Helicos (halitosis) — treatment at home

When helicase treatment at home is carried out after examination of the patient. As pathology can be triggered by other diseases, therefore, home therapy is carried out after identifying the causes of the development of halitosis.

The use of folk remedies

The fight with the unpleasant smell from the oral cavity is the use of medicinal herbs:

  • Magnolia — plant has an antibacterial action. Magnolia is prepared broth, which will polychaetsa mouth;
  • oak bark is a good antiseptic, which is prepared from the decoction;
  • St. John’s wort — an effective recipe against halitosis;
  • parsley, lemon, pine needles;
  • using Kalanchoe can kill germs, prevent inflammation;
  • nutmeg (chew);
  • wormwood — used for decoction;
  • tincture of chamomile, sage has an antiseptic effect.

The above recipes are done after consulting a doctor. At the same time, it is recommended to observe rules of hygiene. To treat halitosis, the causes of which are not installed, you can use anise seeds, ginger, wormwood. From this pathology will help the following recipes:

  • olive oil with salt — used for rinsing the mouth;
  • in the morning on an empty stomach eaten Apple.

The anti-odour

Treatment of halitosis in an early stage aimed at weakening the smell. You can use the herbs that have antiseptic and deodorizing property. You can prepare a remedy made from oak bark and calamus. The collection is placed in a 0.5 l container filled with water. The composition of brewed, brewed. The drug is taken after filtration.

In the case of halitosis treatment at home is the use of liquors. For their preparation used water or alcohol-containing beverages. But before taking such medications are advised to consult with your doctor:

Horseradish tincture: 3 tbsp pulp of horseradish infused in 250 g of vodka. The medium is filtered, ingested. With it removed the inflammation from the mucosa and gums
Caldereta tincture: 3 tbsp. minced celery root insist 2 weeks in a warm place. Before taking 1 tablespoon of tincture diluted in a glass of water. The resulting solution will polychaetsa mouth and throat
Tincture of St. John’s wort: 25 drops diluted in 1/2 Cup water. Is used for rinsing the mouth.

To eliminate the rotten smell from the mouth, to gargle use the infusion of the strawberries. 100 g of raw material will need 0.5 liters of water. To address this symptom, you can use the following tools:

  1. palm stems are filled with boiling water, boil 5 minutes. Cool broth will polychaetsa mouth;
  2. decoction of thyme;
  3. infusion of sorrel. To prepare it, do not use the juicer. You can pound the leaves of the plant using a porcelain mortar.
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Digestive problems

If the cause of halitosis — gastrointestinal disorders, then bad breath is eliminated by using the following folk remedies:

  • zest of lemons mixed with honey and infusion of mint. The drug is taken orally 1 teaspoon after meals;
  • rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide diluted with water.
  • the use of milk powder for brushing your teeth. With such a structure quickly removes Tartar, so it is recommended to use dental instead of toothpaste.

As a supplementary but effective recipes use an infusion of apricots, spice blend (cinnamon, cardamom and Bay leaf).

You can refresh your breath by using the following methods:

  • hold in the mouth of clove buds;
  • mint leaves, slice of lemon, eucalyptus;
  • to chew the coffee beans;
  • chew a sprig of sage or fennel seeds.

If after applying the above funds remained galitos, a doctor should be consulted. At the same time in combating the disease using natural products. In the patient menu includes raw vegetables, as they are effectively and quickly cleanse the gums, strengthening tooth enamel. It is better to eat fresh carrots, which contain fiber. However, she quickly freshens breath.

It is recommended to drink clean water. It promotes the production of saliva, which facilitates the process of hydration of the mucosa. After a meal to rinse your mouth with saline. It is well washes away food particles and bacteria that has accumulated in the cavity.

To suppress the growth of germs, reducing bad breath, it is recommended to drink vegetable and fruit juices. For pulling harmful bacteria and flushing toxins can be in the morning on an empty stomach to gain a mouthful of vegetable oil. It is held in the mouth for 5 minutes, and then spit out.

As a disinfectant you can use lemon essential oil. It is prepared from a glass of water and 5 drops of oil. The composition used for rinsing the mouth. It can be replaced with tea tree oil. In the fight with the putrid odor of freshly brewed coffee helps.

Therapy toothpaste

To eliminate bad smell in the case of halitosis, you can use special toothpaste. With its help, recovering the normal balance of microflora in the cavity, for violation of which there is excessive growth of anaerobes.

Protivopolozhnye pasta presented in the form of components that suppress pathogenic microflora, affecting the viruses. These toothpaste eliminate dry mouth, which can trigger bad odor. Doctors are advised to use toothpastes with antiseptic, so they better clean mouth, quickly removing bacterial plaque.

But the deadline for such funds is limited to 1 week. In the morning brush my teeth treatment paste, and in the evening — preventive composition. Often used Colgate Total, the Antibacterial President. To eliminate the bad smell you can use a special hygiene of the oral cavity:

  • rinse;
  • Flos;
  • the oral irrigator is impregnated with flavoring.

The greatest efficiency has a mouthwash with antiseptic and the extract of natural herbs. This tool removes plaque, preventing cavities and bleeding gums. The means of this group include medicine man, Listerine, Lakalut Bazik. You can use natural concoctions. But their long reception negatively affects the shade of the enamel.

You can clean the teeth with floss. But this procedure is done several times a day. Type of dental floss is selected by the doctor for each patient individually. In the case of halitosis often is assigned the floss with flavor. Floss is an important tool for oral hygiene, as multi-level and highly flexible brush are not able to achieve proseuchai region located between the crowns. It is in these places, there is a rapid accumulation of plaque, which tend to sprout in the stone.

The use of hydrogen peroxide

In the fight the ailment, you can use hydrogen peroxide. It is a versatile medicine that is used to rinse the mouth. But the therapy hydrogen peroxide is effective, if the cause of halitosis associated with dental disease. If halitosis is caused by other ailments, then the hydrogen peroxide will relieve the patient from unpleasant smell for a limited time only.

Hydrogen peroxide, used to rinse, acts as an antiseptic, destroying pathogenic microbes. The tool is prepared in the following way: 3 tsp 3% hydrogen peroxide solution are mixed with tablet Peroxide and 100 ml of water. Rinsing is carried out three times a day for 3 days. For the procedure used to warm the solution and boiled water.


In performing this procedure the patient may feel a slight tingling and foamy. Such occurrences are considered normal. This solution is used for irrigation of the mouth by means of a spray or an application pad.

Preventive measures

Prevention of the disease under consideration is aimed at the content areas of the oral cavity clean and free from deposits. To do this, follow the hygiene of cavity:

  • brushing your teeth in the morning and evening;
  • tongue cleaning;
  • use mouthwash or water for rinsing after eating;
  • the use of floss.

If there are diseases that trigger halitosis, a doctor should be consulted. This measure will prevent the constant stench from the mouth, eliminating the root cause.

For the prevention of halitosis, it is recommended to stimulate salivation. The function of saliva — the dissolution of sulfur compounds that promote hydration of the oral mucous membrane.

In the composition of saliva contains active substances, minerals that maintain homeostasis in the mouth. Bad breath brings a lot of inconvenience. He is stopping to breathe freely, to speak normally with others. Against the background of such factors is developing the complex.

Sometimes a person does not hear and does not know what his stench. It’s frustrating as suffering from bad smell surrounding. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check yourself. In the presence of halitosis you can use a folk and traditional method of therapy, after agreeing them with the doctor. If the cause of the disease is a serious disease, then eliminating it, you can get rid of halitosis.