How much you need to wear braces to align the teeth?

Before you have a malocclusion, patients are interested in how much you need to wear braces to align the teeth. This figure depends on different factors: age, disease severity, condition of the body.

Braces fixed on the surface of the enamel and the United orthodontic arc, let the soft and atraumatic to move the teeth to achieve the desired result.

The preliminary stage

Prior to installing braces to correct the bite, it is important to inquire about what they are, what their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Metal is a universal device, which is fixed to the outer surface of the tooth. Correction of malocclusion, as distal and anterior, the device is faster than other orthodontic structures. The main disadvantage is the unattractive appearance.
  2. Ceramic – have a white color, which makes them less visible on the teeth, while braces do not absorb dyes as do the machines of plastic.
  3. Sapphire – the most aesthetic non-removable device for correcting the bite, as each clasp transparent. However, these braces present the main drawback – high price.
  4. Lingual – fixed to the inner surface of the teeth, so apparently invisible. Of the minuses is worth noting the inconvenience in the adjustment period, and longer duration of treatment.

During the initial visit to the orthodontist should be ready for the following procedures, without which it is impossible to determine the cause of the malocclusion and to select the source of the breach:

  • vnutridiskovoe study dentist performs mechanical inspection, identifies the key of occlusion, identify teeth in need of rehabilitation before the start of orthodontic treatment;
  • panoramic radiograph is the study of the picture tells the doctor how much space there is in the jaw, to move certain teeth. The most accurate information gives teleroentgenogram (TWG) on the basis of which the orthodontist is able to determine the ratio and size of the bones of the skull;
  • diagnostic models made of plaster designs allow measurements to determine the lack of space.

After a visit to the orthodontist is to treat carious teeth and to conduct a professional hygiene, to the time bracket of the oral cavity was healthy. Sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth that prevent movement and formation in the correct position.

How long is the installation?

The duration of the installation of braces varies depending on the type of designs used. The standard locking metal clasps to the surface of teeth takes about 60 minutes.

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This time can vary to larger or smaller, depending upon the level of skill of the orthodontist, the complexity of the tooth location and material selection for fixing. Let us consider the main stages as there is a mounting bracket system:

  • cleaning the surface – orthodontist with abrasive paste and brush handles teeth to remove plaque and food residues;
  • etching on enamel is applied to a special composition, which promotes the removal of smear layer, which occurs due to better grip the dental tissue and the fixed element. After 15-30 seconds, the solution is rinsed off, the tooth surface is dried;
  • the application of the adhesive – the adhesive is distributed over the enamel in a thin layer and polymerized rays of the led lamp;
  • direct fixing brackets on each tooth is applied flowable composite in small quantity, in which is immersed the toggle clasp. After removal of the excess material and determining the location of the bracket is made of a light curing agent;
  • installation of the arc – when all the elements are installed in the grooves of the locks is inserted into the orthodontic arch, by which action will be movement of teeth;
  • fixation ligatures – installed elastic ring to create force to change the bite.

Similarly, there is attachment of ceramic multibinding systems. When fixing the lingual braces is treated lingual or palatal surface of the teeth, and the process takes longer to complete because of the difficulty of access.

How much you need to wear braces on the teeth after the installation?

Immediately after fixation, multibinding system on the upper and lower jaw begins the adaptation period. Every person runs differently: someone quickly gets used to the established structures, and some will take weeks to adapt to the discomfort in the mouth.

On average, the stage of habituation continues for 10-15 days, during which the person re-learning to talk, eat and care for your teeth.

Much of the success of adaptation to braces depends on the patient’s mental attitude. Teens can be difficult to get used to the changed appearance, which leads to problems in communication with people, and also contributes to the formation of complexes.

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In severe cases, when the patient is unable to adapt to the changes, doctors together with psychologists to help cope with the problems and select alternative methods of correcting the bite. To remove the gap in the upper jaw are esthetic restoration that can improve the appearance.

The duration of treatment can only tell the orthodontist, because it differs in each case. It depends on many factors, how much you need to wear braces to align the teeth.

  • age – the more years the patient is, the longer is the remedy, therefore, the child is faster to align the bite than an adult;
  • the status of dentition – when you formed the bones of the teeth have to overcome strong resistance to move to the required area;
  • the severity of the malocclusion, the degree of complexity of the case directly affects the duration of treatment. When cross-or open bite require more time – up to two years;
  • orthodontic design – bite correction using a standard metal ligature braces is a bit faster than fixed lingual sanochkah;
  • the response of teeth to move – it happens that the periodontium reacts painfully on the current changes in the jaw, in this case, it is necessary to weaken cravings, which will reduce the speed of tooth movement.

Malocclusion by using orthodontic system is a long process. Low, which can occur in the transformation is approximately one year.

It is important to understand that the slower the movement of the teeth, the less traumatic it is for a dental system and more likely you are to secure a positive outcome of treatment. After reaching the necessary result of waiting period retention.

As you need to wear retainers after braces?

To consolidate the changes in the jaw bones before the orthodontist will remove the rubber bands (elastics) and the locks needed to wear special devices. How much time to use them, depends on the initial pathology.

This period lasts from six months to two years. To do this, put the tray, plate or other retention devices. If you refuse retainers, the result is lost for a short time, the teeth return to its original position.

The fixation device of the occlusion into position are of two types:

  • removable – Burr and presented plates. Products demand constant wear for several months, after which period their entry is gradually reduced to a few hours a night;
  • fixed – retainer looks like a metal bow mounted on a lingual surface of the teeth using composite material. The advantage of such products consider less discomfort.
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The removal of orthodontic appliances

The most awaited moment in the treatment of malocclusion braces system. The lifting structure is carried out for 20-40 minutes. But if clasps firmly attached to the enamel, the doctor will have to spend more time.

The whole procedure looks as follows.

  1. The detachment of the braces.
  2. Removal of residual adhesive material.
  3. Polishing surface with varnish coating.

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How much you need to wear braces for an adult?

Adults need more time to change the position of the teeth than in children or adolescents. This is due to the fact that after 20-25 years, it ends the period of bone growth, and they become particularly strong. This figure is due to the longer retention period.

The experience of medical observations wearing orthodontic systems lasts from one to two years.

  1. With a slight cosmetic defect up to 1 year.
  2. In violation of the functions and relationship of the jaws to two years.
  3. In severe pathology of the maxillofacial unit with the need for surgical intervention for 2-3 years.

The wearing of braces is gaining in popularity. This is an indication that people are concerned about the health and beauty of your smile. The diversity of the systems allows to choose the suitable machine depending on the material of locks and the necessary cost.