Herpes in the mouth in adults treatment, symptoms, causes

When it comes herpes of the mouth in adults, treatment is chosen depending on the nature of the disease and location of lesions. The virus can survive for long periods in the human body and appear quite suddenly, usually with the weakening of immunity. Small liquid bubbles can be seen on the lips, but no less often they occur on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and cause ill enough great discomfort.

Risk factors

Herpes in the mouth, if you have never been sick, can be very unexpected. But the symptoms often appear when the body is affected by the following precipitating causes:

  • Chronic lack of sleep;
  • Disease of an infectious nature;
  • Overheating or overcooling;
  • Constant stress;
  • Great physical exertion;
  • Immunodeficiency;
  • Recent surgery;
  • Oncology, chemotherapy;
  • Weakness in immunity, vitamin deficiency;
  • Frequent colds;
  • Antibiotic therapy;
  • Hormonal disruptions in women during menstruation.

However, even if you have symptoms of the disease do not manifest themselves, you can remain a carrier of the virus and transmit it to others. For example, airborne droplets, contact — through items of hygiene, sexually and also through blood and from mother to fetus.


Symptoms of herpes virus in the mouth is quite complex and varies depending on location. It all starts with an easy case and the emergence of unpleasant sensations in the mouth, itching or burning, then there is often pain in muscles, increased body temperature. Mucous changes color, you can see the liquid bubbles on its surface.

Subsequently, these bubbles under the influence of external factors burst, in their place, formed ulcers, which can often be seen white patches. This coating over time hardens to form a crust, and then they fall off. For healing the mucosa needed about two weeks, then it does not remain any traces.

Local symptoms

The disease usually has a clear localization, for example, is often found in herpes on the gums. In this case, the patient experiences an unpleasant sharp sensation when chewing food that resembles a regular toothache.

If this is not herpes on the gums, and, for example, on language, on the site of the rash will be a noticeable redness. Usually there is also swelling of tissues, itching, difficulty swallowing food, talking. When sores appear, the pain become more intense. Under the tongue the herpes virus occurs, as a rule, on the bridle, the bubbles cause intense discomfort.

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Herpes rash on inner surface of cheeks and lips is swelling of the mucosa, burning sensation, difficulty eating, long conversations. If symptoms are observed on the tonsils or on the surface of the throat, this condition can be confused with angina. The clinical picture is as follows — sharp pain when swallowing, white patches on the mucous membrane, dry throat, itching, difficult cases are purulent ulceration.

Forms of the disease

Herpes in the mouth can be acute, which according to statistics revealed very often, and chronic, if the first relapse of the disease was not cured till the end. The nature of its occurrence can be identified in three forms:

  1. Light and asymptomatic. Vesicles on the mucous yet, but noticeable swelling and small sores may further increase the body temperature;
  2. Average with pronounced symptoms. If you suspect the herpes diagnosis blood composition, the results of which clearly defined the disease;
  3. Heavy with a significant deterioration of the patient. The temperature can rise to 40 degrees Celsius, there are abundant rash on the mucosa, lips. Submandibular and cervical lymph nodes become inflamed, which is well detectable. In the analysis of observed high content of ESR.

In addition to the analysis of the blood in severe cases, appointed by smear or biopsy of the item affected by the herpes.

What can be confused

Often herpes of the mouth accompanied by a number of similar signs of thrush. Therefore, to distinguish these two diseases are taken into account several conditions:

  • The appearance of ulcers. For herpes virus normally the first formation of bubbles, and then the showdown, to stomatitis is the occurrence of sores from the initial stage;
  • Localization. Herpes in the mouth in adults is always in one area, with stomatitis is several zones;
  • The area of destruction. When the herpetic rash involving places close to bone structure, with stomatitis — the inner surface of the cheeks, lips, throat.

Despite the fact that in both diseases appear ulcers, which are kept in the oral cavity about 1-2 weeks, these features do not allow to doubt an accurate diagnosis. And the delivery of additional analyzes always helps to put everything in its place.

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Therapeutic measures

Pre-specialist evaluates the existing symptoms of, diagnose a particular disease. Then, depending on the result treatment of herpes in the mouth, which always should be integrated. This implies a number of measures and regulations:

  1. Special dietary food;
  2. In severe cases bed rest;
  3. Consumption of sufficient amounts of fluids — at least two liters of water per day;
  4. The use of antiviral medicines, special strengthening and symptomatic drugs.

And now more about how to treat the herpes virus to achieve a good therapeutic result.


To symptoms such as pain when swallowing, or inflammation of the oral mucosa subsided as quickly as possible, follow a few simple rules:

  • Abstain from sour, salty, sweet in very small quantities;
  • Any food should be warm, especially recommended to consume broths, soups, vegetable broths, milk porridge;
  • To cope with the virus help products, containing arginine and lysine are milk, cheese, curd, butter;
  • Also diet can include boiled meat, vegetables, soft-boiled eggs.


Of antiviral drugs specialist may prescribe Zovirax, Diolin, Acyclovir, Megasin, Holisal, Solkoseril, Famvir, he needs therapy with valtrex. It depends on the form of the disease — if it was easy, used means local purposes, and in poor condition the tablets systemic action.

Antibiotics are prescribed for purulent ulcers (Amoxicillin, Biseptol, Ceftriaxone). And to maintain the body’s immune can prescribe Imudon, Dekaris, Histaglobulina, additionally it is good to drink a course of multivitamins and use of herbs — Echinacea, rose hips, viburnum. For special indications, if you have a strong fever, drink antipyretics.

The fight against herpes at home


There are a number of measures which should help in this disease significantly alleviate the condition of the patient, they are independently:

  • The use of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of herpes on the tongue, palate, gums, surfaces of the cheeks. Treated area with the sores, removed the burning, accelerated healing;
  • Rinsing with Chlorhexidine, Furacilin, saline solution, alcohol solution hlorofillipta. For the throat is more suitable for synthesis, Acyclovir tablets crushed and dissolved in warm boiled water;
  • Lubrication of the affected area aloe. The juice of this plant is moistened gauze and applied to the language, other available;
  • Using «Kalgel» to relieve pain. Itching and burning can cause great suffering, and in the composition of the gel is present lidocaine, which greatly reduces the pain.
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During pregnancy do not prescribe antiviral drugs, and the symptoms removed by rinsing, application of antiseptics, medicinal decoction (sage, chamomile).

People’s councils

In addition to the above measures there are a number of recipes, proven by people’s experience:

  1. Take Melissa, wormwood, chamomile in equal proportions and pour a glass of boiling water. After half an hour of infusion medium is first filtered and then used for rinsing;
  2. Cut the zest in half, the inner side apply to the sores several times a day;
  3. For lesions in the corners of the mouth good skin with an ice cube, rubbing alcohol;
  4. Treat the affected area fir, sea buckthorn oil. This should be done regularly every three hours.

Special attention protivogrippoznoj therapy is given to personal hygiene — use separate linens, dishes, towels.

It is also not recommended for the treatment of the affected area to apply the iodine, brilliant green, celandine.

Preventive measures

Unfortunately, completely to cure herpes is impossible, but much can be done to prevent recurrence. The main goal is the maintenance of immunity at the proper level so that the virus is not activated. To do this:

  • Carefully follow the personal hygiene;
  • To conduct a correct lifestyle, which includes healthy and fortified food, sleep and rest;
  • To avoid hypothermia, stress, the time to contact the experts for the proper treatment of diseases;
  • To monitor safety in intimate life.