How many of you can’t eat after filling a tooth: how many can

How many of you can’t eat after a dental filling? About this issue by many people. To seal correctly is important and necessary in the case of destruction of a tooth. This manipulation is performed after curing of cavities and their complications. Dentist to fill the defect in the coronal part of the tooth according to the testimony applies strong and aesthetic materials. Based on IOPS (index destruction occlusal surface of the tooth), the doctor makes a decision: replace the defect of filling or orthopedic design. It is not only the observance of the algorithm for reconstruction of tooth tissues. After the sealing, the patient will be given specific care instructions for your teeth. From the implementation of these recommendations depends on the life and aesthetic appeal of the teeth. Let’s look at these points of care for the oral cavity.


The establishment of a material defect replacement tooth, is a strategic goal in the plan of restoration of functions of the tooth. The detection cavity produce mechanical and antiseptic treatment of the cavity. In correlation to the depth of the defect overlay root or crown fillings. When you close the root of most of the crown area is closed with a temporary filling. Depending on the instructions perform prigotovlennaja and entering into the cavity. Chemical materials have a short period of work for the reconstruction of the tooth. Light is more convenient in this regard. After the completion of works on reconstruction of the tooth to produce a finish. Seal check the bite, mark the excess with a paper copy. Excess fillings removed by treatment with diamond discs of different grit or fine burs. At the end of performing the polishing with the polishing heads, toothpaste, brushes.

The meal after the seal depending on the material

In the old days doctors, putting the seal, gave recommendations about what to eat and drink after the fillings not a few hours. But times change, and the dental industry is developing at a rapid pace. At the moment there are a lot of materials, celebrating the best properties in comparison with the former.

How many can you eat after a dental filling? Exposure time due to the used material. The average time 2_3 hours. Less common period 4_5 hours, if long-term intervention due to severe currents.

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Principal materials used to fill the defect:

  1. Composites;
  2. Cements;
  3. Amalgam;
  4. Temporary filling

Composite materials

The sealing substrate contains an epoxy resin, acrylic and photopolymer substance. Identify the types of chemical and light composites.

Light composites have several advantages:

  1. Plastic;
  2. Aesthetic;
  3. Harden immediately after polymerization;
  4. You can eat after setting the material directly.

Note the disadvantages: layered overlay with a thickness of not more than 2 mm;

With chemically hardening composites are epoxy, acrylic. If you use notes a short period of time for introducing and modeling the configuration of the tooth. To eat after a dental filling is not a minimum of one hour.

Cement material

Allocate cements in relation to curing: a chemical and light. This substrate is, as a rule, two-component material: powder and liquid. By mixing the doctor is allocated a certain period of time to restore the defect of tooth by laying in the cavity and the formation of the anatomy of the dental tissue. There is primary adhesion substance. However, to create the strength to abrasion, staining and leaching is necessary to wait. To the negative properties of these materials are fragility and the tendency to abrasion over time. After setting you can eat in 2_3 hours. Limiting the consumption of food and drink is due to the fact, to prevent shrinkage and deformation.

As for the JRC (glass ionomer cement). This material contains in its composition of fluorine and is resistant to moisture and therefore you can drink after you install immediately. But from the solid ingredients, it is recommended to abstain for 2_3 hours.


In the background note to the high toxicity of this material is rarely used. Amalgam is a substance formed by combining mercury with metal. And so the negative aspect from the use of this material can be observed throughout life. What it is not after putting the amalgam in the area of the defect? Can’t eat or drink for 2_3 hours.

Temporary material

To lock the origin of inflammation or nerve injury diagnosis after performing a series of manipulations, plomberie use of a temporary substrate. The material presented in two variations: chemical and light-cured. In the case of using chemical material for the production is given a short time. The components of the powder will depend on the time of thickening and hardening of the mass, and the boundary flexibility and toughness to the supplied loads. Set the material performs its functions for a certain period of time and subsequently replaced. The temporary substrate has to fulfil a number of requirements: strength and resistance to stress.

How many hours to eat? It is recommended with the aim of preserving the configuration of a material to restrict the admission for 2_3 hours. This is due to the fact that the primary curing is the outer layer. And only over time is the only cure deposited material.

Anesthesia especially before and after the installation of the material

Increasingly, prior to treatment, patients are asked to supply pain relief. This gives them psychological comfort and peace of mind from the physician performed the procedure. And here the treatment is complete and the patient asks a question: when you can eat after you install anesthesia or General anesthesia? It is recommended to wait for the expiration of the anesthetic solution.

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Performing anesthesia is most often infiltration method (in the radius of the apex of the tooth undergoing treatment) or by blocking of a large branch (while anesthetized several teeth, or even half jaw). In conduction anesthesia of the anesthetized teeth, gums, half lips. Anesthesia occurs throughout and after manipulation within the boundaries 2_3 hours.

If the patient will eat something in the interval of validity of the solution, then he is at risk to a number of complications for the following reasons:

  1. Not working temperature sensitivity: threatening complications in the form of burn or frostbite of the tissues of the throat;
  2. Parageusia: deform of taste sensitivity. The patient can eat the product is contraindicated in a number of diseases in a patient;
  3. Increasing the risk of injury in the oral mucosa on the background of the continuing action of anesthesia.


Is it possible to use all the products after installation? Executed aesthetically pleasing seal will be saved in case of restriction of consumption of staining products. How many can not eat after the installation of seals products, causing staining? Limit is recommended for 2_3 days. It is necessary to remove from the diet of coffee, black tea, beets, wine, berries, candy, various sauces, hot and cold drinks. Make recommendations in terms of dyeing of products because they are unable to determine the color and tarnish material that will gradually create the need for re-hygiene.

To prevent chipping you need to reduce the intake of solid foods: nuts, seeds in the peel, apples and crackers. It is preferable to eat soups, cereals, mashed potatoes, meatballs of minced meat. In the act of chewing is necessary to make movement on the opposite of the sealed region side.

Smoking and filling


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It is believed that nicotine stain and sealing material in yellow color. But it’s not. Nicotine causes a change in color of the enamel. Marks the introduced substance he leaves. And to change color you need sustained and systematic action tobacco containing components. However, it should be noted that tobacco impairs healing and therefore it would be better not to smoke in the day.
Many patients don’t know all the details of the operation of a material in the tooth, after the doctor finished the install of the filling substance. Therefore, it is preferable to clarify the medical issues eating and Smoking, and timing without the use of food at the reception to better maintain the seal in functional and aesthetic terms.