Had the seal how long can you go without it

The situation when the filling material falls out of the appropriate places, alas not uncommon. Often in the incident, the culprit is man himself. Men and women wonder whether it is possible to leave everything as is and not to visit the dentist to perform the treatment?
The answer to this question is unequivocal — no.
If the tooth has a hole, it’s not a question of aesthetics. The loss of the seal leads to the development of dangerous complications and complete destruction of the affected units.

Causes trouble

Filling material leaves the cavity for the following reasons:

  • Because of the doctor. Some dentists in the course of therapy allow common errors. Don’t completely dry the surface before applying the seal, clean badly decayed tissue. The last time, for 1 -2 months occurs secondary caries. Dental material falls in its place remains a dark hole;
  • The fault of the patients. Some people like to bite your teeth nuts, seeds, chew bones, biting nails. Leads to trouble chewing gum, excessive candy irises.
  • Bad oral hygiene contributes to development of carious process, which is the cause of loss of sealing;
  • Natural causes do not depend on patients and physicians, however, and they sometimes can affect. Abnormal occlusion, the load on the teeth is uneven. As a result, the sealing material often falls out of those teeth, which have maximum voltage. To eliminate the cause, not just the sealed cavity, but also eliminate the pathological bite. Another way out would be the coverage units with protective cap crown.

Treatment of cervical caries and wedge shaped defect is very difficult, for several reasons. First, it is difficult to achieve complete drainage of the cavity, since the fabric is tightly adjacent to the mucous membrane of the gums. Secondly, the seal is poorly kept, as provided by the load when chewing contribute to the continued rejection of foreign material.

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In order to efficiently do their job the doctor has to go on cunning: to create a special restraint the hollows on the body of the tooth, to use modern materials, apply rubberdam. The last of these, in most cases, it is not in the budget dental clinics. Because of this, the process of returning patients for warranty service high. If filling material is constantly drops out, solve the problem by establishing a ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns.

Sometimes the seal is reliably fixed on the prescribed places, but after treatment, a person experiences severe pain. In this case, you must also visit the dentist. He will examine, x-ray diagnosis, will make the right decision.

This is interesting.

If you constantly fall out of the seal, carry out a thorough inspection of the oral cavity. The incident can be to blame:

  1. Unskilled dentists;
  2. The metabolic disorders, latent or obvious somatic disease;
  3. The presence of bruxism;
  4. Malocclusion;
  5. Poor quality materials used in therapy.

To solve the problem once and for all then visit several doctors and get advice. Often, if you get the seals immediately after the treatment, the procedure is free, but the visit takes time and mental preparation.

How long can you go with an open cavity after deposition of the filling material

If a person suffered a trouble in his tooth with a hole in it, you need to visit a doctor. With timely treatment, the treatment will not take too much time and money. Important! The cavity in the tooth should be removed because:

  • Is a reservoir for the accumulation of food particles and bacterial plaque;
  • In her presence, the tooth does not fully perform the function;
  • It contributes to the development of pain sensitivity. During the ingress into the cavity cold, hot, sour, salty, spicy food person visit discomfort, because of this he is forced to adhere to a special menu.
  • If untreated, the tooth tissue begin to rapidly deteriorate, spalling of large areas. If the situation is ignored, the unit will collapse, it will have to be removed.

Even if a long time to postpone the visit, the patient eventually will still be in the dental chair, but the level of a favorable outcome in this case is greatly reduced.

Possible complications without treatment, if it is a seal:

  1. The development of secondary caries and the defeat of healthy tissue;
  2. Bummer tooth side;
  3. Pulpitis — inflammation of the nerves the dental unit. When the disease in constant pain, worse mostly at night. Analgesics helps slightly and is valid for a short period of time.

If the pulpit fails to provide adequate assistance, will develop periodontitis. In this case, the pain can even disappear for a while. People will think that it was recovery and rest. However, welfare is temporary and the situation will soon get much worse. In periodontitis appear first discomfort when biting. Patients complain that tooth as it slightly rises the level and different from the rest. Eating becomes difficult. The victims try to chew your food on the healthy side, avoiding contact with the patient. After a while, the pain becomes clearer. They are always present and very difficult life. If long-term pain relieved by analgesics and the General condition of ill health are ignored, develop life-threatening complications. The most common of these are: periostitis, osteomyelitis, sinusitis, cellulitis of neck, cyst and fistula. Pathology occur is extremely difficult. Overall health of the patient deteriorates significantly. Temperature rises, there is delusions and hallucinations.

As it became clear that such a small problem, as the loss of seal can result in very disastrous consequences. Remember that taking an important decision.

The implementation of treatment

When applying to the dental clinic, the patient goes to the dentist — therapist. He will hold full-time visual inspection. Sometimes you need to do the x — rays. After preliminary procedures, the doctor will make a verdict and tell us what will happen in therapy. Procedures are performed under General anesthesia. Modern anesthetics have a pronounced effect and safely eliminate pain sensitivity.
Caries treatment takes 30 to 50 minutes and is carried out in one visit. On the elimination of pulpitis will take a few sessions, but often the number does not exceed 3. In periodontitis or other complications, treatment long. In order to achieve results and save the tooth, resorted to drastic and painful surgical procedures.

Often to visit the dentist fear pregnant women. Young parents think it is not mandatory to monitor the health of the milk teeth of children, as subsequently replaced by a unit root. This is wrong. Pregnant women and small children are at risk of developing complications often in connection with lower immunity. Therefore, eliminate chronic foci and take care of your health in advance.

Remember! An experienced dentist will not cause pain to the client. Its main task is to help and not harm.

It is advisable find a reliable doctor and make his observation constantly. Visit your doctor every 6 to 7 months, even if you do not bother, and there is full confidence in the welfare.