How to clean dentures at home?

Deciding on the installation need to learn how to clean dentures at home. After all, their status will largely affect the appearance of the structure and health of the oral cavity in General.

Any removable prosthesis requires careful maintenance, otherwise it will be covered with bacteria and plaque will lead to inflammation of different nature. Therefore, in the installation process of your doctor recommendations on General care.

Features of cleaning dentures

Below the artificial teeth lasts long enough, it is important to carefully and daily to clean them. No matter, a nylon or plastic options.

  • The design should be cleaned twice a day. To do this, use a soft brush and toothpaste. It is important that it did not contain abrasive substances.
  • Treat the whole cast but especially pay attention to places that are in contact with the mucosa. Here the movement should be neat, with no pressure.
  • To clean excessive plaque, use a special disinfectant solutions or tablets.
  • Periodically, you need to give the design professional the procedure where you can use more effective tools, able to remove serious plaque and stone.

Other recommendations for care

In addition to regular cleaning, it is desirable even further to do some manipulation. For example, if you notice that between the artificial crowns stuck food or plaque, you need to use dental floss which will help with this problem.

Doctors recommend the use of a special mouthwash. They not only cope with the cleaning of interdental spaces, but also relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane and normalize the microflora of the oral cavity.

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Equally important is the care for the remaining teeth. Even with the prosthesis mounted on them, you need to observe hygiene. Try to contain mucous surface clean. To do this, use a gauze pad, soak it in dezinfeciruyuhimi water and wipe the tongue, gums and inner cheeks.

How to clean dentures of plaque from the dark?

From nicotine staining drinks or foods, and just in time for the artificial crowns plaque. It spoils the aesthetic appearance of the smile and creates a bad impression. Not worth it to ignore, because the problem can easily pass for natural teeth or mucous membranes and begins an inflammatory process. What should I do?

  • Need to carefully handle the entire prosthesis, with a special emphasis on complex sites. The cleaning time should not be less than ten minutes, and auxiliary brushes and brushes will help to get rid of plaque completely.
  • Pharmacies sell a pill that dissolves can purify tooth structure from the accumulated bacteria. Additional effects – whitening of the surface.
  • If the RAID is too strong and persistent, which is impossible to remove using the above methods, then you need to go to a dental office where use more effective means.

How to use special pills?

There are many such pills Korea, Dentipur, the rocks, Decodent, Fittydent, President, etc. Which one is better can recommend a doctor or you yourself, testing them, will notice the difference in the result. Read the instructions clearly and follow her.

  1. Dial a glass of water.
  2. Throw the pill, and then a prosthesis.

Thanks to the solution design fully disinfected and clarified. Thereafter, it should be okay to brush with toothpaste. Daily use of pills is not required. It is sufficient to perform this procedure once a week.

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Use of ultrasonic baths

Sometimes on sale you can find a special device that is easy to apply at home. But most often this particular cleaning is carried out in the doctor’s office.

Under the influence of ultrasound tiny bubbles appear. They penetrate not only in the interdental space, but even in the pores of the artificial material. While neutralizes the action of pathogenic microorganisms is eliminated, and the resulting pigment.

Folk remedies

There is also a popular way to clean the prosthetic:

  • Take warm water and vinegar in proportion 1:1 and drop him with a prosthesis. Preferably in the morning to brush it with toothpaste. Water should not be too hot, otherwise the prosthesis may be deformed. And do not get involved in this tool and apply only in rare cases.
  • Using citric acid, better and natural lemon also can lighten the surface of the structure. Squeeze the juice of the quarter citrus right in tooth powder or paste that you will use. Leaving this mixture on the prosthesis for about twenty minutes it should be thoroughly rinsed or brushed.
  • If you use mouthwash and dilute it with water or lemon juice, then it is possible to keep the prosthesis.

Some try using baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to lighten artificial crown, but in this case the effect will be. And even, on the contrary, such substances will damage the design too aggressive impact.

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Long use of nylon prostheses, and my doctor recommended periodically to keep it in solution. For this you just need to buy a special pill. It’s very simple, but the effect I like, because the teeth are then beautifully shiny.


Spent some time trying to clean the prosthesis with vinegar, but then tried pills. Their effect was much better, and more importantly – no unpleasant taste when used.


Since I’m not addicted to bad habits and even coffee did not drink, the strong plaque on my teeth is not formed. Twice a year I’ll take the design to the dentist and it cleans with ultrasound. I think that that is enough.