Glossalgia: causes, symptoms, treatment

Often, a dentist’s office visit patients who were diagnosed with called glossalgia. Describe the causes of this disease, the symptoms and applied treatment.

It is important to understand why there were certain signs, and what the specialist should be removed. The dentist will refer you to other doctors who will help to cope with the main problem that caused unpleasant symptoms.


Physicians consider the etiology of glossodynia (glossalgia) as a secondary symptom of a functional disorder. Much rarer causes of discomfort are mechanical damage and trauma to the tongue. Organic change takes place.

Cause this disease can the following problems:

  • Disorders of the autonomic nervous system, neurosis is the most common cause unpleasant sensations on the surface of the tongue.
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract is less common but can also cause symptoms of glossalgia.
  • Problems in the functioning of the endocrine system, this requires additional diagnostics.
  • Disease of the liver that can also be seen in other symptoms.
  • In the presence of cardiovascular problems, impaired blood circulation, which lead to ischemia and hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Diseases such as encephalitis, neurosyphilis, viscero-reflex bulbar syndrome, etc.

If the problem arose due to traumatic injuries, then you need to pay attention to such nuances:

  • illiterate installed implants, fillings or dentures;
  • poor quality materials used in it;
  • deletion of one or several teeth in a row;
  • recent abdominal surgery;
  • the resulting chipping of the edge surface of the unit.

Statistics show that women suffer from glossalgia at times more often than men. And affects mostly the older population, aged 40 years.

The disease can occur as a violation of the response to any stimulus. Then there is a chain of nervous-reflex response, which is repeated and as a result, the problem develops into a chronic form.

Most often this disease are exposed to suspicious people, prone to the feelings and the brightest emotions. Disorders of the Central or autonomic nervous system lead to similar symptoms, and what underlying disease does not allow a person to adequately respond to the actions and recommendations of the doctor, that only complicates the situation.


To better understand what was going on, describe the main characteristics of glossalgia as a separate disease:

  • there are sensations of burning, burn like after consumption of red pepper or mustard;
  • but when eating the symptoms for a time pass or become less severe;
  • appears dry mouth, constantly thirsty;
  • exacerbation of symptoms occurs with stress, anxiety, nervous tension, waiting for some event;
  • most often affects the tongue tip or side of his hand, but the exact location is not detected, as feelings arise every time on another site;
  • there is swelling of the tongue;
  • increase papillae, may be red;
  • in parallel with this there a psychological disorder – depression, isolation, anxiety, irritability, etc.
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If the underlying cause of the disease was a violation of the autonomic nervous system or neurosis, glossalgia spastic colitis, sleep problems, cardialgia.

The peculiarity is that insecure and anxious, the patient trusts their doctor, his advice, is not willing to calm down and nadumuyut to a variety of serious diseases, which, as it seems, he has. This hampered the diagnosis of fictitious symptoms, exaggerated stories of how patients feel.

In such cases, a person may decide that the doctor is incompetent, superficially it relates to the problem or even disease is considered incurable. In other situations a detailed diagnosis confirms that serious problems, such as Oncology is not observed and the patient decides that manifested symptoms treated is not necessary, refuse to see other specialists and taking prescription drugs.


Doctor it is important to correctly identify the problem without missing any details, and not confusing these symptoms with other similar diseases. From the correct diagnosis entirely will depend on the adequacy and effectiveness of the treatment.

Differential diagnosis involves the detection of neurological diseases, if any. Apart from discomfort, there may be numbness and loss of tactile senses, which is not at glossalgia.

It is important to determine if there are any physical causes mechanical damage to the language. In this case, the symptoms of burning and abrasion will occur in the same place, without changing the localization. And on closer examination we may detect chipped teeth, denture problems, or malocclusion.

Sometimes the symptoms of glossalgia similar to some manifestations of cervical degenerative disc disease, in this case, the disease should also be checked. An important criterion for diagnosis is the duration and frequency of the sensations. So, if glossalgia typical constant symptoms temporarily passing only when eating. In other cases the pain during this period will increase.


To cure glossalgia need to conduct activities relevant to the main problem that it caused:

  1. To align the bite, if he was the cause of injury language.
  2. If there are problems with implants, dentures, crowns, or fillings to replace them with better quality.
  3. Prescribe consultation with other specialists – endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, etc.
  4. As most often the disease affects hypochondriac and anxious patients, in this case, it is obligatory interview with a psychologist or therapist.

To resolve the painful symptoms, it is necessary to spend sanitation of the oral cavity. Doctors prescribe these drugs as Valerian, bromine, iron, light tranquilizers, sleeping pills, vitamins of group B. To improve the capillary circulation can carry out a course of local injections with nicotinic acid or with no-Spa.

