Gel for gums ointment for the inflammation

In the dental Arsenal to deal with unpleasant itching, swelling, redness, and bleeding and reduce pain a gum gel, ointments-gels. These tools are able to quickly, efficiently lead to the desired result and are widely used in complex therapy for treatment of gum disease. Each of the products has its drawbacks and advantages, due to their differing pharmacological composition. Before use, you must consult a doctor to choose for your teeth the most suitable means. The study of the user of the drug should be mandatory, but not be fundamental for the production of self-diagnosis.

Than a good creams and gels

In the pharmacy network offers a wide selection of all kinds of ointments and gels for the oral cavity. A significant difference is the manufacturer, size, packing, price category. But each of them has analgesic, antiseptic components. Thanks to such properties they can as quickly as possible to stabilize the quality oral health. The drug is applied directly to the surface of the teeth or mucosa, thus may reduce bleeding, to provide healing effect to the tissues, and also enhancing them is able to stop the source, not allowing him to become inflamed. Dentists claim that painkillers gels for gum disease have a higher than ointment. The reason for this is the ointment that makes her fat, which significantly reduces the penetration deep into the tissues. Gels on the contrary are able to effectively penetrate through the mucosa, from which the result comes faster. This positive moment is due to the fact that the gel is water-based, respectively the interaction with the mucosa occurs better.

What is the overall benefit of the use of ointments and gels

If you take any means, no matter the ointment or gel, it can be subject to lay out their substance on the shelves. This example is neither a priori, because different manufacturers, brands medications may be supplemented by various components, therefore, to say definitely about the standard of the drugs is impossible. But the Foundation looks like. The composition includes metronidazole, acts on the proteins of anaerobic bacteria, which cause diseases of the mouth, leading to periodontitis. Dental gel able to quickly, effectively work to combat these bacteria. The next component is chlorhexidine, which has antiseptic and bactericidal effect that reduces pain, accelerates tissue healing and protects the oral cavity against microbial environment. Chlorhexidine directs his attention to aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Water-based gel for inflammation of the tissues is easily absorbed, thereby quickly creates antibacterial barrier. Withdrawal of the drug from the body through the kidneys through metabolites.

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Means of analgesia for children

In contrast to the application of ointments and gels adults, children’s teeth require special attention because of the bone and the gum tissue is at the stage of formation and any negative consequences can cause pain. There are creams and gels for inflammation of the gums when baby teeth that contain lidocaine. At the time of teething baby experiences pain, you may receive the swelling, itching, redness. During this period, essential drugs to homeopathic (plant) based, which are harmless, do not cause side effects. They have antiseptic effects from inflammation of the gums, which makes the growth of teeth in children is completely safe and painless.

Public gels and ointments

When there is a question, than to smear the gum, in the home medicine Cabinet must be at least a couple of drugs. You can focus on several core funds, which effectively will quickly help in difficult times.


Cream-gel with its antimicrobial, analgesic. Thanks to the tool can remove the swelling, reduce bleeding, to influence the microbial field, to resolve inflammation of the mouth. The gel is choline salicylate, Catalonia chloride and the enzyme that creates the cooling effect.


A strong substance that will cope with pain in your mouth. Thanks to the anesthetic component lidocaine hydrochloride mouth instantly numb. Therefore, a cooling gel is effective in the relief of pain, but the anti-inflammatory effects have kamistad very weak.


Great drug, which has a dialysate, consisting of the blood of young calves. Thanks to this component solcoseryl has a special effect against inflammation of the oral cavity. Good relieves pain and contributes to the quick tissue regeneration to quickly heal the wounds.

Metrogyl Denta

Plus gel is the presence of components of antibiotic and antiseptic, and minus the poor absorption of funds through the oral mucosa. Thus, the effect of the gel will be long, so this drug is significantly inferior to the rest, though, is a small price for a tube.


