How many days to erupt the first teeth in a child

Young parents often wonder how many days are cut through the first tooth of the child. The process of emergence of teeth in children is different. For some, it is a surprise, while others look forward to when the tooth finally cease to torment the child and the whole family can sleep. How long to cut the first teeth and how to help your child worry less painful this process, read our article.

When they begin to erupt milk teeth

The timing of teething in infants are individual and depend on external and internal factors. Influenced by heredity, climate, diet of the child. It is noticed that girls teeth usually erupt before 1-1. 5 months than in boys.

Teething, most babies starting at six months of age. However, if the child process didn’t start until 10 months, then it is not pathology.

Usually first appear on the lower incisors, then top. Teeth climbs in pairs: if you see the first tooth, it is likely that within two days you will see the following. Perhaps the eruption from four or more teeth. After the eruption of the first tooth, the following typically appear at intervals of two months.

His first birthday the child is celebrating with eight teeth: four incisors in the dentition. But this is not a rule. Some kids only have one tooth at this age and it is also a normal variant. But if a year has no teeth and can not even see the swelling of the gums, but it is a reason to consult a pediatric dentist.
Causes of missing teeth in year old child:

  • stunting of a child, for example, in rickets;
  • the beginnings of a body are missing (edentulous);
  • insufficient intake of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins D, A,C;
  • hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid activity).

Perhaps the appearance of the teeth in the period of embryogenesis, then the child is born with teeth. Doctors advise them to snatch newborns mother to painlessly could breastfeed the baby. Can grow a tooth before four months. Perhaps it’s a symptom of dysfunction of the endocrine system.

How long to cut a tooth

Today medicine is not able to predict how many months will start to appear teeth for a particular child and in what sequence, and especially, how long will the climb first tooth. These indicators are individual and depend on many factors. Doctors can give the average figures. Thus, since the increase and redness of the gums before parents will see the white tooth may take from a week to two months. And the fact that the tooth to penetrate the gum may take from three days to a week.
The entire period until the tooth breaks through the bone and the mucosal tissue may be accompanied by pain. Peaking at the moment when the tooth breaks the gums inflamed. Can be a complication of the infections. When the tooth already sticking out of the mucosa, it is not a cause of discomfort for your baby.

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In the period from six months to three years in the mouth of a person has 20 milk teeth. This means that the child since six months and until the entire dentition, some teeth will erupt. Of course, if they will not go for a few pieces at a time.

How long does a tooth grows depends not only on the individual child, but also what exactly is the tooth. So, the longer and harder just given the baby fangs of the upper jaw.

Signs of teething

The symptoms of an upcoming appearance of your teeth appear long before the tooth will start to penetrate the gums. Usually 2-4 weeks parents may notice the following signs:

  • the child becomes extremely irritable and capricious;
  • starts strong salivation;
  • gums podpadaet and turns red. Under it you can feel or see a tooth;
  • baby sleeps worse;
  • the baby begins in the mouth to pull objects and fingers to scratch the gums.

The process of passage of the tooth through the bone can be stretched and 2 months.

When cut first teeth may appear more alarming condition of the child, which parents need to know:

The increase in body temperature to subfebrile. To get out tooth should penetrate the bone and mucosa. On the gums wound is formed, which can be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. Hyperthermia — the body’s response to inflammation. The temperature usually does not rise above C. 38⁰ If it exceeded a specified value or is kept longer than three days, then you need to seek medical advice.
Change of chair. Doctors attribute this to the fact that there is a change in diet (the child refuses to eat). And also changes the microflora in the oral cavity, because the baby is trying to eat and to scratch the gums.
Cough. May be the result of weakened immunity in the nasopharynx, the reason of inflammatory process and increase of pathogens. Perhaps the child does not have time to swallow saliva, which is now allocated in larger quantities and chokes her. If there is wheezing, coughing stands out phlegm and it is often a child has had shortness of breath, then you need to consult a doctor.
Unpleasant metallic smell from the mouth. Because the gum, which cut through a tooth is inflamed, the lysis, i.e. cell death. In order to remove from the body decaying tissue and disinfecting the wound and the saliva is produced in large quantity. This changes its properties. It becomes more viscous, changing its color and smell. The gums of teething may be a little bleeding, but it also affects the breath.
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As mentioned above, the teeth begin to erupt around 6 months of age, and this is just the time when the antibodies transferred by the mother, cease to protect the child.

During the eruption reduced the protective reaction of the organism, which increases the chance of Contracting an infectious disease. Therefore, if increased body temperature, the child is coughing or has diarrhea for more than four days, you definitely need to visit a doctor. The pediatrician will prescribe tests and if the infection is not confirmed, we will advise drugs to ease the condition of baby.

When the milk canines erupt

The most discomfort when the leg was called «eye» teeth. They are so called because when they appear, the child may feel sick, smack in the eye. To normal signs of teething can also be symptoms of conjunctivitis and lacrimation. This happens because the roots of the upper canines are deeper, close to the facial nerve, irritation of which causes a pain. Erupt the canines longer than the other teeth.

Most often the upper canines erupt at 16-18 months, and lower in 17-23. With the change of milk teeth to permanent, reverse order: in 9-10 years are cut lower canines, upper 11-12.

Parents need to be prepared to increase body temperature in a child up to 38C for three days and other complications of teething. The eruption of the canines of the lower jaw is less painful.

How to help your child

To accelerate the process of teething is impossible, but parents temporarily alleviate the condition of the baby.

  1. Help massage gums. Clean finger move on polpuchka the gums. The movement should be soft, without pressure. In the case of severe inflammation you can gently wipe the lining with hydrogen peroxide or a decoction of herbs possessing anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties (chamomile, oak bark, succession). To do this, wrap the finger in gauze or bandage and soak in a prepared liquid.
  2. You can find the cap is made of silicone, which on the one hand thin bristles on the other thick. This item is used as a gum massager, and after the first teeth come out, they can clean teeth.
  3. Dental gel is able to quickly remove the inflammation. In drugstores the big assortment of such tools. These include Dentinox, Kalgel, Baby doctor, Holisal. The composition of these gels include Lidocaine or menthol. They cool the gums, and soreness goes for 20 minutes. If there is Lidocaine, the first application you need to carefully monitor the child’s reaction, as this component can cause an allergic reaction. The product contains anti-inflammatory substances of plant origin and antiseptic. Dental gel effective, but it can’t be used as much as cut the first teeth. It can be applied at most 5 times a day and no more than three days in a row.
  4. Scratching and cooling the gums will help toy teether. They are of two types: dry and liquid. If teething toy filled with liquid, it needs to be kept for a while in the freezer before giving it to the baby. When the child chews the toy, the raised surface massages the gums, and the cooled liquid relieves pain.
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If the baby’s temperature rose above 38⁰С, you should give the medicine and call a doctor.

How many days is teething so much and increased salivation. Care must be taken that the chin was wet all the time. To wipe it periodically with a soft, clean cloth. If this is not done, the result of maceration may occur stomatitis, popularly called «zaedy».

How many climbs first tooth depends on the individual crumbs. To speed up the process impossible. Doctors do not recommend the use of antiquated method and scratch the gum with a spoon or a sugar cube, as this can not only injure the gums, but also tooth.

If you today noticed that the gums podpole and became red in color, this does not mean that next week the baby will come out tooth. It may take a month or two. How long to erupt teeth, at what age and sequence in no way reflects on their quality and durability.