Glossitis tongue: symptoms, pictures and treatment

Treatment of glossitis of the tongue can be performed at home using folk remedies, but before that you need on symptoms to define the disease according to classification.

In today’s article we will tell you all about this ailment, and also consider issues of diagnosis, causes and prevention.

What is glossitis?

Glossitis is an inflammatory process in the language, due to injury or activities of harmful microorganisms, this explains its prevalence.

Poor care of the oral cavity due to which there is a large number of bacteria, damage, or burns of the tongue are the principal causative agents of disease.

A characteristic feature of the case is the fact that it rarely occurs alone, often his appearance testifies to the complex problems in the body and diseases of the oral cavity. In the absence of proper treatment, the disease can give complications to other organs, so the time to contact your dentist as soon as you notice the first signs.


Why is there inflammation of the tongue? There are a number of good reasons, some of them we have already mentioned, and we will discuss this in more detail:

  • injury language man actually notices how often he injures his language, this applies not only to different punctures by sharp objects (e.g. fish bones) or nadkusyvat. Repeatedly we are causing to the language of chemical or thermal burns, not even thinking about how it’s bad for your mouth and what the consequences might be. This does not mean that after a puncture or burn you at once will be the case, but over time a large number of injuries can adversely affect the state of the language;
  • the incorrect use of medicines, especially antibiotics;
  • allergic reaction occurs when applying daily care products for oral hygiene (toothpaste, mouthwash). In this case you need to abandon them and try to know what element triggered the reaction, to avoid problems in the future;
  • reduced gastric and other problems with the digestive tract — just need to cure the underlying disease need to be examined by a specialist and be tested (e.g., for the presence of Helicobacter bacteria which affects different parts of the stomach and causes disorder of the digestive system);
  • infection — bacteria and fungi in the oral cavity and esophagus;
  • bad habits — Smoking and excessive use of alcoholic beverages violate the microflora, weaken the local immunity;
  • lack of vitamins — too low amount of vitamins A and E in the human body.

Very rarely glossitis leads to only one of the above reasons. Usually it appears due to complex problems with the oral cavity and digestive tract, and the reason may be burn or injury. At more risk are the people, the mouth of which is under constant exposure to chemicals.

Types and forms

There is a separate classification of glossitis, the number of varieties caused by the abundance of factors influencing their emergence and development.

► According to the degree of occurrence of glossitis are divided into the following forms:

  • deep — striking and the surface of the tongue, and the whole of its thickness, may cause ulcers, abscesses. If you do not go to the doctor, which needs to take curative measures, the inflammation and infection may fall on the neck, promises serious trouble and threat to human life;
  • surface is a kind of manifestation of the disease, affected only the mucous membrane of the mouth and the disease is relatively easy, and the symptoms disappear quickly.

► The characteristic symptoms and reasons for the appearance of glossitis are divided into types:

  1. Desquamative or a geographical cause of consider diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or viral infection, it is often a disease can be detected in women. It begins with light spots on the tongue as small as a few millimeters, over time, the affected area stands out from the rest of the surface of the tongue a bright pink color. If time does not take measures, the disease outbreak can cover quite large areas and cause a lot of trouble. Pain is virtually absent in both adults and children. The development of the disease influences patient’s emotional state.
  2. Candida or yeast — is called a high number of fungi of the genus Candida in the oral cavity, and the main symptom is swelling of the tongue and a brown patina on it. The patient feels severe pain and the swelling have problems with diction, also, there is increased salivation, extremely unpleasant smell from the mouth. In the absence of proper treatment can become chronic, accompanied by appearance of painful ulcers, malfunction of the taste buds.
  3. Fold — a congenital disorder of the tongue, on its surface are formed folds, which cross the language in the transverse direction, the most obvious of them is approximately the same distance from the root to the tip of the tongue. A characteristic feature is the absence of any complaints from the patient.
  4. Diamond — diamond-shaped appearance of the red area on the tongue as the main symptom. The disease is chronic, so it is the signs often disappear and appear after some time, and patients do not feel pain. Form has its own subspecies, which differ depending on the state of the diamond-shaped plot, it can be smooth or with characteristic tubercles.
  5. Gontarovsky (glossitis Gunter-Mueller) — arises due to a severe lack of vitamin B12 and B9. Main features — papillae of tongue atrophied and its surface looks polished and smooth, the tongue becomes a bright red color.
  6. Catarrhal — is considered the initial stage of the inflammatory process language. The main cause of the disease experts call poor care for the oral cavity, poor quality filling materials and prostheses, also catarrhal glossitis may appear during teething problem. Areas of inflammation are found on the sides of the tongue, the disease occurs with the characteristic discomfort, the surface of the tongue are sensitive to stimuli, there is a significant swelling.
  7. Atrophic — appearing due to an infection. It is characterized by the withering away of the muscles (leads to thinning) and the papillae of the tongue, whereby it becomes shiny and smooth. Patients feel discomfort in the process of eating.
  8. Villous — is accompanied by an increase of the papillae of the tongue and pathological changes. The name comes from the fact that the development of the disease, filiform papillae are similar to the villi. To the appearance of the villous form, lead to frequent injuries of the language and a commitment to bad habits. Not infrequently, it is confused with Candida.
  9. Ulcerative appearance on the surface of the tongue single or multiple ulcers and erosions, which can hurt and bleed, also, it is possible to observe dark yellow or gray plaque and bad breath. Language is constantly swollen which can cause problems with diction.
  10. Mycotic — not an independent disease, but his appearance is due to a fungal infection. Often accompanied by pharyngitis or tonsillitis. Mycotic glossitis characterized by the swelling of the tongue and painful, plaque coats the tongue characteristic spots.
  11. Herpes or herpes — is called, logically, a common herpes virus, as a result, the language is covered with bubbles, inside of which is a liquid. Accompanied by severe burning or painful feelings in the beginning of the meal. Like herpes, this disease is highly contagious.
  12. Hypertrophic is caused due to lack of vitamins B2, B6 and PP. A characteristic feature on the sides of the tongue there is grey and yellow, it can struggle the teeth marks. The language itself at the same time greatly increases in volume and swells.
  13. Allergic — this form of glossitis appear due to allergic reactions to hygiene of the oral cavity. The patient feels severe burning over the whole surface of the tongue, swelling and itching, in some cases, visible redness. To prevent reintroduction of the disease should avoid contact with the allergen.
  14. Interstitial — syphilitic lesions of the tongue, the patient complains of a very strong seal, difficulty of mobility. The result was serious problems with diction and taking food. If you do not take appropriate action, the tongue can remain in that position forever.
  15. Viral and is accompanied by the appearance of ulcers and erosions on the tongue surface, and stains gray or dark brown patina. For treatment using antiviral drugs, and the patient is recommended to undergo a full examination of the body.
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Independent definition of the particular type of glossitis is not an easy thing, so the experts recommended to go to the hospital at the first symptoms. This is the case when timely and accurate diagnosis is the key to quick and effective treatment of the disease.


