How to clean the tongue: brushing your tongue from a white plaque

The question of how to remove plaque from the tongue, is not idle. Often talking, singing, or while eating, you notice the person in the language of the unpleasant patina of cheesy color. Usually a healthy person has the tongue is pink with a slight hint of plaque on the root in the depth of the oral cavity. Such a barely visible coating usually is at all healthy people and no trouble should not be.

Why plaque

The accumulation of bacteria and various harmful substances in the oral cavity leads to the formation of on the mucous surfaces of the cheek, palate and tongue plaque cheesy color. In the language it is especially thick and visible. For doctor thick coating on the tongue of the patient and especially its flower structure is a symptom of a serious disease. Therefore, the inspection of the visitor many doctors start with, «Show me your tongue!».

By the color of the tongue coating may be white, yellow and even black. There are cases when the tongue coating is of some other color.

If you looking in the mirror, he found a barely visible, thin white tongue coating, no worries n this occasion to be should not be. Careful should be taken when the thickness of the plaque increases and the area which it occupies – too. The main reasons for the formation of a thick white layer on the tongue:

  • The body is struggling with toxicity, with the possible increase in temperature;
  • Problems with digestion in the form of recurring constipation;
  • Diseases of the kidney (white layering is visible on the sides of the tongue and front);
  • Problems with the stomach or intestines. White layering can be detected on the tongue and the back.

Discovered yellow does not mean health problems. In the morning it can be slightly yellowish, for example, in the summer heat. But when layering becomes thicker, and the color brightness increases, it may indicate the following:

  1. Possible liver disease (in this case the yellow color is the tip of the tongue);
  2. Onset of the disease with jaundice;
  3. The disturbed dynamics of the movement of bile in the ducts of the gallbladder.

Rare is the layering on the tongue in black. This happens only in severe diseases. These include:

  • increased acid reaction of the blood, deep dehydration of the body;
  • disease Crohn’s;
  • severe disease in the form of pancreatitis or cholecystitis.

Heavy smokers and drinkers in the language are also becoming noticeable black hairs in the form of plaque.

If it is detected that layering other colors, it also speaks about violations in the activities of the human body. Consider colors and their possible causes:

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  1. layering gray color is the primary indication that there are disturbances in the stomach or intestine;
  2. greenish patina says fungal diseases;
  3. brown layering occurs in people who chronically drink and smoke, also can be in diseases of the lungs.

Of course, should not itself without consulting with your doctor to establish the diagnosis of the disease is only discovered by the color of the plaque. But at least sometimes look to the mirror your mouth good for everyone.

Remove plaque from the tongue

In order to get rid of disturbing RAID and choose what to clean, you must first find out the cause of its formation. First of all, you need to go to the doctor and then, only after consulting with him to begin cleaning. If layering thick, dry or moist and thus prevents to talk, eat, then clean the plaque after each meal. If layering does not cause significant discomfort and is a thin, barely visible layer, it is enough to do the cleaning once a day. For cleaning the tongue from plaque quite acceptable various hygiene procedures. This files most often describes how to remove the white coating from the tongue.

Each person should be at least two times a day by brushing the teeth thoroughly. And brush your teeth carefully, from all sides and within a few minutes.

Modern brushes for cleaning teeth has a special grooved surface on the back side. This is just done in order to with brushing to remove, for example, white coating of the tongue.
When there is a brush with a notch for the purification of the language of the RAID, you can use a teaspoon. Carefully soskrebajut layering, not to get the spoon away into the larynx. It can cause bouts of retching.

Scrapers to remove the layers of

A to remove plaque use a regular toothbrush. Special device to clean the tongue from plaque looks like a scraper and is sold in pharmacies. Sticking his tongue out as far as possible, the scraper is applied to the tongue away, almost to the appearance of the gag reflex. Then you need to pressed to a tongue scraper to move outward toward the tip of the tongue. Every time you need to rinse the mouth polst and rinse the scraper under running water. The procedure is repeated several times until a clear reduction of the thickness of the layers.

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Scrapers are made in several forms:

  • with one element for cleaning a U-shape;
  • flat scraper with two cleaning elements;
  • complex shape with corrugated surface.

Find out how to clean the tongue with the help of these devices, without causing yourself pain and not traumatize the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Scraper U-shape is easy on the tongue and cleans the layering already for a few moves. The disadvantage of this device – it often causes a gag reflex.

Flat scraper with two cleaning elements creates much less retching. It is not so heavy on the tongue, clears faster from the surface layers.

Scraper complicated shape with corrugated surface is made in different ways. It also does not cause vomiting and quickly cleans the mucous from the surface of a white plaque and other coatings.

For the procedure of cleaning the tongue may come and conventional gauze wound on index finger. Brushing your teeth, you can use washed and brushed. Wraping it in gauze and applying a small amount of toothpaste, careful movements to remove plaque from the tongue root to the tip. Consistently clean first one side, e.g. right, then the other.

After removal of plaque the oral cavity is rinsed by any of the pharmacy means for rinsing the teeth and mouth. Well established infusions and decoctions of herbs such as sage, chamomile, calendula.

We should not forget about that. That mucous membranes are very sensitive to mechanical damage. Therefore, everything is done neatly, smoothly, focusing on the pain threshold of sensitivity. Damaged mucosa can lead to infection, inflammation of the oral cavity.

Folk remedies and methods

The mucous surface of the tongue is very thin and sensitive. Doctors recommend to use some folk remedies to remove the layers, give advice on how to clean tongue from plaque without harm.

Vegetable oil

You can also use a vegetable cooking oil. Typing in the mouth about 10 grams of butter, you can use language to perform such movements so that the oil moved through it from side to side. Then when the cleansing is complete, the resulting foamy liquid should be spit.
The rinse oil from seven to ten minutes. Swallow foamed oil after rinsing can not – because it will be a huge number of bacteria. In this oil environment absorbs waste from the oral cavity. They represent the harmful substances. But just to lubricate the tongue with oil after a meal – it is a suitable method. Oil purification used in ancient times. Method came to us from India.

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Oak bark

You can remove plaque, propulsive mouth with infusions of herbs, oak bark. This will happen not only plaque removal but also the treatment of gums. Most effective drugstore rinse decoction of oak bark. Always after a meal you need to dial in the mouth a small amount of water and carefully rinse the language.
Is used and homemade herbs and bark. He is able to maintain the hygienic condition of the entire oral cavity of the person. One tablespoon of oak bark, of chamomile or sage, pour a glass of water, heated to boiling and then continue to cook for three to five minutes. Cool, you can use this decoction to rinse your mouth in one day. Such rinsing can be from three to six. It is desirable to rinse after every meal.


Infusions of herbs are also suitable for the removal of accretions and strengthen the gums. Very well immediately after a meal to eat fruit. Acid fruit medium well removes impurities from the mucous surfaces and between the papillae on the tongue.


Can assist and bee products. They help to carry out disinfection of the oral cavity, treatment and removal of layers. From beekeeping suit honey and propolis solution. Propolis is used in the alcohol solution and the pieces can simply be chewed.

Do not attempt to remove the layers with your finger and the more the nail. This damages the soft tissues, can cause pain, inflammation.

The solution to the problem

Carefully removing the plaque, we can’t heal itself from a disease that causes thick layers. To solve the layering necessary consultations with specialist doctors. It is a gastroenterologist, a dentist, an internist, an endocrinologist.

And only when it is installed the correct diagnosis will be found the main cause of plaque formation, it will be possible to permanently remove layering. Here are the ways previously described, including the most modern methods of dentistry and therapy.