How the braces and how they align teeth?

Let’s see how the braces and how they straighten the teeth. After all, many people sooner or later face the necessity to change the bite or to correct the position of crooked standing units.

And though the variety of the designs is sufficiently large, the mechanism of their action and the duration of the correction is about the same. And in order to properly determine how to fix all the defects, you need to consult with an experienced professional.

Design features

The bracket system consists mostly of the same elements:

  • plates which are installed on every tooth individually, they are called directly by the braces;
  • arc – that its impact is Central to the process of correction, the wire is threaded through each set element, thereby creating a unified system of treatment;
  • clasps or ligatures – which attach the arc to the plates.

Depending on the varieties of braces, such structures can be actual and self-ligating. The first is used to attach the arc to the plates, rubber or metal appliances. The second is based on the special structure of the braces when the plate is made in the form of a lock, through which pass through the arc.

To achieve good results for correction of malocclusion in severe cases can apply more and gum, extra poles, and other supporting items. But they are chosen strictly individually depending on the arrangement of the individual units.

How the braces for your teeth? The principle of their action

Due to what may help orthodontic design? It is very important that the doctor has set all the records correctly:

  1. They are fixed respectively on each unit depending on a sophisticated plan of treatment. So, if the bracket with the cutter put on the canine, the desired result will not work because the angle they are different.
  2. Positioning the disc should be exactly in the center of the crown part of the tooth.
  3. Attach them with a special glue, which at the end of treatment zashlifovyvayutsya easily without damaging the enamel.
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The principle of operation of braces is mostly in the arc. Its «memory» and desire to take the natural situation acts mechanically on the entire jaw, shifting units. Knowing how braces straighten the teeth, the doctors asked the arc of a certain shape and angle. With each visit the patient’s changing it on tighter or tighten already installed to great effect.

It is important to understand that the design type, species or material is not based on the speed of treatment. Usually it has more to do with the complexity of the defect and correct actions of the doctor as, while fixing the structure, and in the process of its correction.

The movement of teeth during treatment

What happens with units and the tissues surrounding them, in the course of such mechanical impact? People think that the teeth are fixed in the holes perfectly still throughout life. In fact, each of the alveolar process is the so called stock dynamics. Its use orthodontists, applying the principle of the arch in the braces.

As of teething, and mechanical designs of the hole is slightly expanded and the tooth has the ability to change its position under such pressure. With the freed hand connective tissue is stretched quickly and free space to form new bone cells.

Due to this shifting of units, and correction of malocclusion and correction of most defects. It is worth noting that similar physiological processes occur throughout the human life, therefore to cure orthodontic problems at any age.

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Addictive and the effect of the use of braces

Knowing how to operate the braces, it can be assumed that the whole process will cause some discomfort in the patient. Have to get used to the presence of the structure itself. Sometimes she rubs the soft tissue and mucosa. But much more unpleasant pain arising from the misalignment of teeth.

It is important that the doctor initially set the weak arc, which will operate quite smoothly, elastically stretching. Just as the correction of the defect can reinforce it, pulling up to people gradually used to the pressure.

Discomfort will be each be manifested in different ways. It depends on:

  • the complexity of the defect;
  • individual sensitivity;
  • the psychological mood of the patient and his General patience;
  • competent actions of the expert.

Video: how to apply braces?

The treatment duration may be different, which is also influenced by many factors. But don’t count on the result earlier than 8 months. Although longer than the 2.5 years it will hardly be delayed.