Gel Holisal teething: reviews, manual

Gel Holisal teething (feedback, instruction, characteristics of the funds will be given in the article) is one of the tools that have proven themselves.

After the eruption it is also useful if the child will be stomatitis. What distinguishes a gel Holisal of other similar medicines and when it is better not to use?

The symptoms of teething in children

The signs accompanying the eruption of teeth can be defined independently. Symptoms occur approximately 3-4 days before the moment of eruption. The main features include:

  • irritation of the skin around the mouth, sometimes it appears on the chest, lower part of cheeks and chin. The reason for this is the increase in saliva;
  • swelling, inflamed gums, its surface red and swollen;
  • the child is restless, tearful during this period. One of the main signs of teeth growth — constantly kid pulls something in his mouth, chews, helping to relieve the itching. The mucous membrane of the mouth may be a small amount of bruising;
  • refusing to eat, disturbed sleep, irritability.

Very likely to develop diarrhea, increased temperature, and sometimes marked and inflammation of the throat. It is important to pay attention to the temperature, because if it is too large or lasts for a long period of time, then the inflammatory. Norm is the level of temperature up to 38 degrees, and after the sprouting of the tooth it should return to normal.

Dental gel Holisal: feature

Holisal in its composition a component Catalonia chloride, which provides protection from possible infections. During the period of growth of teeth every kid pulls into his mouth different items and therefore the risk of infection of wounds in the oral mucosa remains. The active ingredient Holesale disinfects the pathogenic microflora.

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Part of the funds and choline salicylate, it is responsible for inflammation, reduces pain and helps to reduce the temperature.

In infants the teeth do not erupt, but children under one year can grow from 1 to 4 teeth. Manual says that use of the gel during this period is not recommended, but after consulting a pediatrician individual ban may be lifted. Usually a small amount poses no danger to the child.

It is important that the gel are natural-feeding because it does not affect the process of sucking, saliva and milk is not washed off with a gum that provides a constant analgesic effect.

Holisal teething: instructions for use

How to take the remedy? Holisal available in the form of gel, so very easy to use for young children. Compliance with instructions is important because the ingredients are anesthetics. You should consult a pediatrician and make sure that this component is not allergic to the baby.

  1. Gel in a small amount of lubricate that portion of the gums where the soon to be available tooth.
  2. Of massage movements, not pressing. Since the absorption occurs quickly, then the duration of the massage short (30-50 seconds).
  3. Analgesic effects comes after 3 minutes hardly based adhesive will completely cover the gums. She held it up to 8 hours, providing at all this time, the pain and popularnosti.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the gel Holisal:

  • the removal of inflammation;
  • there is no ban on the use of breastfeeding;
  • rapid absorption.

Continuous use best avoided to prevent the likelihood of side effects. Because of the frequent spreading gradually, the effect may become less pronounced.

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Cons of gel, judging by the reviews, the following:

  • the likelihood of skin rashes;
  • nausea;
  • burning (disappears quickly);
  • dizziness;
  • vomiting;
  • increased sweating;
  • Allergy with a sensitivity to the composition;
  • noise in the ears.

To use the tool under one year not recommended.

Video: the eruption of the teeth, gels for pain relief.


Alia, 22 years

Selected as one of the most harmless among other representatives. The composition is not a chemical, I think. For me, the gel Holisal was a waste of money, because the child is not helped at all! Cut fangs, wanted to do something to alleviate your baby’s suffering, and it turned out that it still burns! Hardly reassured, and promised to use this tool!

Anna, 27 years

For me Holisal turned salvation. The pediatrician advised several funds, two of which were completely useless. But after applying Holesale my daughter slept! From experience I can say that it does just about 5 hours. First, to smear it is not given, the gums very sore, but now understand that after gel the pain goes away, she opens her mouth. I used Holisal on the advice of a doctor, so I think that the negative reviews about it only due to the wrong application.

Diana, 27 years

I want to say that gel is better not to use if the baby has a cold. Immediately after this rash, the skin is red. If you use Holesale according to the instructions, it’s all right, the gel helps a lot. But often I do not use it and smear a little. Although we have anesthetic effect is not as fast, but still Holisal is one of the best tools in my «children’s» medicine Cabinet.