How long can you go with a temporary filling

Plans quickly cure tooth fall, after the verdict of the doctor that the sealing is delayed, as laid down in the tooth the medicine and how long can you go with a temporary filling not every doctor is telling the patient. If the pain and discomfort the patient is observed for several days, a seal change. When a doctor recommends a temporary filling, how many it can hold and why there is a need for its replacement by a constant.

When no temporary filling can not do

A temporary seal is established by the dentist, in the presence of certain indications:

  • If necessary, conservative treatment is not complicated pulpitis and carious teeth. After cleaning the tooth cavity from inflammation and discolorations, the dentist treats the channels, and into the void formed in the cavity provides a drug. Then set the temporary filling to the tooth reamed not penetrated and pathogenic bacteria and remains of food;
  • For the diagnosis of the nerve endings. The doctor provides the drug, and closes the cavity filling for some time. If the patient starts to pain relief, it is possible that there is a pulpitis;
  • To remove the nerve in the tooth. Such manipulation is necessary in the treatment of pulpitis. A few days before the removal in the tooth lay arsenic or a gentle substance and put temporary filling. Only after the immobilization of nerve treatment is carried out;
  • In the process of prosthetics to protect the teeth from infection in the period of manufacture of orthopedic structures. Directly in front of prosthetics temporary seals removed.

In how much time put the seal decides physician. The seal itself is of no danger to health, the exception is the situation when the patient is in the process of wearing an Allergy to the material.

What are the requirements for a temporary seal

Temporary filling must meet certain requirements. Its main function — protection of the tooth from penetration of pathogenic bacteria and food debris. It has to be different full integrity, to existing inside a substance is not washed and do not fall out.

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You may not make the filling material of the components affecting the body of toxic action. The seal should be hypoallergenic.

Filling material should be plastic and at the same time quick-drying. Plasticity is essential to give the filling the desired shape, and quick drying ensures that the material will not react with the drug.

Filling material should be easily removed from the tooth. How long can you go with a temporary filling? Doctors recommend to remove it no later than 2 weeks. Can a temporary material to stand for a long period of time without causing harm to health and not dropping out?

What time establish temporary filling

The polymeric material from which manufactures temporary filling will not differ from that used for permanent. That is why she falls, and many patients wear it for years without removing. Tighten with permanent sealing of people love and come to the doctor after a month or two. If you are at the clinic said how put temporary filling, it is through a specified time need to be a doctor. This is for several reasons:

  1. When a tooth of the medicinal drug that has a devastating effect on the nerve, to wear a temporary filling for not more than 7 days. Earlier, as a medicine used arsenic. It is a poisonous substance that can cause intoxication of the organism after a couple of days. Today use a more gentle drugs, but they cause no less harm to health. The patient is forced to go to the doctor because of sudden worsening of health;
  2. Filling material is laid not deep, with constant pressure on it while chewing food or closing the jaws it may fall out. Along with it may break off the tooth that the doctor tried to keep.

And how many can stand temporary filling made of a special composition used in the process of prosthetics? Once the doctor is sure that no rejection of the implanted implant, and it will take a few months, the temporary filling can wear whatever you say doctor.

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How much should stand temporary filling depends on the method of treatment and the degree of destruction of the teeth. In any case, how put temporary filling is decided by the doctor.

What can happen after the installation of the temporary filling

Sometimes there are some problematic moments:

  • Can occur painful. This is the result of infection of the cavity or not completely mortified pulp. If you experience extreme pain, you must immediately notify your doctor. The formation of the cyst or inflammation of a nerve, may develop pulpitis or periodontitis. Often the body reacts to the filling material allergic manifestations;
  • The material can crumble and fall out. In this case, to delay the visit to the doctor is impossible, open tooth can become infected with pathogenic bacteria;
  • For dental treatment used the materials with a sharp specific smell and taste. The presence of a medicinal smell and taste in your mouth during the first days after treatment is considered normal. But in case of pronounced taste and smell mouth there is a possibility that the crack was formed in the treated tooth. To eliminate trouble you should visit the dentist;
  • Darkened tooth, swelling of the gums and foul odor from the mouth is evidence of the development of complications after sealing. Not delay, the filling material should be removed and to inspect the canals and the tooth cavity. A doctor’s consultation.

How long can you go with a temporary filling and when you can change permanent? If within the established doctor time no pain occurs, it is possible to replace the temporary material permanent. The patient experienced discomfort and pain in the future, NERV will be deleted.

A temporary seal with the aim of observing the tooth during treatment or prosthetics. The material is very comfortable and harmless. Danger is a drug, incorporated in reamed and cleaned the cavity.

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After temporary sealing

While holding a temporary seal, no matter how much time has passed, it is important to observe some rules:

  1. To be used for hygienic cleaning brush with soft bristles;
  2. Do not chew food on the side of treatment;
  3. Refuse to chewing gum, candies and toffee;
  4. Not to use food coloring for the first day after the procedure fillings. Refrain from beets, coffee, tea, red wine;
  5. To relieve pain and reduce inflammation can herbs. Prepare a decoction of them dried chamomile, oak bark, sage or calendula;
  6. Rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions. They will help to eliminate the signs of inflammation and accelerate tissue regeneration after the treatment and will destroy pathogenic microbes and bacteria in the oral cavity;
  7. Try not to take aspirin, it is not a pain reliever, but it causes a lot of problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  8. Eat no earlier than 2 hours after the procedure. The material should «seize», so as not to fall and to crumble on the first day. Some of the trains freeze after a few minutes and allows the doctor to eat, not waiting for a certain time.

Now you know what is a temporary filling, how can it go determined by the physician, not the patient. So do not ignore the doctor’s request to come on the scheduled day for the replacement material.