How to cure a tooth at home

Sooner or later we all face a problem — how to cure a tooth in the home so, then to avoid significant interference in the dentist’s office. Sometimes it’s a fleeting pain that passes quickly and with gingivitis, for example, the whole therapy is based on home care. In any case, it is not always possible to immediately go to a specialist, so you need to be armed with a couple of effective methods of self-help.

Why my teeth hurt

First understand what types of tooth pain occur in principle. The most common variant — the discomfort is sharp and pulsating nature like shooting pain radiating to the ears or whiskey, with the development of the inflammatory process, the body temperature rises.

And now about the most common reasons to experience it all many of us:

  1. Caries. This is the most common dental disease, treatment is often delayed, and in the meantime the tooth are increasingly destroyed. You may feel extreme sensitivity to cold, hot, sour and sweet foods, when advanced forms of dental caries in addition to shoot in ear pain not to avoid the unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  2. Flux. Characteristic symptoms are swelling and redness of the gums, excruciating pain, radiating to the neck, ear, nose. Accumulate pus and this inflammatory process is quite dangerous, as it can go to the nearby tissue. Autopsy sometimes occurs spontaneously, but it is better not to bring and be sure to go to the dentist for an appointment.

Other reasons

In addition to the above sources of discomfort, there are several others which are also quite common:

  • Periodontitis;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Pulpitis;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Stomatitis;
  • Fluorosis;
  • Erosion, hypoplasia of the teeth.

Developing tooth decay can cause also granuloma or a cyst, and they can afford to not declare for many years, and then become the cause of severe pain.

Advanced case will necessarily lead to a pulpitis, then throw up and gum disease. Further, there is a granuloma, and provoking the emergence of a flux or cysts. But not always a toothache is a sign of serious problems, but your enamel can be very sensitive to various substances and temperature. In this case, it is also possible to take some measures, which will tell you specialist.

Acute and chronic form

A bad tooth can torment its owner periodically is a chronic form of the disease, or occur spontaneously. In the latter case, it is much easier to start immediate treatment and succeed in it, the more you postpone this moment, the more unpleasant consequences can be expected in the future.

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Those two forms are different and subjectively — in acute pain sharp, throbbing, shooting, chronic — constant, and painful, barely resolved even strong analgesics.

First aid at home

So, a trip to the dentist a lot of time, and you can no longer endure their condition, to cure the teeth at least for a short period of time is capable of the following:

Painkillers. Buy at the pharmacy Sedalgin, Nurofen or Ketanov is the most popular analgesics for pain in teeth, besides the last fight inflammation.
A piece of ice. Apply it to the diseased area from the outside of the cheeks, keep no more than 10 minutes. The effect is not as lasting, but it’s perfectly safe, but warm compresses are strictly contraindicated.
Propolis tincture. Taken a small piece of cotton wool on it dropped 2-3 drops, are then attached to the tooth. To prevent damage to the mucosa should not exceed the standard time of this procedure is to half an hour.
Rinse with soda solution. When an aching tooth will no longer bother you, try to gently brush your teeth, then a rinse, using baking soda, diluted in water at room temperature. In the presence of holes in the teeth preferably until nothing is there.

One condition — do not take a horizontal position, to avoid strong blood flow to the jaw.

Treat the initial stage of tooth decay

Dentistry has a considerable Arsenal of means for treatment of the most neglected diseases, but much better time to take action on their own, so you do not spend for treatment a sea of time and effort. So at initial stage you can significantly improve the condition of the enamel, by following simple rules:

  • Brush teeth thoroughly at least twice daily, preferably after each meal, toothpaste should contain fluoride and calcium;
  • For getting rid of fungi, infections of various nature required of an ordinary soap. The flakes dissolve in warm water, we are to be dissolved, use the resulting composition for ordinary oral health;
  • Include in your daily diet compulsory the consumption of foods with vitamin D, for better absorption needs to be calcium. For example, sprouted wheat is ideal for such food;
  • Try to use special gels designed to restore the enamel, it will be a great addition to all of the above.
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Additional measures

The attending physician for a preventive appointment you could compliment, follow these tips — they greatly reduce the probability of development of caries:

  1. Prepare a tincture Chinese Magnolia vine. The bark and branches of plants should be well-milled, they’ll need a tablespoon of dry substance poured two cups of boiling water, infused, is used for rinsing;
  2. Mix 1 grams powder of horsetail and a teaspoon of honey — the resulting product should be taken twice a day, a course of three weeks, to repeat three times a year to prevent caries;
  3. To prepare a medicinal tincture you will need: a liter of vodka, 50 grams of grated horseradish root, 20 grams of chopped fennel 20 grams of dry mint. All this must be mixed in the same container and place in dark place for three months. Further, for rinsing in a glass of warm water is required to take a teaspoon of tincture, use 3-4 times per day.

Herbal infusions and decoctions to help

It has long been noted that medicinal plants are good for pain that the treatment your teeth at home has no contraindications. The most effective recipes:

A decoction of sage. Takes a small amount of sage leaves, pour a glass of boiling water, then everything is filtered, cooled, and use it to rinsing warm. Literally three minutes to make broth again, and so on for 30 minutes.
Tincture of lemon balm/lemon mint. For cooking you need eight teaspoons of herbs and two cups hot water four hours later rinse ready to use.
Tincture of mint and marigold. Dry matter required to equal the quantity of grass filled with boiling water you need in a glass container, a thermos. Then this tool is moistened swab and placed in a region of the patient’s tooth.
Tincture of thyme/creeping thyme. Take two tablespoons of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, let him infusion, after straining, use as directed.
Onion decoction. Does the husk of the onion, pour a glass of boiling water. Rinsing is done within 15 minutes.

Traditional methods

There are less traditional but no less effective methods on how to treat teeth at home. Here are examples of popular recipes that can be very useful when painful feelings:

  • The root of plantain. Take the fresh root, wrapped in gauze inserted in the ear from the patient’s tooth;
  • Fresh leaves of oregano. Just take a few leaves and chew, paying attention to the desired area;
  • Oil fir. It is necessary to moisten with oil two sponges — one to make the gum side of the tooth, the other — on the opposite side. Don’t hold out too long to not get burned;
  • The juices of plants. Good job for the cucumber juice, it further strengthens teeth and gums, and it also helps the juice of turnips, beets, onions;
  • Garlic/lard. Simply peel the clove of garlic or take a piece of bacon and attach to the sore molar, you need to keep directly before subsiding discomfort;
  • Aloe. The flower room for many decades is known for its properties not only relieves pain but also inflammation. Enough to take a small piece of the plant and attach to the tooth for 10-15 minutes.
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In our body there are special points, stimulating that you operate on certain organs and systems, for example, can temporarily relieve toothache. The principle is simple — do massage with fingertips in gentle strokes, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Follow in order:

  1. Between the index finger and thumb. Find the point located at the intersection of these two fingers, massage until the appearance of the lungs pain;
  2. Under the eye. Take a perpendicular line from the center of the pupil to the zygomatic arch — and here is the point. The procedure time is 2-3 minutes;
  3. Under his nose. You’ll find the point between the edge of the upper lip and base of nose;
  4. Under the lower jawbone. Explore the jaw towards the back, there is a special groove, which also needs to be massaged for some time;
  5. The area of the pulse. Looking for a point on the inside of your wrist, try in this case to massage with cloves of garlic or slice of onion.