Gum recession: the exposure of the tooth neck — what treatment

Gum recession — a disease in which laid bare the neck of the tooth (its the middle part that separates the crown from the root). The discharge of periodontal tissues leads to undesirable consequences — there are unpleasant sensations when eating, spoiled smile, over time, there is exposure of tooth roots. Therefore, the treatment of the disease should start as early as possible — at the first symptoms.

The causes of the disease

According to statistics, the recession of the gums occurs in 65% of the population older than 20 years. In this case laid bare the roots of the teeth more common in people older than 40 years. Consider what may cause this pathology.

Causes of receding gums can be the following:

  1. Not enough quality, too rare or too frequent brushing. Injury to the gums too hard with a toothbrush. To the damage of tissues can lead to pressing too hard on the brush when brushing. In some cases, the irritation and the sores occurs when intense toothpicks, gum stimulators.
  2. Damage to the gums incorrectly installed seal or crown in case of bad treatment. Similar side effects sometimes has the common procedure of bleaching.
  3. Defects of enamel and exposure of the tooth neck at high loads on the teeth due to malocclusion.
  4. The absence or insufficient severity of the dental equator can cause damage to the periodontium when chewing food.
  5. Inflammatory processes caused by growth of pathogenic microorganisms failure to follow the oral hygiene. Plaque, gingivitis, periodontal pocket formation — free space between the cervix and surrounding tissues. All this causes receding gums, why and Baring teeth.
  6. Individual anatomical features of the jaw elements, insufficient thickness of the gums.
  7. Age-related changes in the tissues, under the influence of which there is denudation of the neck of the tooth.
  8. Endocrine disorders, diseases of the digestive system.

The symptomatic manifestation

Gum recession is accompanied by a number of symptoms. It is noted the omission of the gums, increased tooth sensitivity, changing the color of tooth enamel. Due to the fact that laid bare the neck of the teeth, their size visually increase. On the tooth neck and upper part of roots are noticeable plot yellow. This part of the tooth is called cementum. Because of its yellowness seems to have changed the shade of the tooth enamel.

Compared with the enamel cement has greater sensitivity, so if the gums away from the tooth, the person feels pain or discomfort when consuming hot, cold, sour or sweet food. The solids is accompanied by soreness of the gums, can lead to edema, manifested outwardly by swelling.

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If untreated, gum recession causes inflammation and exposure of roots of teeth. Due to the fact that from the teeth moving away gums, is the emergence of them to chips and wedge-shaped defect. Teeth become loose, gums start to bleed. In periodontal pockets may contain pus, which there is a putrid stench. If untreated, the exposed neck of a tooth leads to its loss.

As the disease evolves

Gum recession develops gradually. Insufficient care and other unfavorable factors contribute to the occurrence of plaque and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. With the defeat of the connective tissue of the gingival inflammatory process periodontal pocket is formed. The gum starts to fall, exposing bare teeth.

Amazed inflammation the gums are not able without appropriate treatment to rise. It tends to sink lower, resulting in the exposure of the tooth root and the appearance of granuloma — cyst, which accumulate pus and bacteria.

The thickness of the bone decreases, it replaces the epithelium. The root of the tooth can no longer be covered by the gums, as it descended the region is very low. So after some time it can dislodge and fall out.

The treatment of the disease

During the inspection and examination of the patient the doctor figures out why the gum recedes from the tooth, under the influence of some factors it bare. After that, the dentist selects a treatment, given the stage of the disease.

Therapeutic methods to eliminate the initial stage of pathology

If gum recession is in its first phase and tissue changes are minimal, treatment is aimed at restoring the mineral balance and the decrease in sensitivity with the use of special toothpastes, gels, varnishes. Is the course of procedures of remineralization to make up for lack of minerals (particularly calcium) in the tooth enamel.

The duration of treatment is 10 minutes. Before procedures the teeth clean from Tartar. Additionally, is the fluoridation of the tooth enamel. With deep saturation of the bone tissue with fluoride, the tooth becomes less sensitive to the irritant nerve receptors factors.

If there is evidence, bares the tooth is sealed. If you want to hold prillerova contiguous teeth, remove parts of previously installed seals, which edges can injure the soft tissue. What to do if the neck of the tooth is uncovered as the result of malocclusion, the doctor decides based on the specific situation. One of the solutions to the problem is to install the braces.

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The elimination of the wedge defect

What if not only bare the neck of the tooth, but there is a wedge-shaped defect in the ground. This pathology has the form of a recess in the region of dental cervix. When the small size of the hole, it can be removed by removing plaque and remineralization of enamel. If gum recession is in a middle stage, to eliminate wedge-shaped defect can be fitted veneers.

They are thin ceramic plates that are installed when damage to the tooth enamel. If bare tooth has a deep defect, will need his filling. In cases where other treatments cannot be used, install the crown.

Surgical methods

What to do if the gum recedes from the tooth for the reason that its thickness is very small? Or the roots of the teeth are so bare that there is a significant risk of a loss? Developed special methods of surgical treatment to ensure the patient addressing receding gums and preservation of the dentition. One of them is the closure of the place in which bare neck of the tooth connective tissue graft, which is taken from the nearby sites, for example, from the sky.

This plastic surgery allows you to make the gum over the tooth is thicker. In the recovery period, the patient visits the medical institution to control the healing of tissues. If the treatment of receding gums with the help of patchwork surgery is not possible, the affected tooth root is removed with the installation of the prosthesis. Turn to surgical methods in cases where treatment does not give the desired result.

Treatment folk methods

At the initial stage of the disease the omission of the gums can also be treated with the help of recipes of traditional medicine. Before applying recommended to consult a doctor to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions or other complications. Consider how to treat the areas where gum tends to move away from the tooth surface.

Infusion of Hypericum

Pour the crushed stems, leaves and flowers vodka (2 tbsp. tablespoons herb 400 ml). Put the jar in a dark place for a week. Ready tincture is used for morning and evening rinsing the mouth. To 100 ml of warm boiled water add 80 drops.

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A mixture of essential oils to massage the gums

To prepare the mixture, connect mint, lemon, eucalyptus and orange essential oils. Use several times a day for gentle massage of the sick plots. Improve blood circulation and metabolism helps to raise tissue in the places where dental of the neck can expose you.

The therapeutic composition of oils of fir and sea buckthorn


Combine the two oils in 1:1 ratio. Use twice daily for applying on the affected areas using a segment of the bandage, folded in several layers.

Treatment of gums with olive oil

Apply oil on a cotton swab and brush over the gums. The procedure is performed in the morning and evening. It is very useful in cases when the gums away from the tooth.

Rinse with infusion of oak bark, cabbage juice, soda solution

Brew a teaspoon of bark to a litre of boiling water. After cooling, use a daily mouthwash. Positive effect and rinse with fresh cabbage juice. To stop the growth of bacteria helps the use of soda solution (1 tsp per Cup of water).

Beet weight

Grate the beets on a fine grater. Apply weight where gums bare teeth. Together with other recipes given by this tool will improve the condition of the tissue and contribute to gum on the lowered plot raised above.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent exposure of the tooth neck can proper care for the oral cavity. To reduce the risk of disease allows regular brushing, mouthwash after meals. In the presence of dental calculus, dental caries, inflammatory processes in soft tissues should seek medical assistance to prevent transfer of disease to a more serious stage.