  3. The tool cover it with a napkin and proceed to rinse.

To prepare the rinse is not so difficult, but you need to consider the advice of a doctor. Sometimes the dosage of chamomile should be lower (for example, in the preparation of the solution for children).

Popular recipes

Chamomile tea is prepared not only in the traditional way, as recipes from this plant do many. For efficiency, mix and other herbs. Here effective recipes for different problems of the throat:

  • oil of chamomile works best when chronic pharyngitis is required for the manufacture of liter cans filled with flowers, which is filled to the top with vegetable oil. The medium is filtered after storage in a dark place for 10 days, filtered. Immediately before use in a ratio of 1:1 diluted with normal vegetable oil. In this form, the finished solution instilled into the nose or lubricate their throats;
  • for quick healing of sores in throat quinsy — you need to mix in equal proportions chamomile and aloe. To 1 Cup of boiling water will need 1 tbsp of each ingredient. After the infusion (30 min.) rinse the throat;
  • dryness in the throat and severe pain in a glass put 1 tbsp. of dried flowers and infuse in boiling water for an hour. After that, stir honey (1 tsp) and begin to gargle. According to the same recipe helpful cooking and tea;
  • in equal portions to the add chamomile oak bark, eucalyptus and sage — in case of severe inflammation gargle three times a day with infusion of the herb will help to relieve its symptoms;
  • water-bath boil 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of flowers of the ready-made tool, hold the inhalation for 10 minutes. Perfect recipe with pharyngitis and laryngitis;
  • in diseases of the throat need to pay attention and nose. Quickly remove the cold helps the combination of the washings with water of chamomile with use of other types of pain.
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Fees from chamomile have a more pronounced effect than a tool with one component. Preparing a solution for rinsing the same way as usual, but includes other components. The most effective fees:

  • eucalyptus, calendula, chamomile;
  • calendula, plantain, sage, thyme, chamomile;
  • Lipa (flowers), oregano, St. John’s wort, chamomile;
  • series, yarrow, schisandra berry, chamomile.

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Lena, 33 years

Since childhood, my grandmother taught me to use chamomile broth. Before me the whole process didn’t like, but now thanks to him quickly cope with a sore throat! Inflammation relieves quickly, washes away bacteria, so if the time to rinse, the disease even appear in no time. Flowers brewed like regular tea, which is very convenient.

Egor, 25 years

In the treatment of tonsillitis chamomile helped me a lot. The doctor has even prescribed antibiotics, so other means are not helping. Began to prepare the infusion of chamomile, and after adding thereto other anti-inflammatory herbs. Alternated these recipes and soon went on the mend. The antibiotics did not take, but now know effective tool. As soon as the scratchy or sore throat — inhalation and rinse it. The next morning usually has no symptoms!

Zoe, 31

Treated chamomile herself and children, too, were flying, trying to use less pills. During the cold broth is very helpful. Made oil, so this spring managed to survive without colds. By the way, even simple chamomile tea helps to support the immune system!

Further questions

► Is it possible to rinse chamomile throat during pregnancy?

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In the early stages it is better to abandon the use of chamomile infusions. For pregnant use this treatment threatened miscarriage because it activates estrogen.

► Application features for children

The child can tolerate the procedure gargling with chamomile infusion, as it is pleasant to the taste. But for babies means it is better not to apply, especially without the approval of a physician.

► How many days can gargle with chamomile?

Best of all, if the procedure for rinsing will take 4-5 days.

► Can I chamomile rinse after tooth extraction?

Immediately after the dental intervention it is better not to use any broth, even chamomile. Once a blood clot that will block the wound, you can use an infusion to relieve toothache. Than rinse your mouth after tooth extraction read above the link.