Helicos what is it: causes and treatment

The problem of helicos this is a fairly common disease, which is characterized by the appearance of unpleasant smell from the mouth. Also called halitosis. As a rule, this condition is considered to be bad breath that is impossible to remove through conventional hygiene or preventive individual measures. Today treat this problem more seriously than it was a few years ago. Currently in medicine there are many technologies and methods that help you to get rid of halitosis.

In the field of medicine has long been studying this disease, treating the disease as a pathological disturbance in the human body, which affects the internal organs, especially the respiratory system and the digestive system. Many of the countries that are distinguished by their superior development are highly controversial statistics. In some this halitosis affects about thirty percent of the population, in others almost seventy.

It should also be noted that this disease carries both medical and social in nature. The majority of the appearance of halitosis is a signal of possible development in humans of a disease of the internal organs. You also need to remember that bad breath is caused by halitosis has the ability to keep up together with the fear that makes this issue not only personal but also social.

This disease refers to dental problems, so it should be treated in the office by a qualified dentist. Only it can quickly get rid of this scourge. Special treatment halitosis of modern techniques will not only get rid of the disease, but also to learn about the cause that provoked it. Moreover, physician eliminate any problems that arose because of halitza, even though it is not a medical problem and are not a required goal of treatment.

The types of the disease

Before you learn what is halitosis and what are its types it is necessary to mention about common human fears. In the case of this disease need to mark this phobia as halitophobia, which is characterized by an obsessive state about the unpleasant smell from the mouth. In such cases, the person does not need medical and psychological assistance. So, today this disease can be of the following types:

  1. physiological;
  2. pseudohalitosis;
  3. extraordinare;
  4. true halitosis;
  5. oral;
  6. halitophobia.

In principle, often the doctor meets with the true shape and form of the disease. In such cases, when the person in a conversation is bad smell from the mouth, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as probably it has a physiological or oral form halitosis.

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The causes of the disease

In General halitosis is the reasons have varied, but most often it appears when a meal containing large amounts of sulfur (onions, garlic etc). The particles these products pass through the entire digestive system, and then penetrate into the blood vessels, which enter the lungs, which come in the form of an unpleasant smell from the mouth. This happens in cases when a person uses alcohol-based drinks.

The true causes of halitosis the following:

  • during the fasting period;
  • when Smoking;
  • improper or frequent reception of the same medicinal product;
  • the wrong diet;
  • violations of the implant(if installed);
  • abuse of alcoholic beverages.

All of the above causes of halitosis are temporary, that is, their expression can be partial or not occur. Most often all kinds of halitosis arise if the person:

  1. has gingivitis;
  2. suffering from candidiasis;
  3. has dental caries;
  4. suffers from xerostomia;
  5. susceptible to periodontitis;
  6. correctly monitors the oral cavity.

Extraorally kind of disease often occurs when the person has:

  • pathology of the digestive system;
  • disease cancer;
  • disorders of the liver or biliary tract;
  • problems with the respiratory tract.

In all the above cases, the bad smell from the oral cavity occurs due contained in the body in large quantities of nitrogen or its components. If you make a rough diagram of the development of this disease, we can say that generally it appears after the food remnants that are split, and then leaving a bad smell from the mouth.

Haritos is not a private disease. It plays the role of a presence indicator in the body of certain pathological disorders requiring special attention, in particular medical assistance. Nasty smell from the oral cavity may also develop because of volatile compounds contained in the air that are inhaled by people. These compounds tend to saturate the breath is very nasty, unpleasant odor.

There are a number of sources that play a primary, the main role in creating the volatile external connections. The main ones are:

  1. food, e.g., onion, garlic, radish or cabbage;
  2. metabolization products that dominate the list of the negative number of sticks such as fuzobakterii, actinomycetes, anaerobic bacteria and others);
  3. food particles that is in the process of decomposition;
  4. substance left after carbohydrate fermentation.
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It is worth noting that no matter how many causes of halitosis, the main is always entering the body of anaerobic microorganisms, resulting not only respiratory system, but other important organs and systems of the human body. But medically this disease is divided into two main groups. Bad breath can occur for two reasons: General and local.

General is characterized by the fact that the disease is directly related to oral health. Local — these are the factors that indicate the status of the oral cavity, in the event that when it occurs outside influence.

So, the main reasons for the development of this disease is disassembled, but, to make it clear let us examine each of Izu them individually.

Dental disease

Often dental diseases cause this condition like bad breath.

The main precipitating helicos diseases include the following diseases:

  • dental caries;
  • neoplastic growths;
  • periodontitis and inflammatory processes development;
  • diseases of the oral mucosa
  • bad oral hygiene, or lack thereof.

Dental causes of halitosis are defined by the fact that the person is bad or insufficient care for oral hygiene, not brushing his teeth, should also some orthopedic and orthodontic rules and recommendations.

In connection with accumulation in the mouth food residues which undergo a process of decay occurs favorable environment for life and development of a variety of microbes, may appear halites. The odor in these cases is a result of their appearance in the mouth of sulfur compounds that give breath dizzy.

Dry mouth syndrome or dry mouth

As a result of lower salivary flow may be a violation of self-purification of the oral cavity, and it becomes a cause of the development of halitosis. In this case a bad smell may appear if you take any medication or drug violations of nasal ventilation other respiratory.

Improper diet

The appearance of halitosis well as provoking factor of a social nature which directly affects a person’s life, particularly his diet. This risk group can be attributed to various systemic diseases of the body.

That is an improper diet can disrupt the favorable conditions of the mouth, causing an unpleasant odor or sparest breathing.

Also to provoke helicos can the following factors:

Sparkling water. Often, drinks that contain a lot of sugar or its substitutes can cause unpleasant smell from the mouth.
Alcohol-containing beverages. As a rule, alcohol dries your mouth, thus reducing his defenses and promotes the development of bacteria of the anaerobic type. Because of the dry mouth people get plasma protein, which is a secondary source for the development of halitosis.
Smoking. A fairly common cause of halitosis is Smoking. As you know, even the process of Smoking causes the bad smell, and if the person smokes frequently, he may develop chronic halites. In addition Smoking can cause dental caries or dental calculus.
Starvation. When the body lacks minerals and substances of food, the body begins to be a release of endogenous reserves. This process very often leads to halitosis. In such cases, to cure this disease is hygiene enough. Smell appear after eating.
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In addition to these causes of bad breath there are others. The most common are:

  • hormonal disorder;
  • stress or other nervous tension;
  • some medication and many others.

Treatment halitosis

As galitos is not directly but indirectly the disease, primarily in its treatment it is necessary to identify the root cause of its development. Diagnostics of halitosis treatment and prevention conducts a dentist, who conducts the primary inspection of the mouth, and then assigns the appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Widespread in the treatment of diseases acquired folk medicine. Since ancient times people use different solutions and infusions based on herbs. So, how to treat helicos folk remedies?

If the disease is acute, it is necessary several times a day to rinse the oral cavity with a solution based on sage, mint, chamomile or humans. Also when stale breath helps the periwinkle plant which is dried and prepared him an infusion.

If galitos appeared as a consequence of Smoking, the perfect way to eliminate smell would be the dill that needs to chew. Also in this case, you can use parsley or celery.