Lubricate the tongue with a liquid version of vitamin A, peach oil, with a solution of citral or trimecaine, rosehip oil, and other means. They are well relieve pain, soothe mucous membranes and heals the wound, and help with overall dryness, increase salivation.

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In parallel with this, high efficiency of treatment show physiotherapy:

  • relaxing massage;
  • transnasally electrophoresis;
  • phototherapy;
  • superimposition of galvanic collar;
  • the use of medicinal herbs;
  • the use of local applications;
  • mouth trays with medication.

Such procedures quickly eliminate the burning sensation, relieve swelling and inflammation, improve metabolism and blood flow, and calming effect on the nervous system. In disorders of a neurotic nature, the most effective is the use of hypnotic sleep and therapy.

Treatment of glossalgia herbs

It is possible and in house conditions to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, using the power of herbs. Will tell you about some effective recipes:

  1. Sage and celandine — steamed separately, a pinch of each herb Cup boiling water. After half an hour you can apply them for surface treatment of language. Take a piece of gauze and wash the affected area alternately one, then another infusion. The more you make the manipulation, the faster will be the symptoms. At night it is useful to lubricate the mucous membranes of the tea tree oil.
  2. Oak bark with honey is good remedy disinfects, kills bacteria and disinfects the oral cavity. Pour a tablespoon of bark, bought at the pharmacy, a Cup of boiling water and cook the product on a water bath for half an hour. Let cool to room temperature, filtered and diluted with boiled water, bringing total volume of rinse to a glass. At the very end add a spoon of honey can soothe the mucous membranes and the healing of microfractures.
  3. Pimpernel — a pinch of dry grass of this plant, pour 200 ml of boiling water and proverjaem on a slow fire for five minutes. Then it is necessary to strain through cheesecloth. In the cooled state, the tool is used in two ways. 1 tbsp broth used for rinsing the mouth, trying to process language, and the second spoon is taken orally. The procedure is performed up to six times a day for a month.
  4. A good holistic remedy will be the infusion from several ingredients is lemon balm, rose hips, Schizandra, ginseng, aralia. Mix the dry chopped grass pinch and pour boiling water. To insist means you need at least half an hour, then strain and use as rinse. Every time you try to heat it before the procedure.
  5. Lovage — enough to get some plants and cover with cold water. Put on a slow fire and allow to boil. Before rinsing it is desirable for such strain the broth through a sieve or cheesecloth for easy reference.
  6. Chamomile, mint and St. John’s wort — take a pinch of each ingredient and pour a glass of boiling water. For best steaming can cover the infusion with a saucer. After half an hour is used for rinsing.
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Other folk remedies

Among other methods the home impacts on the affected language can be distinguished:

  • Application garlic is a natural antibiotic that effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, improves the natural protective function of the body. Enough to chop one clove of garlic and chew it in his mouth, constantly moving, for about 10 minutes. This should be done only after a meal no more than four times a day. Then must impose on the tongue with gauze, sea buckthorn oil, which will soothe irritation, heal wounds and soften the aggressive action of garlic.
  • Treatment with juices — eat fresh variants any vegetable, fruit or herbal juices. But for full-fledged operations it is desirable to mix it with olive or nut oil, or fish oil. Drink half a glass of this juice you need half an hour before meals.
  • Oxygen cocktails, which are sold in pharmacies or specialized institutions. This is particularly the formula enriched with natural vitamins which positively act on the entire body.

If the cause of the disease was the problems with the liver, it is possible to use traditional methods of purification. But to carry out domestic procedures must be strictly after consultation with the doctor and examination, as the presence of stones or salts in this treatment can cause exacerbation of the underlying disease and poor health.

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Preventive measures

If you have found signs of glossalgia once in your life, try to avoid the following products:

  • salty and spicy;
  • acidic drinks;
  • meats;
  • very solid food;
  • alcohol.

In this case, more preferably the use of soft, pureed meals, salads, porridges, boiled or steam meat.

To prevent mechanical injury of the language, follows:

  • time to treat the carious cavity and to carry out the sealing;
  • choose only high quality materials for implants and prosthetics;
  • as a child to correct an overbite;
  • to carry out daily hygienic procedures to care for the oral cavity;
  • intermittent rinsing of useful herbs;
  • use antiseptic solutions for the treatment of mucosal.

Visiting the dentist twice a year and following all of his recommendations, you can avoid many unpleasant symptoms and diseases. If you accidentally bite the tongue, as early as possible it treat and disinfect the mouth in order that appears, the wound is not inflamed.

Further questions

► Code for ICD-10

In International classification this violation is in the section «Diseases of language» and has room K14.6.