How much it costs to put braces on the teeth of child and adult?

Crooked teeth have not decorated a single person. How much is braces child and adult? This is a popular question being asked by suffering from malocclusion people.

How to choose a suitable system to see the quality was decent, and the price is acceptable. The article presents the answers to these questions.

What is needed?

Crooked teeth are common. If 30 or 40 years ago, the pathology of occlusion and remained lifelong problem, while today there are many orthodontic appliances used to align the dental arches.

Among the variety of devices for correcting a smile, the braces take the lead. Multibinding-system is a combination of:

  • metal locks;
  • the orthodontic arch;
  • rings, fixed to the chewing teeth;
  • metal or elastic ligatures.

The device allows you to correct almost any malocclusion without the use of surgery. The alignment is performed by the tension force generated by an orthodontic arch, wherein the teeth move through the bone smoothly and without jerks, will not violate the physiology of the periodontium. After removing the fixture to fix the outcome fix the retainers.

What determines the cost and installation of braces?

The price of alignment of teeth using braces varies widely. This value depends on factors:

  • material dental retainers (metal, ceramic or sapphire);
  • location (lingual or vestibular);
  • the manufacturer of the system (Damon, Clarity, Incognito, and others);
  • the novelty of the design (technology fixing brackets, the method of polishing the surface);
  • the period of treatment (from six months to two years).

In addition, the cost of installing multibinding system depends, to align both jaws, or only the lower or upper.

► Treatment braces in Ukraine will cost from several thousand to several tens thousand. In clinics of Moscow the procedure for installing the system for one tooth ranges from 8,000 in metal up to 60,000 rubles for lingual braces.

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What is the cost to install braces on your teeth?

A choice of orthodontic design is influenced by different reasons.

  1. Type of malocclusion.
  2. The extent of the breach.
  3. General somatic pathology.
  4. Allergic to certain types of materials.
  5. The financial condition of the patient.
  6. Professional features and lifestyle.

► Popular, cheap and reliable model are metal ligature braces. The price of fixing one tooth starts from 3500 hryvnia. In Russia, the treatment of this type of multibinding system will cost 8000 rubles and above.

► If you wish to receive more attractive design made of metal, while reducing the time correction of malocclusion of the quarter, you will offer self-ligating braces. Their cost is approximately 10,000 USD or 20,000 rubles.


If the prospect of smiling teeth with metal snaps in the next year or two you’re not tempted, you will have to spend a considerable amount of aesthetic braces.

  1. Ceramic ligature from 6000 UAH in Ukraine and 15 thousand rubles in Russia.
  2. Ceramic self-ligating – the price of 11 thousand hryvnias and more. For residents of Moscow, this type of braces will cost 30 thousand.
  3. Sapphire cost in Ukraine starts from 12000 through 14000 in Russian clinics to establish a transparent system on one tooth to 18,000 or more.

► Oral (actual) brackets have the highest price of all the known types of orthodontic appliances – from 24 thousand hryvnia, and from 60,000 rubles in Russia. The amount due to the difficulty of fixing the correct dental elements and manufacturing complexity of the apparatus. In addition, this type of system is not visible when talking and smiling, because metal locks are fixed on the lingual or palatal surface of teeth.

The total cost of the procedure

In the amount of the cost when correcting malocclusion braces system originally included the cost of construction, all required materials and specialist work. Before fixing the unit to the patient will have to pay some of the procedures, which were essential to quality installation, multibinding system:

  • initial examination of the dentist and development of individual schemes of treatment – from 100 hryvnias and 500 rubles in Ukraine and Russia respectively, however, many clinics are consultation free of charge;
  • diagnostics of the dentition, the study of orthopantomogram — 150 600-800 hryvnia and Russian roubles;
  • sanitation of the oral cavity, including mechanical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of teeth, treatment of carious teeth.
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► In the period of wearing orthodontic system will have to come for a check to the doctor every 2-3 weeks. Price of the visit is 100 Ukrainian grivnas. In Moscow one visit to the doctor costs from 500 rubles.

The difference in price is the installation of braces to adults and children

The optimum period for correction of malocclusion in children is 12-13 years, but such treatment is possible, already at 9 years of age.

Many teenagers do not want to wear the classic metal system due to their unsightly appearance, therefore young patients are offered the installation of ceramic, sapphire or even lingual braces.

The price depends on the design:

  • the most expensive, lingual braces, start from 120 thousand rubles in Russia and 50 thousand hryvnias in Ukraine;
  • sapphire – from 100,000 rubles and 45,000 UAH;
  • ceramic system – price starts from 55 to 60 thousand Russian rubles, hryvnia, this treatment is 10 thousand.

The higher the amount of correction of bite in children due to the peculiarities of their dental system and the need for gentle impact on floating teeth.

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How to remove braces from teeth how much is it?

After a long period of correction of the bite comes the long awaited moment of removing dental fixtures. The procedure lasts half an hour and does not bring pain. Ears special forceps are inserted into the holes of the bracket, and the doctor separates it from the tooth.

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► Small – about 150 hryvnia. In Russia, the price for the procedure ranges from 3000 rubles. However, many clinics practice the simultaneous payment at the beginning of treatment, so the cost of removal included in the total amount.

After the bite correction orthodontist sets a fixed retainer on the lingual surface of the teeth.

  1. The retainer prevents misalignment of teeth.
  2. Allows you to consolidate the results of treatment.

► This device is 700 1000-1500 hryvnias or Russian rubles.

Prices for orthodontic treatment vary depending on the location of the dental clinics in residential areas, bite correction will cost much cheaper than in the city centre. However, when choosing a doctor should be guided not only by price, but also the level of skill of the professional and reviews about his work.