Honey with stomatitis: is it possible to treat a canker sore with honey

Can I use honey with stomatitis? This is a contentious issue between folk and traditional medicine doesn’t give us a definitive answer. Whom to trust and how to come to the only right decision, consider together.

Stomatitis is a serious condition

The etiology of stomatitis is penetration of the oral cavity viruses and bacteria, causing the formation of ulcers and erosions. Painful education are subject to immediate treatment, as there is a risk of transition of acute to chronic.

Most often disease occurs in children of preschool age. This is due to the failure of the immune system and curiosity to try everything tastes. Caught in the mouth bacteria multiply rapidly leading to the development of pathology.
To protect the child from disease difficult. The only way to take care of that baby with a solution of disinfectant and process everything he picks up. It’s stupid and pointless if to do so, the child will be more susceptible to various diseases because the mother does not permit the immune system to produce antibodies to fight disease.
The only thing that can help a sick stomatitis child to quickly take action on eliminating pathology to properly heal and protect the baby from contact with healthy children. Stomatitis is an infectious disease that easily passes from an infected to a healthy. Cases of stomatitis, the child should be provided with a separate, clean utensils and personal hygiene products. Room, where he holds the baby, should be aired regularly. Wet cleaning is carried out at least 2 times a day.

The treatment prescribed by the dentist, a self-test on the kid healing effect of natural ingredients is not necessary, such action can cause a reaction little weak body. Along with thrush, the mother will have to treat the hives or eczema in your baby.

Almost all the connoisseurs of folk medicine recommend the treatment of stomatitis with honey. The output speed and high regenerative abilities of a bee product made on the basis of its beneficial properties. But is it possible to treat herpes with honey?

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Useful properties of honey

Honey is a natural product with a range of useful properties. It has on the body the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Soothing;
  • Regeneration;
  • Wound healing;
  • Tonic;
  • Tonic;
  • Immunomodulatory;
  • Antimicrobial;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Analgesic.

Bee product with a great caution applies regarding children. The high content of allergens may cause an unpredictable reaction of the child’s body, so the treatment of stomatitis with honey in children should be supervised by an attending physician.

What do the doctors say

Honey from the sores was used by our grandparents and parents. Considering there were no drugs, disease in addition furatsilina and Vinylinum, the honey was a good alternative. Everyone knew that the product of the bee — a natural antibiotic, and if mouth ulcers are formed because bacteria and microbes, and to remove them use this simple cure. In addition, it is sweet and children are happy to open my mouth to handle.

The doctors categorically opposed to stomatitis treated with honey, as it causes fermentation and increases the blood flow to the tissues. Such actions promote more intense growth of pathogenic microbes in your mouth. According to doctors, the effect of honey on mucous membranes causes the creation of an ideal environment for bacteria. Doctors strongly recommend not to use honey with stomatitis in adults and children as a therapeutic tool. Moreover, to exclude bee products from the diet to the healing process of the injured mucosa is not delayed.

The advice of traditional medicine

In folk medicine, honey and stomatitis associated as two inseparable concepts. Pointing to the unique properties of the product, the healers are inventing every day new recipes that will help cure the infectious process in the short term. Consider the most popular cooking tips healing mixtures.

Recipe No. 1

In one glass of warm water dissolve the honey, the resulting solution is recommended to keep in your mouth for at least 5 minutes. Repeat 3 times a day.

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What do the doctors say?

In their opinion, such action is absolutely useless when the time came, but for the occurrence of Allergy, at the moment of easing of protective forces of an organism, the three-time rinse is enough.

Recipe No. 2

Chamomile with honey.

2 tablespoons of dried flowers pour 2 cups of water. Heat in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool, strain and mix with a spoonful of bee product. Use the infusion for rinsing, repeating 3 times a day.

About this therapeutic method, the doctors say that honey, in this case, you can not add. Chamomile has the same properties, but does not cause allergies and is absolutely safe.

Recipe No. 3

Apply fresh honey on the affected areas of the mucosa to full recovery.

The doctors, on this account, I urge you not to use honey as a therapeutic agent. Expect recovery will be very long, since the bacteria will not die and to reproduce.

Recipe No. 4

Mix egg white, whipped to a froth with 1 teaspoon of honey and same quantity of olive oil. Add Novocaine 0,5 % — 1 amp. Smear with a mixture of ulcers and erosion of the mouth.

The doctors say that honey in combination with these ingredients can complicate the situation. In addition, crude protein that can cause infection and the honey will speed up the growth of bacteria.

If you really want to use honey with stomatitis in children, then take that as a derivative of bee product — propolis, which is really can help to cure the disease.

Propolis treatment of stomatitis

If you compare honey and propolis, the latter can indeed be used to accelerate tissue regeneration and inflammation in the oral cavity. Propolis is a glue framework that bees use to bond the honeycomb.

The basis of propolis formed more than fifty useful components, divided into 3 groups, each of which has unique properties. Among them:

  1. Resin. Are a combination of various organic acids. The resin contains the alcohol, which has a strong antiseptic effect;
  2. Balms. Have a pronounced tannic and astringent. The composition of balsam contains aldehydes, essential oils and terpenoid;
  3. Waxy substance. Have shielding and regenerative action.
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Propolis contains other biologically active components with unique therapeutic properties.

The use of propolis for sores is only possible in the absence of allergic reactions on incoming components.

Recipes with propolis with stomatitis

The disease is treated with tincture of propolis, which is available at any pharmacy.
Drug applied to the affected areas of the mucosa, pre-treating them with antiseptic. After the application of propolis is formed an invisible film on the erosion, which protects the inflamed area from the penetration of bacteria.

Stomatitis fungal nature candidiasis can be treated effectively with nystatin and propolis. The tincture is mixed with pill antifungal agents and treat mouth sores 4 times a day, no more than 5 days. The soaking solution is prepared as follows: a few drops of tincture added to a glass of boiled water and rinse your mouth every 2 hours.


Pondering the question, use honey from the stomatitis in adults and children or not, follow not the advice of traditional healers, and the recommendations of the experts, who are skeptical of the bee product like to effective treatment.