Suggest you look at pictures of different cases of glossitis, to enable you to understand what distinguishes one species from another.


Due to the large number of varieties of glossitis, it is difficult to bring the common symptoms. It is advisable to list those which are observed in most cases.

  • bad smell from the mouth — many prefer to get rid of it with chewing gum or folk remedies, but it will not help to cure the very cause of the disease;
  • excessive salivation — this symptom, each person can manifest with different intensity. Experts attribute this to a violation of the functioning of the entire oral cavity;
  • due to the presence of infection in the oral cavity there is a strong swelling of the mucous membrane;
  • due to swelling of the language is very difficult the process of eating and have problems with diction;
  • the patient feels mouth dryness, especially of language, which still suffers from low mobility;
  • disrupted the normal functioning of taste receptors — the patient may complain of a lack of taste or a permanent sour taste in the mouth;
  • changing the color of the language — it can be entirely red or in spots that are different color from the rest of the surface.
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It is worth noting that studies of this disease is still not completely finished, so you can appear more symptoms.

Treatment of glossitis language

So, what to treat glossitis. Before you answer this important question, we should note several important factors.

  1. Drugs and treatments are directly dependent on the shape and form of the disease, because of this significantly increases the role of diagnosis in the treatment process.
  2. Some types of glossitis are symptoms of more serious diseases, so it is much more important to correctly diagnose and treat the disease that triggered its appearance. In this case, greatly increases the role of doctors, which will deal with the primary disease. This can be the ENT, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and other specialists.

But there are General principles of treatment. This could include:

  • the correct diagnosis of the disease is arguably the most important stage, it determines the speed of treatment and its efficiency;
  • conducting therapeutic and diagnostic measures to improve the health of the entire oral cavity;
  • after that it is recommended to rinse your mouth with different solutions of antiseptics — Miramistin, laripront, chlorhexidine, furacilin. Also, for these purposes to children and adults fit the drug nystatin. How to apply it? In the instructions the dose for an adult is put at the level of 4-6 tablets per day. Children under 1 years – 1 tablet, 1 to 3 – not more than 2-3 tablets, older than 3 years – no more than 5. In some cases, the doctor may recommend antibiotics;
  • on the affected areas establish an ointment compress with a pronounced wound-healing and analgesic effect, is very suitable for such medication as: kamistad, vinizol, malavit, solkoseril, lidocaine;
  • upon completion of medical treatment experts recommend treating the problem areas of different oils you can use rosehip oil and sea buckthorn. These tools facilitate the resumption of the positive microflora of the oral cavity;
  • after all these procedures should take care of the immune status of the body in General and oral in particular. Doctors recommend to take vitamins and minerals, the types and number of which directly depends on the form of glossitis. Can be treated with drugs stimulating the immune system of the oral cavity and the entire body.

