How much does a dentist in Russia, Ukraine, USA?

Many prospective students are interested in how much a dentist earns in Russia, Ukraine, USA? After all, it is today one of the most important criteria when choosing a profession. To whom to learn? The formation of a profile to give preference, and how much time it will pay off?

Describe the size of the salary, which you can navigate. Because the final amount of income of a doctor depends on various factors.

How much does a dentist in Moscow?

Monthly amount for doctors this specialty varies depending on:

  1. Region in the provinces are always less than in major cities.
  2. Status clinics – private dentistry have the opportunity to significantly increase the level of earnings of their employees.
  3. Qualification of a particular specialist. So, if the dentist has no experience and just graduated from school, his wages will be much lower than someone who has already made himself a reputation as a skilled physician.
  4. Narrow specialization – for example, therapeutic manipulation, surgery and orthodontic treatment will be significantly displayed in the salary of the doctor who commits them.

Obviously, working in Moscow, you can get the biggest salary. And if the province offers 15 thousand rubles a month for the dental practitioner, then in Moscow, so the minimum salary can start from 20-25 thousand per month. But this is only for beginners in a public hospital.

A doctor with experience who is invited to work in private dentistry, you can get much more – 100-150 thousand per month or even 400-450, with an impressive number of patients and very rare specialization. In this case, there are many nuances that can affect the final cost of the work.

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The average wage in Russia

If you focus on the average performance of state institutions, in the city or in the Outback, they are less different than in a private clinic. So, the dentist’s work in ordinary institutions of most cities is paid in the range of 15-25 thousand rubles.

But even this cannot be the final criterion, as there are options to make extra money in any clinic held on the basis of manipulations and treatments that are often billed separately.

The salary dentists in Ukraine

Over the past year, salaries of doctors as a profession in Ukraine has grown considerably. If 12 months ago the average was around 9000-10000, today that amount is already 20-30 thousand hryvnia. But here also the role of region and place of employment, specific specialization, etc.

For example, in Kiev the wages are much higher than in other regions. All depends on the particular specialty and the place of work. Orthodontist in private dentistry can obtain 2-3 times more than a simple therapist in a public hospital, even within the same city.

How many are in the US?

Of course, the best specialists are not limited only to work within their country. Brave and experienced opportunities abroad. And though it is difficult to get, you need to go a long way, but it is quite real at desire and expertise.

To understand what efforts will explain about average salaries by the example of America. There is a dentist’s office particularly highly prized. This is one of the most prestigious and highly paid professions. But much also depends on the state in which you are employed.

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Usually, in San Francisco the salary of a dentist can be in the range of 11 thousand, and in Washington to be about 10 thousand dollars a month. If you go to the province or the less popular of the city, that monthly salary will be reduced to $ 9,000. Also the salary will depend on the demand of the profession in each region.

Of course, to achieve a similar wage, you need to show yourself a good specialist and to set a goal to travel to the United States. In addition to paperwork and learning the language will require even more retraining, passing certain tests and examinations and possibly additional training to earn a decent reputation, allows to count on high incomes. But it is quite possible and is available to our citizens.

Video: career as a dentist.

Other ways of earning this profession

We mentioned that in addition to the monthly salary, dentist even in a public hospital may be eligible for additional amount comes from the procedure being performed. So, the doctor in addition to salary receives an income from such sources:

  • Various allowances in state institutions. There are surcharges for some services, given the amount deposited by patients over the counter. For example, when you absence insurance policy, the treatment is paid fully by the individual. Also some procedures are not included in insurance and their cost is the basis for the additional charge of the doctor’s work.
  • In private clinics, such a system more like premium, but also depends on the amount that patients pay in cash for the performed manipulations. So, in addition to the agreed rate, the dentist can get a certain percentage of these payments. Obviously, if it will serve a larger number of clients, his income will increase significantly. But each month it may be a different amount.
  • Even making some simple dental procedures at home, a doctor can earn an additional income. Of course, it does not appear in documentation and is not quite legitimate, but it is in real life.
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In any case, in each country, almost all people need the services of a dentist, and replace it nobody can. Therefore, this profession is always in demand and fairly evaluated. Another thing is that to get a diploma of such a specialist can be difficult. And get on the job training is not available to everyone. Here you need to show a high level of knowledge and dedication.