How naturally whiten teeth folk remedies

Many people are thinking about how naturally whiten teeth. There are many recipes that will help at home to remove plaque in the mouth. In addition to shopping and pharmaceutical compositions, hardware techniques of bleaching, you can always use the means at hand. Even help different fruits and vegetables, oil.

Diet and whitening food

For whitening and used different products. In particular, vegetables and fruits are a great way to cleanse the enamel from plaque.

For example, a popular option is to use strawberries. This option is not only effective, but also very pleasant. First, you need to mash the berries to moisten the pulp of a tooth brush and gently brush your teeth. After that, rinse mouth thoroughly and again to brush my teeth, but ordinary toothpaste (it must contain fluoride). If it is not possible immediately after strawberry mask for dental tissue to brush your teeth, regular toothpaste, it is better not to use, as the berries contain acids and glucose, which are able to destroy the fabric of the enamel. To carry out this procedure are not permitted more than 2 times a month.

One of the most popular products for whitening is lemon. He quickly removes plaque yellowish. You must use the zest of this product. Her white part of the need to wipe the teeth, and then rinse with water. You can still dry the zest, add it to the toothpaste on the brush and so brush your teeth. In addition, use lemon juice to rinse your mouth. This citrus fruit contains ascorbic acid, other organic acid type and of the substances from the group of pectins. When these components affect the plaque on the teeth, that just dissolves, making the enamel quickly brightens.

As for vegetables, it is recommended to use eggplant for bleaching tooth enamel. Oddly enough, but this method is very effective. You must cut the vegetables into circles. Need 1 kg. All the circles to be soaked in water to keep them in the liquid for 3 days, and each day the water is supposed to change. After that, the rounds of vegetable squeeze and pour salt water. Capacity to cover and flatten. Now have to wait another 10 days. Then circles of eggplant needs to be washed out with clean water, squeeze, strung on a string and wait until they dry out. Dried pieces spread on a metal plate, cut and burn. The resulting ash is used instead of toothpaste. Apply this powder relies with your fingers. Regular procedure gives a good effect.

Whitening tooth enamel is still possible to use a banana peel. First, you peel the banana from her. Then take a small piece of peel and RUB their teeth. The procedure lasts at least 3 minutes. After this is to rinse the mouth with water, and it should be warm. To conduct such sessions cleaning allowed no more than 2 times a week.

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Another interesting method is the simultaneous use of Bay leaves and orange. This is a great method which helps to clean the tooth enamel. Besides, the method is completely safe. First, you peel the orange from the peel. It cut into small pieces (you can chop on a grater), and then wipe the skin of the teeth — the procedure lasts less than 2 minutes. Then you dried Bay leaves grind to a powder state and also sprinkle them over the teeth. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse with clean water (it should be room temperature or slightly warmer). This procedure must only be carried out once a week. The orange peel contains acid which kills bacteria quickly, because they cause stains on the enamel. But the substance Bay leaf soak into the stains, so they begin to lighten.


To the effect of bleaching was fixed for a long time, you must reconsider your diet. Developed a special «white» diet, the essence of which is that people consume products to strengthen and restore the enamel. These products contain a lot of fluoride, calcium and protein. For example, this group includes beans (exclusively white), nuts, cabbage, kelp, asparagus, fish, seafood. Definitely need to consume milk and dairy products. Very useful mushrooms (but only a whitish hue), chicken fillet, proteins from eggs. Allowed to drink wine and juices that do not contain dyes. Suitable from cereals barley, semolina and rice. It is useful to eat more bananas.

After the whitening procedure is recommended to exclude from the diet of beets and carrots, variety of fruits that have rich color. Also not suitable spices, dark berry shades, products with cocoa. Drinks will have to abandon those that contain caffeine.

Means for whitening teeth

Dental stones and plaque can be removed with the help of baking soda, especially in the early stages of their formation. There are 2 main methods of using this product. In the first case, you can mix equal parts of baking soda with toothpaste. Then for 2-3 minutes gently brush your teeth with such a composition. Not worth much to put pressure on the tooth tissue to avoid damage to the enamel. The procedure must be carried out not often, about 1-2 times a week. In running situations allowed 4 sessions a week. In addition, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and use the liquid for rinsing the mouth. To perform this procedure every time after a meal. This method of whitening is considered to be more gentle.

