How to eat with braces: what you can’t eat with braces

A beautiful smile is very important. It is worth to suffer some inconvenience, just need to know in advance that you can’t eat with braces, as wearing of such systems affect the usual way of life, what other restrictions are possible. Basic rules: have to give up toffee, biscuits and nuts. But really limits a lot more. Diet with braces must be such as to put the body all the nutrients and it does not damage the gums, teeth and the actual system.

Nutrition in the adaptation period

When a person has braces, he having not a pleasant feeling. Firstly, one feels an unusual pressure, it seems that when chewing, the teeth become mobile. Secondly, you may experience severe pain. The duration of this period may be for about a week, but actually everything is very individual and addictive, maybe longer. To remove all of the described discomfort and faster to adapt to this kind of orthodontic design, you need the first time to eat soft or even pureed foods. Ideal — yogurt, cottage cheese, graviola, or fruit jelly. These products are very useful for teeth and gums, helps to protect tissues from inflammation, because wearing braces in the early days of the development of such dangerous complications.

The menu can vary due to the meat or fish broths, vegetable and fruit purees. It is necessary to focus on your feelings, but consultation with a doctor are also needed. Menu adaptation period does not look too attractive, but it has an important advantage: it allows you to lose weight and improve overall health.

Products that are prohibited while wearing braces

After a week or two, the patient gets used to the bracket system, eliminating the most unpleasant sensations. But the food still comes with certain restrictions. The fact that solid food can harm braces: it is often the cause of incorrect bending arc of this design. Solid food is seeds, nuts, crackers, which can cause spalling of the groove. In the category of harmful products falls and popcorn. First, it can also damage the arc of the apparatus, and secondly, its particles can get stuck between the individual elements of the orthodontic structure.

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Density is important food. Too tight products can cause peeling of the locks. To fix the system uses a special glue. It is quite reliable, but at the same time he firmly sticks to braces, and the application of certain force to detach separate elements is possible. This leads to painful sensations. Besides, in order to rectify the situation, would have to go to the dentist, and it is connected with additional costs. It is worth remembering that the re-strengthening of the bracket affects the result of the operation of the system as a whole, it increases the duration of the treatment, so wear this design will have a long time.
So, in addition to crackers, sunflower seeds, crackers the list includes many types of cookies and candies, e.g., cakes, candies, caramel, etc.

Sticky food is not the best option for those who wear braces: braces are adhered to the food pieces are very hard to completely remove, and they look not attractive. These pieces dangerous because it may provoke the development of caries and inflammatory diseases of the gums. To unsubscribe from sticky food, once to try to clear braces from its remnants. For this purpose a special brush, and the cleaning process takes a very long time.

For these reasons, among the banned products include:

  • various types of cheese;
  • dried fruit and candy;
  • soft candy, like marmalade, toffee, nougat;
  • corn sticks;
  • fresh bread;
  • chewing gum.

To eat chewing gum is not recommended. It can damage the arc bracket system and disrupt the overall structure.
With the installation of so-called aesthetic braces, virtually invisible, you need to avoid foods with a high content of natural and artificial dyes. Most of these substances affect the plastic construction, both on the brackets and ligature elements. These elements can be replaced. But it will have to do often, which is associated with additional costs and various inconveniences. Such «coloring» products that fall under the ban are coffee and black tea, red wine, dark berries and any juices and fruit drinks of beet and chocolate. Especially dangerous is chocolate with nuts. First, it is too a solid product, nuts can easily break the design. Second, sticky chocolate is very hard, cleaned the surfaces.

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While wearing braces is not recommended to drink carbonated water. These drinks have high acidity which leads to destruction of the enamel. After removing the braces in such cases, the surface of the teeth may be stained.
You can’t eat fruits and vegetables with small seeds that can get stuck between the elements of the orthodontic structure is not too looks nice and contributes to the destruction of the system.

New food habits

Before we find out what you can eat with braces, you should understand how to cook any of the allowed foods. On the effectiveness of braces seriously affected by the temperature of the food. If at one time sharply alternating cold and hot food, it will have a negative effect on tooth enamel, destroying it, and if the system was installed with thermo elements, due to temperature changes changing their color. Therefore, in any case can not eat ice cream.

The doctors, however, there is no consensus regarding the harm of ice cream. Some orthodontists recommend that during the adaptation period is slightly melted ice cream to reduce pain. Others strongly object. If you still really want ice cream, that is you can only choose a treat without dyes and slightly melted.

Consider the menu while wearing braces, so you don’t have to adjust the system due to negligence with any of the products I eat and get the result after completion of treatment.

While wearing braces you can eat meat dishes, but not steak, but something soft, e.g., meatballs, minced meat which are scrolled twice. Very good in this respect, a variety of soups. You can cook tomato, pumpkin or mushroom soup (the last to do with whipped cream) — all this will help make the menu more useful and fortified. Cereal can be eaten any: buckwheat, rice, wheat. You can add spices, but not the coloring (for example, turmeric is banned). Chew on a carrot it is impossible in any case. It is eaten in grated form, prepare casseroles and muffins. Fruits are better to eat watermelons, bananas, melons, plums, but no apples, you can eat them baked with honey, raisins, soft cereal.