The above rules for the treatment of glossitis are General recommendations suitable for most forms of the disease, but better to get rid of the problem only after her diagnosis, to do it without training and at home difficult.

It is worth considering that this disease if not properly treated, can give serious complications on other organs and systems.

Traditional methods

Is it possible to cure glossitis folk remedies and at home? The answer to the question is rather positive than negative. Yes, treat glossitis home possible, and even quite successfully, but, once again note, you need the right diagnosis. Otherwise, people’s money can only do harm or not produce the desired effect.

Traditional methods are ideal for the relief of the patient before the visit to the doctor. Here are the most effective recipes to fight glossitis:

  1. Tea tree oil — the product should be mixed with sea buckthorn oil or regular vegetable oil in equal amounts. Several times a day this mixture should be kept in the mouth on the damaged part of the language. Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect.
  2. Chamomile broth — is very popular due to the healing action. For cooking one spoon of dried plants pour into a glass with boiled water and give a few hours to infuse. Rinsing the mouth with decoction several times a day, preferably after meals.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide — for cooking should be 2 teaspoons a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide to add to a glass of boiled warm water, rinse your mouth several times a day after meals. The tool has a strong antibacterial action.
  4. The drug experts recommend rinsing your mouth with an alcoholic solution of this tool. 1 tablespoon should be diluted in 250 to 300 grams of water and rinse 3-4 times a day. Oil solution hlorofillipta can be applied on the affected areas of the tongue using a gauze swab.

There are a number of other traditional methods for treatment of glossitis, like using bananas, but the positive effects of such remedies are not scientifically proven. Some argue that a large number of bananas in the diet helps to normalize the gastrointestinal tract.

Keep in mind that all these traditional medicines can benefit in glossitis only if it is not a symptom of other diseases. If you are a day to treat the house and the condition has not improved, you should go to the hospital.

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The basic element of the diet for glossitis can be called the eating foods that do not irritate the mucous membrane. The doctors there are the following rules for eating:

  • do not eat hard, not to grind food;
  • you should not eat too hot or too cold foods;
  • the food should be fresh and well cooked;
  • try not to eat food that might injure the language;
  • too spicy or acidic meals and drinks should be temporarily excluded from the diet;
  • to abandon (at least for some time) by Smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • you should avoid too sweet or chemical products (sugar may lead to increased numbers of harmful microorganisms in the oral cavity);
  • exclude from the diet products Smoking and salting.

If your glossitis was caused by certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the doctor may prescribe a diet that fits the specific disease. The same applies to those cases where the glossitis was caused by disorders of the liver or infectious diseases.

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To avoid the appearance of glossitis it is necessary to follow the recommendations:

  • thorough care of the oral cavity — the teeth and mouth must be free of food particles, orthodontic design should not interfere with the normal functioning of the oral cavity;
  • should give up bad habits (Smoking, drinking, habit of chewing foreign objects);
  • watch your diet;
  • shouldn’t be too long in enclosed spaces — walk in the fresh air, tempered, lead an active lifestyle;
  • do not allow allergens to get in your mouth;
  • conduct regular health checkups — this applies not only to visits to the dentist, and other specialists: gastroenterologist, immunologist, Laura;
  • children need time to be vaccinated against major diseases, and babies try to not feed mixtures, and natural way;
  • at the first symptoms consult a specialist.

Further questions

► To what doctor to address with glossitis?

Treatment is engaged in the dentist, it is to him and should be treated first. If the cause of the disease is beyond his competence, he will be able to direct you to the survey to other professionals. If you find that the reason of occurrence is the gastrointestinal tract, you will need a gastroenterologist.

► Glossitis at worms – what to do?

Should undergo treatment and get rid of the parasites, otherwise the disease will return again and again and can become chronic. Moreover, the presence of worms has a negative impact not only on language but also other organs.

► Can oral sex cause diseases?

Yes, it can. If you have a partner there are certain diseases that are sexually transmitted — most often it is herpes or syphilis. If your glossitis due to this reason, you should immediately contact the hospital, as it may not be the biggest problem. It is advisable to report all received in the hospital information to your partner.

► How long to treat?

The duration of treatment depends on the stage and form of disease, some of them go a few days without serious treatment. If the disease is at an advanced stage or is hard, then its treatment can take a couple of months, in this period usually include rehabilitation, courses of vitamins and strengthening the immune system.

► Can it get infected?

Yes, but only certain types. As a rule, these diseases are associated with herpes virus and can be transmitted via the Cutlery or kiss, for example.

► Could there be a case of nerves?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question, but all the same experts are inclined to believe that failures in the nervous system can cause glossitis or to worsen the position of people they are already sick. Inthese cases, doctors prescribe an appropriate diet.

► Code for ICD-10

According to the International classification of diseases, glossitis K14 has a code.0

► During pregnancy

A common occurrence and it is associated with disruptions in the hormonal balance of women. You need to see a specialist and indicate your status.

► In Oncology

Extremely rare and more often they appear due to failures in the organisms that caused cancer.