Another means of activated carbon. It is also quite popular method due to its low cost and simplicity. Besides, charcoal is absorbent, so it will collect the particles of plaque. This method is more gentle than using baking soda. But you need to be careful that black powder didn’t hurt the enamel. It is necessary to chew one tablet, and then start toothbrush brushing teeth with movement in a circle. After that rinse the mouth thoroughly with water. The procedure is allowed to perform no more than twice a week. By the way, you can use activated carbon as an alternative to toothpaste, if you forgot to buy it.

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Citric acid is another popular option. You can substitute lemon zest or juice. In the case of peel you need to grind on a grater, dry it and add to the toothpaste before the daily cleaning. As for the lemon juice and acids, this product is supposed to apply to teeth, wait 10 minutes, and then rinse the mouth with plain water. After 30-50 minutes it is forbidden to clean the teeth with a toothbrush. This method is not suitable for people who have wounds in the mouth. All too often do not use citric acid, it increases the sensitivity of dental tissue.

You can still use the wood ashes. This method proven for centuries, as it was used in the old days. Ash is also able to whiten the teeth because it contains abrasives and absorbents that are as reminiscent of activated carbon. It is necessary to moisten a brush in water and then dipped in the ash. Then brush teeth as usual but do not press hard on them. This method can only be used once in 2-3 weeks.

Another option is the use of iodine. Apply it permitted not more than once a month. There are 2 main methods of use:

  1. A drop of alcohol iodine tincture to add to the toothpaste which is squeezed to the brush. Brush your teeth as usual. After that, rinse mouth with clean water. You must make sure that the procedure was performed no more than 5 minutes, otherwise it can damage tooth enamel.
  2. A cotton swab dipped in iodine solution, to anoint the tooth enamel. First, a cotton swab dipped in water, and only after that the drug. Apply the substance to the teeth with all sides. Between the teeth also needed treatment.

But it is not always possible to use iodine for bleaching. There are the following contraindications:

  • the presence of a large number of crowns, dentures, fillings;
  • increased sensitivity of tooth enamel;
  • individual intolerance to iodine;
  • various diseases of the oral cavity.

It is recommended to consult a dentist before you begin this procedure.

Oil for teeth whitening

The people’s deliverance teeth from plaque presupposes the use of various natural oils. For example, often use lemon, orange, grapefruit oil. Also suitable hood tea tree. These substances not only have a beneficial effect on gum health, but also able to lighten tooth enamel. But do not expect a rapid effect. Will have to wait for a long period and regularly use these essential oils. The effect will be visible only after 5-6 months.

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This method is suitable for people who doubt the security of other bleaching agents or their reliability. The use of oils for teeth is the most gentle and safe option. In addition, the impacts will be complex — not only on tooth tissue, but also to the gums.

Tea tree oil is different antiseptic properties. In addition, it can reduce inflammation. The bark of the tree contains compounds that not only gently clean the tooth enamel, but also whiten it. The gum substance is not going to injure. You need 2 drops of oil applied to a wet toothbrush. Then carefully treat all the teeth from different angles. Wait 15-20 minutes and rinse the mouth with clean water. This procedure is recommended every 2 weeks.

Orange, lemon, grapefruit essential oil can be used for solution preparation used to rinse your mouth. Need to a glass of warm water 3 drops of the substance. The procedure to perform before you go to bed.

You can still use olive and coconut oil. This option is also great for whitening. Both of these products remove pathogenic bacteria from the oral cavity and toxic compounds. Due to this, the enamel regains a whitish color. Enough only in the morning before Breakfast brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with this oil. Then again, to brush my teeth and to drink 2 glasses of water. The procedure was performed daily.


If you are interested in how to whiten teeth with folk remedies, you can use different herbs, vegetables, berries, oils. In addition, there is always help available means that you can easily find in almost every home. All of these options are effective, but must act according to the rules. But without a visit to the dentist can not do. The key will be to eliminate the root cause of the appearance of such a RAID.