How many can you eat after light seals

Visiting the dentist, patients think when you can eat after treatment light seal? Such seals installed in every dental clinic. Usually, after the manipulation, the doctor informs about the necessary rules of care of teeth. If the patient did not receive recommendations, do not despair. All important instructions can be found in the article. Without them, the seal established by the doctor will stand long in the right place, and to please the owners of the healthy smile.

Light composites — reliable treatment

Seals are installed by dental therapists. Manipulation is shown:

  • When replacing natural tissue with artificial, in the case of caries of the walls of the unit;
  • After treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis;
  • For the restoration of pieces before covering with the crown;
  • In a situation if tissue is damaged mechanically (injuries, bruises);
  • The photopolymer is getting on the tooth, to eliminate pathologies associated with impaired aesthetics (wedge-shaped defect, fluorosis);
  • To restore the enamel after removing the braces.

Materials are chemical, light, cement, ceramic, plastic.

Svetotsvetovoy composites dentists prefer due to the fact that:

  1. They are easy to install and to model.
  2. The composite material have a long service life.
  3. Mass after hardening of the solid, are not prone to abrasion.
  4. Light composites have a wide range of palettes. The dentist selects the color of the filling mass as close as possible to the shade of the natural units of the patient. This is achieved by high aesthetics.
  5. The composite material is able to restore significant tissue damage. If necessary, the treatment unit is covered with a protective crown;
  6. The material has good adhesion (adhesion). Allows you to conduct therapy with minimal cleansing healthy tissue.
  7. The photopolymer is non-toxic, have low allergenic capacity, do not have a traumatic effect on the pulp unit.
  8. With the help of the dental pulp, it is possible to securely reinforce the pin or tab.

The disadvantages of composite material include:

  • A rather high cost. It is certainly not exorbitant, but when restoring several teeth, a person will leave in a medical facility quite a large amount;
  • The need for the restoration of the already installed seals. It is carried out, if necessary, every 3 to 6 years;
  • The shrinkage of the material. Despite the fact that this factor is expressed slightly, the tightness of the closed cavity of the tooth after a few years can be broken. To avoid such problems, visit your dentist for a preventive observation;
  • If the wrong actions of the dentist, the thin wall of the dental unit when blowing out of the composite can crack.
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Treatment with svetonosov

Therapy medium and deep caries, periodontitis and pulpitis in most cases is performed under local anesthesia.
Modern anesthetics:

  • Ultracain;
  • Ubistesin;
  • Septanest;
  • Scandonest.

Drugs are produced in the form of long capsules -capsules that are inserted into the dental syringe. Individual needle and ampoule will protect human health from infections, who wears through the blood.

Anesthetics have a pronounced effect and reliably inhibit pain sensitivity. All the remaining manipulations are carried out completely painless. The effect of the drug varies from 30 minutes to 2 -4 hours. If a person has a chronic illness, prone to allergic reactions should inform the doctor. When choosing pain relief be sure to take into account the presence of pregnancy, lactation and early age of the patient.

Before installing the composite, the doctor removes the decayed tissue, the cavity clears, holds antiseptic treatment. The restoration of the tooth crown is carried out gradually. In the treatment of secondary caries, to avoid complications, to the bottom of the stack of medical gasket. The material introduced into the cavity layer by layer, shining a special ultraviolet lamp. Upon completion of the work, the dentist adjusts the seal on the bite of a person, conducts its polishing and polishing.

Causes loss of light seals:

  1. Poor drying cavity during installation, the development of secondary caries.
  2. Violation of the rules of care of the oral cavity.
  3. Eating very hard foods: ice cubes, bones, nuts.
  4. Facial trauma in a fall, accident or impact.
  5. The restoration of the units was carried out poor quality or delayed supply.
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If photocomposite fell out of the cavity soon after the treatment, do not postpone visit to the doctor. Re-installation of the composite is carried out under the warranty for free.

Some people do not go to doctors and go with a hole in the tooth. The situation is not accompanied by pain, however, broken aesthetics and the act of eating. The tissue quickly dissolved, subsequently, there is an inflammatory process at the root tips. Eventually the once healthy unit you have to remove, the fault of the patient.

Recommendations after restoration with light-cured material

After the man left the walls of the clinic do not just rush to sit down at the table. Many doctors recommend to eat food directly for 20 to 30 minutes before the visit. This reduces the production of saliva in dental intervention. People long not feeling hungry and not in a hurry to eat shortly after the treatment.

The final photo-polymerization processes are carried out within 24 hours. However, the question of how many can not eat after treatment, we can answer the following statement. Products reception should limit only 2 — 3 hours. It should be noted, the water you can drink immediately after leaving the doctor’s office.

If the dentist uses anesthetic, to eat under the action of the drug is quite dangerous. In the process of eating, the person may accidentally bite his cheek or lip. It is very painful, the healing long. Taste favorite products under the influence of drugs is not felt. Therefore, to eat a favorite dish is to be patient and wait for the expiration of the anesthetic.

Immediately after installing light seals discard the solid fruit and vegetables. Do not overload the treated tooth. Recommended to eat: meat and fish in the form of cutlets, meatballs, soft cereals, dairy products.

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To the composite stood at the right place and meet the requirements of aesthetics, you must:

  1. In the first days after treatment, refrain from staining foods and beverages: beet, tomatoes, kiwi, pomegranate, strong coffee, tea, chocolate;
  2. Avoid injury. It is forbidden to chew bone, cartilage, nail-biting, seeds and nuts.
  3. Reduce the consumption of chewing gum. To freshen breath, it is sufficient to use the gum for 2 -4 minutes. Prolonged chewing leads to loss of fillings, problems with digestion;
  4. Reduce the amount of sweets. After eating rinse your mouth;
  5. Mandatory perform oral hygiene at least 2 times a day. To do this, use pastes, brushes, brushes, rinses, Flossie. Irrigator for mouth good helper for health dental pieces and gum.
  6. Give up Smoking.
  7. Carry out routine surveillance at the dentist every 6 — 7 months.

If you put a light seal quality, artificial fabric are not highlighted. They look aesthetically pleasing. However, if you constantly eat foods containing dyes, a lot of smoke, and not to produce proper care, plaque. Photocomposite changes color. The material is colored in dark, pinkish, gray. Aesthetics is violated. This is clearly seen on the front teeth in the smile zone.

Remember! Photopolymers are practical and aesthetics. Their service life directly depends on the quality of the care units after treatment. If you want to have the perfect smile health, don’t be lazy, brush your teeth 2 times a day, inspect the mouth for signs of abnormalities on their own. If necessary, contact your doctor.