How to brush teeth and what age to do it?

Parents who worry about the health of the oral cavity of the child, are wondering how to clean teeth properly children and from what age should do this?

This is a very important topic, because it is in childhood lays the basic habits for the care of mouth, which in the future can affect the health of the oral cavity.

Why you need to brush your teeth children?

Parents often think that caring for baby teeth is not required for the child and cleaned them. Is a fairly common misconception leads to many dental diseases, especially such diseases as caries. The fact that the protection of milk teeth is extremely weak and various diseases quite easily overcome it.

Bad teeth are a source of infection and can lead to diseases of the whole organism. If many parents believe that brushing for a child not too pleasant experience, believe me, going to the dentist at such an early age can be a real problem.

If the process with decayed milk tooth start, the case can reach up to remove it, and do it until its natural loss not very desirable. Remote baby tooth prematurely can adversely affect a future malocclusion (distal, for example).

Besides, the remote has a baby tooth will cause problems with the chewing process, which also is unpleasant for children.

When to start dental care?

If we talk about the oral cavity as a whole, caring for it should begin from the first months of a child’s life, as in your mouth accumulates a lot of bacteria.

Care for teeth should start from the moment of their eruption, however, is to assess the overall condition of the tooth which has just cut through, as any Shoe can cause pain. The advantage of such early learning is that at this age a toothbrush and everything related to the care of the oral cavity procedures do not cause the child’s protests.

Important! Of course, the appearance of the first tooth – this is a purely personal phenomenon, someone he appears at 6 months, someone later. But to start caring behind it, as only this will allow the state of the mouth, if a tooth is no longer sore, then you can start cleaning.

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Hygiene of the baby’s mouth

  • gauze and dental wipes — the mouth can be wiped with a gauze pad or a special dental wipes that are impregnated with antiseptic. Is recommended to use them after consultation with a doctor, such tools help to get rid of plaque on the gums and tongue in a child. If the child is under six months, use a toothbrush is not necessary — they can be dangerous for the baby’s health;
  • kids toothbrushes and toothpaste — when the child is about a year, then it should appear first teeth and disappear ejection reflex, then you should start using baby toothbrushes and other devices. As the child at this age still can’t clean teeth, it will have to do parents. For such a case fit special silicone toothbrush that is worn on the finger, this device is much easier to brush teeth baby and children’s toothbrush can also be used.
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We should also talk about children’s toothpastes and brushes, because they have a certain specifics:

  • children’s toothbrush should be with a short handle and very soft bristles;
  • with regard to toothpaste for children, it is advisable to choose the child with a pleasant flavors, it is not so important cleaning effect, as the formation of the child has pleasant associations with the process of brushing.

All of the above means can be used only after consultation with a pediatrician or dentist. Without doing this, you do so at your own risk, because the child’s body is still very weak and extremely sensitive.

How to teach child to brush teeth independently?

When the child will be able to hold a toothbrush (this happens around the age of 2 years) to teach him how to care for your mouth. This might be a bit tricky if you’re new to caring for the oral cavity of the child, if you did, then you will be able to teach him useful habit much faster.

There are several ways that are best suitable for kid’s learning to care for teeth.

  1. Personal example — at this age, children do want to imitate adults in everything, if a child sees that his parents cleaned his teeth, he will understand that it is safe and necessary, and it will be interesting to do the same.
  2. Game with elements of learning — this format is suitable, if the child because of their natural restlessness may not regularly and with the same enthusiasm to brush your teeth, then we need to encourage it through gameplay. But overdoing it is not worth, because if the child will be taken to care for the oral cavity too serious, it will certainly affect the regularity of classes of oral hygiene.
  3. Always brush your teeth with your child, otherwise it may seem that such procedures are forced to do the same, which can lead to the reluctance of child to care for their teeth.
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These are the most common methods of training a child to care for their teeth, but every parent knows their baby better than anyone else, so the use of proprietary approaches can give much better results.

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The child does not want to brush your teeth – what to do? Useful tips

If you decide to teach the child to brush their teeth and are faced with a lack of enthusiasm from him on this account, you have to take a slightly different tack.

  • below such problems did not arise, dentists are advised to start the procedure for brushing teeth as early as possible to the time when the baby can hold the toothbrush, she did not cause his fear and irritation;
  • if the child does not want to brush your teeth, it is not necessary too sharply to get it to do, this behavior may cause the child will see in devices for cleaning teeth is hostile to the objects, and even if you succeed in this way to make a child, most likely he will cease to do so at the earliest opportunity;
  • if the child does not want to use a toothbrush, try to replace it with something else. For example, the above-mentioned silicone brush which is worn on the finger that one can use for such purposes. It is possible that her child will not perceive, but most of these funds will become a transitional stage on the way to a full teeth cleaning at the baby.

With all this, it is necessary to combine the serious elements of the training of the child brushing your teeth with the game, because at this age any boring information for the baby causes a negative reaction.

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You need to know

There are a few helpful recommendations for parents to effectively and correctly teach the child to the care of the oral cavity:

  1. Toothbrush should be with a short handle, the cleaning surface is small. You must carefully monitor her condition, cleanliness. Children’s brushes should be changed frequently every 3-4 months. If the baby is ill, then this brush should be replaced as soon as possible.
  2. When choosing toothpaste it is necessary to carefully monitor its composition and recommendations of pediatricians and manufacturers in relation to age parameters. This paste must contain minimum amounts of fluoride and even better — do not contain this element. Fluoride acts in a way that removes from the body calcium, which is vital at such an early age.
  3. Not to neglect the advice and surveys among specialists. Pediatricians and dentists need to observe the process of your child’s development in General and oral cavity in particular.
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Calendar (schedule) tooth brushing for kids

For faster and more efficient learning process of the child is recommended for a variety of visual calendars and schedules that perform several functions:

  • allow you to control the regularity of the child’s procedures for the care of teeth;
  • bring to the process of cleaning the teeth elements of the game and entertainment;
  • perform the function of development of the baby.

You can think of and make a calendar of their own, taking into account all preferences of your kid, and you can use our option.

Further questions

Is it possible to brush your teeth electric toothbrush?

Yes, but dentists recommend doing this only after a child turns 3 years. This way the child will be not only useful but also interesting. Until the age of three should use a normal baby toothbrush.

Can we clean teeth?

Brush your teeth from the moment of their appearance, however, it is worth doing very carefully, you must ensure that the tissue around the tooth was irritated or wounded. This early beginning of the process of care of the oral cavity will help the child to get used to the necessity of such procedures.

When will my child lose baby teeth?

This process is individual, loss of deciduous teeth is associated with the formation and development of permanent. Baby teeth usually fall out in the same sequence as grow. This process begins approximately at age 5-6 and ends at 12-13.

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