Remedy based on propolis, has antimicrobial, restorative properties, but is not a cure. Cheap drug that isn’t very effective, so perfect in a period of weak pain. From this category, you can highlight asepta-balm that affect the oral cavity antimicrobial and antiseptic effects. Balm ointment differs from its composition as it contains antibiotic and antiseptic.


Perfectly cope with the inflammatory process of the mucosa. Due to the presence in the composition of the components of essential oil has unique antiseptic effect, allows you to quickly strengthen the fabric. In addition, the product has a distinguishing feature from the rest, because it is fenilsalicilat, which, thanks to its pharmalogical properties are converted in the mouth to salicylic acid. The only exception is the idiosyncrasy, so before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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Children’s list of drugs

As already noted, dental creams and gels have an age limit. So for children we can recommend drugs such as kalgel having antimicrobial, anesthetic effect. Use kalela without prescription is not recommended because the facility has a large list of contraindications. Can also apply an ointment for the gums of dentinox, with lidocaine, and with the taste of chamomile. In dentistry reported side effects are hypersensitive to the drug. The following can be called a gel based on natural components called baby doctor. Used in children, copes with the pain of teething and quickly calms pain. Complete list panoral for children, which contains extracts of chamomile and sage, and marshmallow root. It will not feel like the baby cut his teeth, it soothes discomfort and relieves pain and is also used to strengthen the gums.

Treatment of the oral cavity during pregnancy

A mother with a child in the womb is a separate guarded, guarded caste of people, because the General condition of the mother, her moods used food and used medicine determines the health of the unborn child. Gels and ointments for inflammation of the gums should be used by pregnant women with caution and preferably under the supervision of a dentist.

It is not recommended to apply products for treatment of the mouth, when is the first trimester of pregnancy. Also have to abandon ointments during lactation because the baby will get the drug components in your body. In exceptional cases, the doctor may prescribe medication from the pain of the teeth, which is developed on the vegetable basis. But this happens only after examination by a physician and the purpose of this medication. Self-treatment during pregnancy, at its discretion, is prohibited.

How to apply ointment or gel

Often the result recovery and pain relief depends on the proper use of gels and ointments. The mouth is a sensitive area to bring the infection it is not difficult. Enough for once to stick a dirty finger in her mouth, as here, there is a risk of infection, especially if we are talking about children’s health. Not to neglect the simplest rules of hygiene.

  • Be sure to application to the surface of the mucosa is necessary to wash your hands and clean the space under the nails.
  • Next, you need to make antiseptic processing of the surface of the hands, using special tools, available in retail pharmacies.
  • Ointment for the inflammation is squeezed on the little finger in a small amount and in circular motions rubbed into the surface of the mucosa.
  • After a while you have to refrain from eating and drinking that can trigger a relapse, not allowing the drug to soak into the fabric.
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Nursing mothers should not smear the mouth of your baby before feeding, because this will reduce the sensitivity of the child and he will not be able to control the process of nutrition and the standard of fullness. It is better to pause 30 minutes before a meal baby.

Prevention — the key to healthy teeth

It is no secret that timely prevention, preventing the development of diseases of the mouth and permanent preventive measures at home will help to keep teeth strong, healthy, and therefore do not need gels or ointments. But not always the desire coincides with what already occurs in the mouth, because the daily consumption of food, Smoking, drinking alcohol, which destroys the acid-alkaline balance, does not guarantee a healthy mouth. In daily life she is constantly susceptible to microbial field, which becomes a source of painful conditions. Because sooner or later you have to use ointment for the gums. It is recommended to select the appropriate drug to go to the doctors, which will point to the remedy, considering all the features of the body, intolerance of drugs, and examine the mouth and make a qualified opinion. Often the patient with the drawn teeth in the dental clinic, because the gel or ointment has not brought results, the pain remained unchanged. And the reason for all self-prescribing and dismissive attitude towards their health. Moreover, the appeal to the expert and timely help is cheaper than treatment in complicated stages, that can even lead to teeth removal.