How long does the heat from the stomatitis in a child and an adult?

Stomatitis is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon. How long does the heat from the stomatitis in a child and adult, as is evident, and what causes contribute to its promotion?

It should be noted that the increased temperature is accompanied by a range of symptoms that significantly worsen the overall condition.

Could it be the temperature with stomatitis?

In children in the period of stomatitis, the temperature is almost always. Adult disease experience easier, feeling only discomfort and detecting mouth ulcers.

Very high fever in severe forms of the disease, when the mouth affected a large part of the mucosa. In such cases, the symptom is the main indicator that a child urgently needs to see a doctor. Sometimes a seemingly innocuous stomatitis, treat have long-term and under the constant supervision of doctors.

Rarely the temperature in this disease is found in children older than 3 years, as his immune system he is already strong enough.

Its causes

High temperature is due to the fact that the nature of the disease relates to inflammatory processes. The body aktiviziruyutsya, the immune system reacts in this way: in the oral cavity accelerates the blood circulation, which is required for rapid recovery of damaged areas.

Fever is actually one of the most effective ways of fighting infection, so it often occurs at the stage when mouth formed aphthae and ulcers.

What is the temperature for different types of stomatitis?

Each type of disease has distinctive symptoms, which are manifested in different ways. This applies to the temperature of the main symptom of stomatitis.

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Oral thrush

Rarely observed in children older than one year. The symptoms are very acute, bright. There is an increase in temperature to 40 degrees, the oral mucosa becomes whitish because of the white lumpy (cheesy) plaque. Influenced by inflammation become enlarged lymph nodes.

The acute form of Candida the type of stomatitis does not occur always. Some children quietly carry the disease, as the temperature is at the level of 37-38 degrees. The lymph nodes are normal size.

Viral stomatitis

To receive this type of pathology is capable of at any age, especially those suffering from herpes people. This stomatitis is hard tolerated by the body, because along with temperature 39-40 degrees occurs more and severe intoxication. In the mouth the bubbles are formed harmless, but after a short period they are opened and form of erosion that is bringing discomfort and constant pain.

Additionally observed these symptoms:

  • chills;
  • bubbles around the mouth and nose;
  • weakness;
  • headache.

Rarely, but sometimes the herpetic stomatitis still occurs in mild forms. In such cases it is better to use less medication. In acute form sometimes even need hospitalization, as long time result home treatment no.

Aphthous stomatitis

The disease has a bacterial or allergic mechanism of development, and still be able to gastrointestinal disorders or infections in the oral cavity.

Despite the difference in causes of stomatitis, all types have the same symptoms, similar to viral type illnesses. Only formed in the mouth aphthae, not bubbles. The temperature is very high and lasts a long time.

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How many days persistent fever with stomatitis and how to shoot it down?

How long is forfeited upon stomatitis, the temperature? There is no specific period for which the disease will certainly back down, as it all depends on the individual indicators.

  1. High temperature, copious amounts of erosions and ulcers is considered a heavy defeat. Is stomatitis in this case 10 days later.
  2. Mild lesions, accompanied by a slight temperature, held for 3 days. In adults stomatitis is easier.

When temperature detection is required first to see a doctor to identify the exact cause of the symptom. If the child is high, it is acceptable to try to knock her antipyretic. It is impossible to give pills to an adult, it must be drugs for a certain age. The most commonly used brand of medicine based on paracetamol and ibuprofen because they are still able to numb the pain, not only to bring the fever down.

The situation, when the temperature rises above 39 degrees, and no funds taken do not work, should be resolved by calling the «ambulance». In children it can cause seizures, which is of particular danger. If the temperature of an adult approaching 40 degrees, it is better to also immediately call the ambulance.

Over time, while waiting for her arrival, it is important to ensure the following:

  • do not give food, especially solid. If the child for a long time did not eat, it should be moderately feed pureed or liquid food;
  • the room must be ventilated and the air to be humidified;
  • frequent drinking is abundant, if the temperature of an adult, and moderate but frequent meals, if the child.
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It is possible to resort to folk methods, but not at the expense of common sense and health! Together with water or juice allowed to give decoctions of herbs (chamomile) and sores on the mucous membrane to lubricate, aloe or sea buckthorn oil.

These methods are particularly suitable when the baby’s fever below 38 degrees. During this period it is undesirable to use the medicines that the body was able to fight the infection. If you feel unwell you should immediately take more serious measures!

Video: symptoms of stomatitis — ulcers, temperature.